Guild Wars
341 Final Skill Assessmen
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Guild Wars
Author :Kotario
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341 Final Skill Assessmen

Riveting Night was naturally startled by what she saw. This title was even more powerful than the Frontiersmen that Umbra gained when the Vita Settlement had been upgraded into a Capital City. 

The reputation bonus was especially crazy. It meant that apart from Unique Quests where all titles and social relevance were made meaningless, the members of Umbra would be treated with true respect wherever they went, whether it was a Rank 7 power or a Divine Empire. 

This was not something to be taken lightly. It opened up many doorways for the members of Umbra. Their global expansion would become much easier, and their ability to access special areas with lucrative resources, shocking quests, and hidden dungeons would skyrocket. 

There was also the purchase discount. The guild usually relied on Money Lover to abuse his class to buy extremely low and place items into the Guild Shop while he sold the productions of the guild members extremely high. 

This was one of the reasons for the guild's rapidly growing wealth. With this title though, others would be able to buy stuff they needed personally even cheaper, thereby saving their funds for more important purchases. 

Unfortunately, this did not cover fees, so stuff like paying for Class Ups, paying for construction, or paying for upgrades did not count. It had many benefits for each member and no detriments to the guild. 

As for the combat power increase, it was simply the icing on the cake. Even if Umbra was on par with other guilds - assuming the comprehensive strength of the guild was pulled down to match that level - they now would have the advantage against any enemies. 

With the new Class Up feature for the members of Umbra to enjoy, this 10% combat power boost was no longer simple, but a huge increase that raised the guild up to another tier. 

After taking this in, Riveting Night then went on to continue her silent assessment of the core member's Legendary skills. As always, first was Noble Writer. 

「Proofreading – Active skill 

Effect: Assess the legitimacy of any written document with extreme precision, highlighting hidden and dangerous flaws within. 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

「Appeal – Active skill 

Effect: Upon losing a case of Impartial Arbitration, invoke the legendary and unique power of Wordsmiths to launch an appeal. 

Note: Only one appeal can be made per case. 

Cooldown: 3 days.」 

Then, Happy Saint. 

「Summon Metal Golem – Active skill 

Effect: Channel pure metallic essence from the land to form sturdy metal golems that obey your will. 

Note: Can only be used in areas with minerals. 

Duration: 10 minutes 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

「Instant Craft – Active skill 

Effect: Select a smithing design below the Divine Rank and instantly create it as long as the required materials are available. 

Cooldown: 1 month.」 

After him was Sanji. 

「Information Lockdown – Active skill 

Effect: Stop the exchange of information in a given Area Zone, inhibiting the progress of any entities located within. 

Cooldown: 7 days.」 

「Instant Relocation – Active skill 

Effect: Instantly move an established headquarters or department of an intelligence agency to another owned location. 

Cooldown: 1 month.」 

Next was Akainu. 

「Liquidate Assets – Active skill 

Effect: Instantly turn up to 50% of a company's capital into liquid funds for spending. 

Cooldown: 7 days.」 

「Declare Bankruptcy – Active skill 

Effect: Regardless of a company's financial status, declare bankruptcy, and lock all accounts down for a period of time. 

Duration: 1 month 

Cooldown: 1 month.」 

After Akainu were Jada and Jade. 

「Flare – Active skill 

Effect: Send out an orb of fire that brightens an area and roasts all enemies within the skies. This deals 300% fire damage. 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

「Lava Field – Active skill 

Effect: Turn the land in a 1-mile radius into a pool of lava that scorches all enemies within. This deals 20% fire damage per second. 

Duration: 1 minute 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

「Iceberg – Active skill 

Effect: Create an iceberg at a location that possesses extreme piercing power. This deals 300% frost damage. 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

「Arctic Field – Active skill 

Effect: Turn the land in a 1-mile radius into a sea of frost that freezes all enemies within. This deals 20% frost damage per second. 

Duration: 1 minute 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

After them was Loving Aunt. 

「Acid Rain – Active skill 

Effect: Spew corrosive acid into the air, turning it into a rain of poison that pours over the area of 1 mile around the user. 

Duration: 30 seconds 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

「Toxic Cloud – Active skill 

Effect: Create a cloud of noxious gas that spreads over an area of 1 mile around the user, hampering, and harming all enemies within. This deals 5% poison damage per second. 

Duration: 10 minutes 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

And next was Silent Walker. 

「Tendril Storm – Active skill 

Effect: Summon an endless amount of shadow tendrils that rampage around an area of 1 mile around the user, dealing unpredictable amounts of damage to all enemies within and trapping them. 

Duration: 1 minute 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

「Darkness Devour – Active skill 

Effect: Swallow the souls of all enemies within a 100-meter radius of the user, turning them into shadow slaves. 

Note 1: Only those at the Specialist Rank for monsters or those at Rank 2 for NPCs or players can be consumed 

Note 2: Only 10 shadow salves can be made at Rank 2 

Note 3: Excess souls consumed by this skill would be used to replenish mana. 

Cooldown: 10 minutes.」 

Then, Warm Spring. 

「Divine Blessing – Active skill 

Effect: Send out a wave of Divine Intervention, removing hostility and negativity from all parties within an Area Zone. 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

「Wisdom of Heaven – Active skill 

Effect: Summon the Heavenly Court to litigate a matter, with the God of Judgment as the head and a choir of angels as the jury. 

Cooldown: 1 month.」 

Next was Dreary Traveler. 

「Netherealm – Active skill 

Effect: Permanently create a special sub-space full of Death Energy to store owned undead when not in combat. Armies can be deposited in and withdrawn at will. 

Note: only up to 100,000 undead can be held within at Rank 2. 

Cooldown: none.」 

「Convert – Active skill 

Effect: Turn a willing being of the living into a special undead. Depending on the Rank, power and State of Being of the individual, their undead affiliation may vary. All undead warriors made like this retain their sanity and intelligence. 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

After him was Slim Fatty. 

「Parry – Active skill 

Effect: Block all attacks with your sword. This is limited to attacks from the front, and the user can not move while this skill is active. The damage threshold is 50,000. 

Duration: continuous 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

「Sword Shadows – Active skill 

Effect: Create a plethora of sword shadows that automatically use any of your learned sword skills to attack a single enemy. 

Note 1: only 3 sword shadows can be made at Rank 2 

Note 2: Only currently active sword skills can be used by the sword shadows. 

Cooldown: 3 days.」 

After him was the almighty RamButt. 

「Storytelling – Active skill 

Effect: Spin a tale so grand that any listener would find their minds blown and their horizons broadened by the depth of your story's nonsense. This cancels all aggro from enemies. 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

「Disenchant – Active skill 

Effect: Insult the sexual, combative, and mental prowess of all enemies, causing them to lose all their buffs and suffer a 30% decrease to all stats. 

Duration: 10 minutes 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

Then there was the esoteric Kiran. 

「Eight Inner Gates - Gate of Opening – Active skill 

Effect: Unlock the first Inner Gate. This increases Strength by 100% at the cost of 10% of your maximum HP. 

Duration: 1 hour 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

「Eight Inner Gates - Gate of Healing – Active skill 

Effect: Unlock the second Inner Gate. This increases Strength by 10% and refills all stamina and mana continuously for the duration at the cost of 10% of your maximum HP. Can only be activated after the first inner gate. 

Duration: 1 hour 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

After Kiran was Uno. 

「Shield Charge – Active skill 

Effect: Rush into the enemy with your shield braced, clearing a bloody path for your allies to follow as the vanguard. This knockbacks all enemies within the charge distance. 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

「Tremor – Active skill 

Effect: Stomp on the earth with all your might, unbalancing all enemies within a 1-mile radius and knocking up light enemies. 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

The next of the Five Generals was Cobra. 

「Bloodletting – Active skill 

Effect: Stab your weapon into the body of a target and twist it insidiously, creating a horrid wound that does not close easily. This deals 50% piercing damage initially and the target loses 1% HP per second. 

Duration: 1 minute 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

「Bloodseeking – Active skill 

Effect: Actively sense and track an enemy that had shed blood in your presence. The clarity of the trail depends on the quantity of blood, the time difference between the tracking and the infliction of the wound, and the Rank difference between hunter and prey. 

Duration: continuous 

Cooldown: none.」 

And the final of the Five Generals was Boyd. 

「Ultra Colossus – Active skill 

Effect: Spin your axe in a clockwise motion with almost impossible speed and precision, like a spinning top. This deals 30% axe damage per swing. 

Duration: 10 minutes 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

「Rash Charge – Active skill 

Effect: Foolishly rush into a thicket of enemies with your ax swinging wildly, harming friend and foe alike. This deals a variable amount of damage and causes the user's stamina to bottom out. It cannot be canceled. 

Note: The user is invulnerable for the duration of this skill. 

Duration: 10 minutes 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

After all the people who just Ranked up, there was the leftover duo who had Ranked up a long time ago, which was Sublime Notion and Deployed Solider. 

「Commander's Rage – Active skill 

Effect: Incite the anger of your troops, increasing their damage, defense, and stats by 70%, while their stamina and mana are consumed 30% faster. All enemies are cowed by this, and lose 10% of their combat prowess. 

Duration: 6 hours 

Cooldown: 12 hours.」 

「Tactical Incursion – Active skill 

Effect: Sent a battalion of shock troops deep into enemy territory to control the core areas of the battle and create opportunities for the vanguard. 

Cooldown: 1 day.」 

Riveting Night then focused on her still enraged life sister next. 

「Assent – Active skill 

Effect: Pass any bill into a law without the need for any other legal or government processes. 

Cooldown: 1 month.」 

「Consolidate – Active skill 

Effect: Combine and amend various organs of government, state companies, and arms of government at will. 

Cooldown: none.」 

After going through everyone's skills, Riveting Night put everything at the forefront of her mind. She calculated various strategical formations and combinations they could utilize when together and some ideas came to light. 

As Draco had once said, Riveting Night was a supreme talent when it came to training and raising experts. Draco's talent with guilds basically came down to his charisma and his raw personal power that could hold down the skies. 

At this point, the guards had already authenticated their permit, and the core members of Umbra were allowed entry into this special Continental Dungeon. 

Once they passed through the portal, they were deposited in a super mini small world that looked like some bizarre fusion between a futuristic science lab and a witches' hut in a swamp. 

Riveting Night recognized this as the typical architecture for goblin and gnomish labs, where they tinkered with their inventions and created strange yet wondrous contraptions with ease. 

Just as the members of Umbra were looking around to assess their surroundings, Riveting Night roared to them: "Form up! The enemy will start pouring in endlessly in 5 seconds! Ready your skills, techniques, and weapons now! Get into formation!" 

They all hurriedly complied as they didn't want to mess up on their big debut in front of Riveting Night. How well they did today would prove how good her investment in them was, and might decide their future with Umbra. 

After 5 seconds, the earth trembled mightily as the core members of Umbra could feel the footsteps of hundreds of monsters rushing towards them, making their breathing still and their hearts palpitate. 


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