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352 The World Is Their Playground 3
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Guild Wars
Author :Kotario
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352 The World Is Their Playground 3

Akainu listened to Draco's commands and smiled. "It's been a long time coming. The boys and I were worried as to when you would want to finally make everything official." 

Draco chuckled. "Sorry for the wait. You know that there are certain circumstances that forced us to be prudent for a long while." 

Sanji waved his hand lazily. "We understand. All that matters is that we will now be able to become a family not only in our hearts, but in actuality too." 

Jada and Jade smiled as well, with the fiery-haired twin asking: "So what will the name for our new group be?" 

Draco and Eva shared a look, before pondering. "Not Umbra… not Vita… hm…" 

"Maybe Morningstar? Hmmm, that's a bit on the nose. Abyssal? Too edgy. Celestial? Too gaudy." 

Eva gently caressed Draco's hair and softly suggested: "How about Purgatory?" 

Draco's eyes lit up. "Yes, this is a good one! What lies between the High Heavens and the Dark Hells? It is Purgatory! Amazing!" 

Draco grabbed Eva and kissed her deeply, an action which Eva accepted and reciprocated happily. Eva could care less if the whole world watched, as long as she was able to experience his affection, everything was alright. 

Akainu smiled and Sanji coughed awkwardly. Jade lowered her head while Jada's fist clenched as her complexion became dark purple from endless jealousy. 

After Draco 'rewarded' Eva, he then continued as if the previous scene never happened. "Jade, patch us into Supernatural's network and ask them if there's anything they need us to do." 

After all, they had just joined the organization. They had to do one or two heavy lifting tasks in order to gain more of a foothold. Draco and Eva were extremely interested in Supernatural, as well as Superhuman. 

Despite their Lineages and all their previous experience, they had never encountered this side of the world. As such, they were naturally inclined to explore it further in this one. 

Jade did so. Her fingers blurred across the keyboard as she checked the organization's messages to Draco and Eva. After a while, Jade paused and shook her head. 

"They haven't sent anything apart from all the things you asked for when you first joined." 

Draco rubbed his chin. So, it seemed like Supernatural held the two of them in high esteem, and wanted to maintain a good relationship no matter what. If they rushed to give Draco and Eva a task, then their relationship would become of mutual benefit. 

However, if they just catered to Draco and Eva, showing deference and providing unlimited assistance, Draco and Eva would naturally feel a close bond with the organization, and Supernatural would have gained two powerful young Control masters who had an endlessly bright future. 

Who knew, the child of Draco and Eva might be even more of a monster than them, manifesting even crazier abilities. One should know, Control was still a new thing in this timeline, and few understood its full power. 

However, based on what had been shown so far, anyone could see that Control was truly overpowered. It had nothing to do with bloodline or special constitution. 

It solely had to do with the mind and endless training. Even with this training, it was still too hard for even the most talented to cross that final step and unlock Control, something that could take years. 

(Author's Note: Let me just make this clear, there is a difference between the inception of a concept and the introduction of it. An inception is the initial idea of the concept, while an introduction is a formal reveal of the concept in a completed state. 

An example would be flying cars. This concept has been in inception since the 20th century, but it is yet to be introduced. The day the first tech company announces their working flying car model, that would be an introduction.) 

Many of the current Control masters were old geezers or hags who had begun training this technique since they were kids, and they only achieved success in their old age. 

According to Supernatural, they had only 3 other Control masters apart from Draco and Eva, who were all old. Superhuman had 15 of them, because Superhuman's nature and style of operation benefited the growth of Control masters more compared to Supernatural. 

It was likely that Superhuman would do anything to recruit Draco and Eva. Who knew, it wasn't outside the realm of possibilities for their recruiters to come knocking on their doors any day now. Two young Control masters were much more valuable to them than to Supernatural. 

However, Draco and Eva would still choose Supernatural. Not out of affection or any feeling of loyalty, no. Simply because the two of them knew more about the direction of Control than any other party would for the next 4 real-time years. 

Not only that, while everyone else was at Tier 1 of Control, Draco and Eva were both already at Tier 4. Draco had only reached Tier 4 after his copulation with Eva, when their minds, bodies, and bloodlines had synced perfectly. 

He had been at Tier 3 after his body was rebuilt, and Eva had always been at Tier 3 after gaining her memories of her old life. After they joined, they both rose to Tier 4. 

That wasn't the only benefit back then, as their bloodline purities began to rise from then on, and they could even increase it with NuSmoothies, a feat impossible for any other Lineage member. 

Both Eva and Draco were currently at 99%, though Eva continually had hers deducted due to the voracious child growing in her womb. A bump had yet to appear on her svelte form, but Eva and Draco could sense the life growing in her. 

"Okay then. I remember I asked Supernatural to feed us the information of their entire organization, what they know of Superhuman, as well as many other things." Draco stated. 

Jade swiped her holo-tab and sent some information to Draco's holo-watch. "I've gone through everything and committed everything to mind. I analyzed the data and removed the fluff, leaving the core information behind. I also carefully organized it to make it more accessible when you want to check anything on the go." 

Sanji rubbed his glasses with a sigh. "What a monster you are, Little Jade Beauty. Good at hacking, information organization, data analyzing, and software development. How do you want me to live in this world?" 

Jade blushed, an action which was made even sweeter due to her expression which was still as stoic as always. "It was thanks to your teachings." 

Sanji could not muster the will to reply. Any teacher would love to know that their student was exemplary, but not for the student to surpass them so greatly that they hit outer space while the teacher was left behind at the Earth's Core. 

Draco laughed and read through the data with Eva. They only needed to give it a cursory glance to imprint it into their minds. Putting aside the Dark Angel and Celestial Maiden Inheritances which focused on boosting the mind, their rebuilt bodies and Control allowed them to do this much. 

After spending an hour going through all the data, Draco clicked his tongue. "I honestly expected Supernatural to be the underdog organization between them and Superhuman from the way they were hastily recruiting us, as well as the fact that Superhuman has more Control masters…" 

Eva's lips also twisted. "I'm ashamed to admit I had no idea they were so powerful or influential... Out of the 251 countries of the world, they have a direct influence in the governing of 120 of them. Apart from the countries managed by the Lineages, they have hands in all others! And yet not a single information agency seems aware of it!" 

Jade chipped in here. "Meanwhile Superhuman are based in only 3 countries. The Central Country, formerly the United States. They have been a strong presence here since the end of World War 2." 

"They are in Germany, and it was Superhuman who instigated the Second World War. They provided exclusive technology to Hitler, however the assault from Japan forced America to retaliate using the newest technology Superhuman provided them, the atomic bomb." 

"Their actual headquarters has always been in Switzerland's, within CERN. This is a stronghold belonging to them, and no other power can yet penetrate into it." Jade finished. 

Draco glanced at Eva strangely, and the Celestial Beauty flushed deeply. "Back then… well, Germany approached us to join their banner and as the Amaterasu Lineage, we used that chance to focus our attacks on China. Any damage we could deal to the Pangu Lineage was okay." 

Draco rubbed his chin. "If I remember correctly, Italy was also part of the war?" 

Eva nodded. "The Lucifer Lineage sent their help, but…" 

Jada smirked and spoke caustically. "But everyone knows that back then, Italy was poorly led, poorly equipped, and was just generally inept during the fighting!" 

Draco's expression froze and he felt his face heating up. Even though he might have unresolved beef with his so-called family, he was still the incarnation of Lucifer and they were his blood. 

Eva came to the rescue. "Well, the Lucifer Lineage members were not meant for such things. They rather spent their time causing havoc on the warfront rather than lead troops in the shadows, hence the poor performance." 

Seeing that Jada was about to add more fire, Eva quickly changed the subject. "Enough about past events. We've gone through the information of Supernatural and have seen that they have something similar to our quests board?" 

Jade nodded. "That's right. The organization has a portal where members can accept various tasks for various rewards. The portals have different spaces for different Ranks of members." 

"The Thralls have their own place, the Awakened too, the Nobles above them and the Lords who are sub-group leaders. Superior Lords like you and Eva also have your own space, but the tasks listed there…" 

Jada frowned slightly. "Take a look." 

Jade magnified what was on her screen, allowing everyone to see it. When they saw what was there, they were left speechless. 

The tasks were almost all about murder and killing, requiring them to kill important members of the World Council, to gather corpses of Lineage members under wraps or to kill important and pinnacle celebrities/VIPs who either blocked the path of Supernatural or supported Superhuman. 

The difficulty in doing these tasks was not too high for people at Draco and Eva's level, but would be a significant headache for any other Superior Lord. Assassination in this modern day was quite a troublesome task, especially on targets with heavy protection. 

Real-life was not like an action movie, where they could Mission Impossible their way in, perform a Hitman on their target, and then G.I.Joe out. There was a lot more to account for, and a lot more to clean up in order to keep the kill under wraps. 

Taking any human's life was easy for a Superior Lord. Even fighting down a small militia was not out of the question. What created the difficulty was the miscellaneous details like planning, timing, execution, extraction, and clean up. 

In this regard, Superhuman had an advantage since they dealt with this kind of stuff often. Supernatural was used to doing things in the shadow like controlling organizations and many crimes. 

It sounded contradictory, so it would be better to say it like this: Superhuman focused on professional operations with impeccable planning, many backups, and highly trained operatives while Supernatural was usually a one-man job or autonomous operations. 

Basically, like mercenaries. Everyone took care of themselves, chose what mission they wanted to embark on, and relied on their own wits to complete it. 

Draco looked through the tasks and scratched his head. Eva simply smiled and pointed to one task. "Select that one for us." 

Draco checked it out and was surprised. The mission Eva chose required one to destroy one of the four sub-branches of Superhuman in the Central Country. This one happened to be within this city and acted as a counterpoint to the heavy Supernatural presence here. 

Draco chuckled when he saw the glint in her eyes. It seemed like his Celestial Beauty was in the mood to make blood rain, so how could he not oblige? 


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