Guild Wars
383 Second Ascension Ceremony
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Guild Wars
Author :Kotario
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383 Second Ascension Ceremony

The Dragon Form was undoubtedly the most powerful of his forms. It was almost unreal how great the gap was when he transformed into this mode compared to the others, when considering stats alone. 

In his other two forms, only one stat - the main stat of that form - would be boosted to 500 while the secondary stat would be boosted to 200. However, in his Black Dragon form, everything but his non-combat stats got boosted to 500! 

This was truly a terrifying number when one remembered that he was only a Rank 1 Black Dragon. The offensive power of Black Dragons truly was not a joke, their reputation as the most powerful entities on the main plane was indeed justified. 

However, there was one thing which baffled Draco. The number of skills were far less compared to the Devil or Demon forms, though their potency was arguably higher thanks to the high stats. 

When Draco thought about Hikari, he slapped his forehead with his claws. How could he have forgotten? Black and White Dragons learned skills sequentially and by level. 

They each had a default/base skill granted from the moment of their birth, then they received one new skill at level 10, another at level 30, the next at level 60, and so on. Hikari had started out with White Light Healing, then got White Barrier at level 10, and finally White Light Blessing at level 30. 

Draco guessed that Destruction Claw must be the base skill for Black Dragons, with the famous Orb of Destruction coming at level 10 and the Destruction Wave being the level 30 skill. 

This actually explained why the Metal Dragon could use the Orb of Destruction at the Dragon-Slaying Event. It was scary to think that just 7 more levels would have granted him another skill like the Destruction Wave which would have vastly changed the outcome. 

Draco himself had always been able to instinctively use the Destruction Claw with his bloodline energy, and he could also use the Orb of Destruction after he saw the Metal Dragon do it. 

Fortunately, his bloodline/IRL Black Dragon should not suffer from any level limits, yet the cost on his bloodline energy was too steep for Draco. 

Merely using the Destruction Claw burned practically 80% of his bloodline energy now, while he definitely could not use the Orb of Destruction outside the game without their world having something like Worldly Energy that he could manipulate to paying for the fuel cost. 

If he were ever so bold to use his bloodline energy to summon the Black Dragon and then use the Orb of Destruction it would most definitely leave him as a desiccated husk. However, there was no rush. All in due time, the real world would eventually feel the wrath of the Black Dragon. 

Draco's transformation elapsed and he returned to his base form. He smiled as he realized he had gotten a grasp of all his skills and abilities at Rank 1, meaning that he could now go to Rank 2 without any regrets. 

As such, he landed on the ground and looked left then right before taking out a small orb. Inside was the image of a small plain with a building. As one could guess, it was a super mini small world that was organic! 

「World Name: Training World 

Owner: Draco 

Tier: 0 

Worldly energy: 100% 

Aetheric energy: 15% 

Divine Energy: None 

Origin Energy: None 

Indigenes: 0 

Plants: 0 



Draco decided to overlay this super mini small world with the area around him. This was a unique function of organic small worlds, or might even be something that was created due to the method in which these small words were created. 

After all, the Advanced Spatial Creation Device tore a part of the actual world away and imprinted it into its own pocket space that was free to grow, so it was to be expected that it could also return/overlay what was within the pocket realm to the outside. 

There was only one thing within this expandable and extremely valuable super mini small world… a Training Hall. 

That's right, Draco's genius idea to Rank up wherever he wanted, whether he was in the Abyss Realm, or in a Unique Quest, was to have a portable Training Hall with him at all times. 

The idea was actually clever, and something he only thought up moments before he entered this Unique Quest. However, it begged the question of, was this really necessary? 

The answer was yes. One should remember, NPCs didn't need Training Halls to Rank up, only players did. With that fact established, it was not surprising that not a single village had bothered to set one up, so had Draco been relying on it to do the deed, he would have looked like a fool. 

Luckily, he didn't need the Training Hall to be Rank 7 in order to Rank up. Any Rank would do, so he chose to go with a Rank 3 Training Hall, which was the highest rank the NPC builders in Vita City-State could cook up in the time Draco stipulated. 

Draco entered this Training Hall which was much smaller compared to the one in the Guild Hall, and marveled at its differences. There were only about 2 Private rooms compared to the almost limitless amount in the Rank 7 version, and the area was much smaller, with far less support for all fighting styles. 

Then again, comparing Rank 3 to Rank 7 was like comparing a SoundCloud rapper's earning to Bill Gates. However, Draco didn't care. He only needed it for one thing, so he went and chose the Rank up option. 

「System to Player Announcement 

Analyzing player class… Done. Player detected to possess a Divine Class, generating Rank up scenario and possible class developments… Done. 

Display Rank 2 Class? 

Y/N 」 

Draco smiled and selected yes. It seemed like the system's earlier warning that he would receive no help was only partially true. It could still extrapolate from his bloodline that he supplied the AI to create new utilizations for him, only that it took time and a LOT of testing... he felt certain. 

「Abyssal Prime (Rank 2) – Class 

Rank: Divine 

Success Chance: 100%」 

Draco's eyebrows rose. He hadn't been too surprised when his Class Up had been as smooth as possible, but he didn't expect his first Rank up to follow suit. Even though he wished every Rank up after this would be the same fare, he knew the AI well enough to know that this high percentage was due to special circumstances. 

「System to Player Announcement 

Begin Rank up? 


All skills might go through unexpected changes due to this class not being supported by the system! Also, all gathered experience will be converted upon Rank up! 

Are you sure you wish to proceed? 

Y/N 」 

Draco frowned, but still selected yes. There was no point hesitating now, it was not like he could afford to stay at Rank 1 for eternity anyway. What would come, would come, and he believed that even if there was some bad, it would be overshadowed by the good. 

Once Draco began the procedure, he was whisked away into blackness. This was a transition he was already familiar with, as it had been the same when he tried to Class Up, though he was slightly surprised to see it here once more. 

When he appeared, he was in a familiar plane that he remembered all too well. It was the pitch-black world with a darkness so deep that it looked tangible. Within this darkness was a round platform-like area that was lit up dimly by an invisible source. 

The ground was a dataless blue, like a test map created by developers before they started filling it with graphical assets and terrain. Within this circular area were three different rows of statues. 

The leftmost row had the motif of a handsome man whose looks were supreme under heaven. He had two amazing, black angelic wings and he wore Draco's futuristic-like armor when he transformed into his Devil Form. 

Behind him were various other statues, numbering fifty. Draco could see the aspects of the Devil Race, including succubi, incubi, brokers, and imps. 

The rightmost row had a statue of a thick, robust man with endless muscles coating his body, yet he remained somewhat compact. His skin was a deep red color and two horns existed on his forehead. 

He had long hair that reached his waist, and his bearing was perfect for speedy combat. His lower region was only covered by a skirt-like ancient Greek warrior's belt that was scaly in nature. 

Behind him were many monstrous statues. Right behind him though, were 9 prominent statues that were all styled after a level of hell, from Limbo down to Treachery, while behind them were the statues of the Four Horsemen. 

In the center row was a large Black Dragon's statue. His scales glowed in the dim light and his red eyes were almost life-like. His wings were unfurled and his mouth was open in a powerful roar, as if he was displaying his might to the world. 

Behind him were many statues, depicting Nuwa, Quetzalcoatl, Jormangundr, Orochi, Ouroboros, and co. There were no lesser snakes, only the total array of God Serpents of myth and legend. 

Draco smiled at this familiar sight. Last time he came, he had to kneel before these statues and accept their blessing before completing the ceremony. However, in the end, they had all come to life and knelt to a statue of Draco himself with reverence. 

As such, Draco turned around to take a look at his statue... yet he was surprised that he failed to find it. What was bizarre was that while his own self-image had disappeared, something had been left behind. 

It was a small throne with its left handrest designed in the style of a devil, the right handrest in the form of a demon, and the top of the chair in the motif of a Black Dragon. 

Draco tilted his head in curiosity before seeing a system prompt pop up. 

「System to Player Announcement 

Beginning Abyssal Prime Rank Up (2) Procedure. Standby.」 

「Abyssal Prime – Divine Rank Up (2) Procedure 

Description: You have the noblest of bloodlines, as well as half the Origin Essence of an alternate universe and as such, you have the right to forge your own path as the one and only Abyssal Prime. Clear the objective to complete this procedure. 

Rewards: Divine Class - Abyssal Prime (Rank 2)」 

「System to Player Announcement 

The objective of the Abyssal Prime Rank Up (2) Procedure has been set. Player Draco must complete the second ascension ceremony to clear this task.」 

A second ascension ceremony, huh? Draco imagined the first would be the only one, but clearly he was wrong. After all, the statues back then had not exactly bowed to him, but more specifically the image of him in his bloodline. 

Which was Lucifer. 

Now, Draco understood that his task was to sit in the throne and command his bloodline to recognize him as the new primogenitor, simultaneously enhancing and furthering it. 

This would likely be the first step in reaching 100% purity and beyond. He could never advance his bloodline if he remained in the shadow of Lucifer. This procedure would likely net him benefits in the real world, as the feedback loop between himself and the game had always been scarily tight. 

This must be the next step in his bloodline progression that the AI had extrapolated after all this while. Draco had to admit that it seemed astute and on the mark, which made his waiting time worth it. 

Why else would he have delayed Rank 2 for so long? One would be astray to think that it was just because of his items. Admittedly, they played a big role, but a Divine Class was far better than Divine weapons. One was external help while the other benefited him organically. 

Draco put this all aside and slowly walked toward the throne. It was quite impressive and looked comfortable, so he unhesitatingly sat down in it and gazed at the statues arrayed before him. 

When he saw that they were as still as stone, his eyes became cold and he roared out: "Kneel to your progenitor!" 

The statues came to life and gazed at Draco intensely. The aspects of Devilkind, Demonkind, and Dragonkind slowly kneeled one by one in subservience, yet his three main aspects only watched him coldly. 


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