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385 Rank 2 Abyssal Prime 2
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Guild Wars
Author :Kotario
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385 Rank 2 Abyssal Prime 2

The ability to emulate the State of Being and Source Origin of any subsumed entity was too good! It would allow Draco to wear and use the essence of other races that weren't included in his bloodline. 

For example, if he managed to encounter a rare species with a powerful State of Being, he could subsume them and later 'become' one of them. Of course, this wouldn't give him their race or organic benefits, but was limited to their State of Being alone. 

It was a similar situation to being granted Draconic Source Origin through the Dragon's Blessing potion. One would gain the Source Origin of a Low-Rank Dragon, which would allow them to move Worldly Energy like a Low-Rank Dragon, as well as possess some of the basic benefits of the Dragon race. 

Chiefly, if they had children, such offspring would organically possess a Draconic Source Origin and even manifest a bloodline, though it would be very low in purity. This was why the potion had been so hot back then. 

The benefits were endless! 

However, this all came under the condition that he first of all could find a species that was as good as his Dragon, Devil, Angel, and Demon bloodlines which were already at the pinnacle of their respective sectors. 

Unfortunately, in the Western Fantasy section, this lineup was pretty much the best one could get. Draco was already nearing perfection, so there were too few things he couldn't do now or in the future, which was exactly why the evolution passive had gone to waste up until now. 

Still, it was a good thing to have. Draco was certain that he would encounter some rare specimens as he developed further. When that time came, he would naturally add them to his repertoire, assuming that they were within his Rank, of course. 

Pinnacle Intelligence was a passive skill Draco got from King, but hardly used because… well… boosting his thinking and reasoning capacity by x amount was useless when the base amount was zero. 

Cough… anyway, the skill had previously boosted it by 1.5 times and now had increased to a 2 times boost. As it was a racial skill, it was also eligible for growth. Thinking that skills growing with every level up were limited to class-locked skills was the epitome of ignorance. 

Next were his three class passives, one for his Draconic lineage, one for his Demonic, and the final for his Devilish heritage. They had all been increased subtly with the Rank up. 

Draco's regeneration every 5 seconds increased to 20% of his maximum HP, making him no different from a World Boss in human form. His physical activities had been boosted by another 20%, making him faster, stronger, and much more of a killer with his weapons or hands. 

His mind had also been boosted by another 20%, making him smarter, sharper, and more perceptive. This also made him twice as strong with subjective magic. 

And speaking of subjective magic, Draco checked out his Mage God title. 

���Mage God (Rank 2) – Special Rank 

Able to use subjective magic without limits. Opens the willpower and concentration stats. Spells cost 20% fewer resources to cast. This Special Rank title is always equipped without occupying a slot.」 

It hadn't increased much in terms of the description. The resource reduction for spells had grown from 10% to 20%, which seemed like the limit of the improvement, but Draco knew that this ranked up title would become the greatest addition to his arsenal. 

He could now imbue the most basic applications of the pinnacle elements in his spells and techniques! The pinnacle elements included gravity, space, time, and healing. The rare elements included lightning, light, dark, and poison. The normal elements were the basic fire, water, wind, and earth. 

Apart from the normal elements being limited to four, the rare and pinnacle elements were far more numerous, but Draco wasn't going to bother putting his mind on each and every one of them. 

As far as he could remember, at Rank 1 of the Mage God title, he could single and double-cast more than 20 offensive spells of the normal elements before running out of willpower. 

Of course, this had been the case when training with Richmond before the advent of the Devil's Guile passive skill, so there was no limitation to how much he could cast in terms of system resources. However, it didn't stop his mind from tiring after casting too many spells at once. 

By his own estimation, in his base form at Rank 1 he should have been able to cast hundreds of fireballs, water spouts, wind blades, or earth spikes before tiring out. 

Of course, if he used complex spells of the normal element category - like flamepillar, water cannon, wind blast, or earth smash - he wouldn't be able to cast more than 40 of them collectively before tiring out. 

As for the supreme spells of the normal elements, like Armageddon, Tsunami, Tornado, or Earthquake, he had been unable to cast them at the time. They might have been normal spells, but they had still been outside his level. 

Even though the process of casting was not visible to external parties, one should not forget that the actual procedure was extremely complex and required a variety of processes. 

As for casting offensive spells of the rare elements, he could single cast 5 spells each and double-cast 2 at once before running out of willpower. Thankfully Devil's Guile allowed him to cast almost 50 of the basic spells of this elemental category, like lightning bolt, searing light, shadow spike, and toxic mist. 

As for complex spells in the rare elements like thunderbolt, light beam, shadow wave, or noxious spear, he couldn't cast them all at despite the help of his overpowered passive. 

Obviously, this also meant that the supreme spells of this group, being Overcharge, Arclight, Shadow Veil, and Debilitating Plague respectively, had been too much for him as well. 

Similarly, for the pinnacle elements, he could not hope to cast even the simplest ones, only reaching 65% success in a single casting them before he ran out of willpower fully. 

After Devil's Guile came in, he could reach about 95% before he had to tap out. Draco was scared to think of how he'd advance in subjective magic without the help of his passive skill from his new class. 

On the topic of defensive spells though, Draco could single and double-cast those of the normal elements for 10 minutes under bombardment. After Devil's Guile came in, he could last more than 30 minutes and even spawn multiple barriers over himself. 

This had served him well when he visited the Ruined Plains of Deriam, as it had allowed him to spawn a new barrier as soon as the old one had expired without pause or suffering. His mind was also strong enough to withstand great amounts of damage to the shield, and he could still pop a second one if his first was crushed, despite his mind needing to rest. 

For defensive spells of the rare elements, he could supply them fully and maintain them for 30 seconds under bombardment. After Devil's Guile came around, this could last a period of 2 minutes before it all came to an end. 

This was pretty good, as from rare elements going, defensive spells had some sort of bite-back or counter ability. Hit a lightning shield and get zapped or attack a poison barrier and become inflamed. 

Finally, for those pinnacle elements in defensive spells, he could cast one spell for 3 seconds before he would be exhausted in terms of both willpower and concentration. 

Once again, after the advent of the Devil's Guile passive skill, this duration increased to 15 seconds at most, which was a generous leap compared to what he could do before. 

For support spells, he could mostly maintain buffs of a non-elemental nature for the 2-minute duration. As for elemental buffs, he wasn't quite there yet. After the wonderful passive came in, he could maintain buffs for 5 minutes and could still not perform elemental buffs. 

All of the above were outdated though. This was only his ability with magic considering his base stats, Rank 1 Mage God title, and his innate capability when it came to magic. 

In essence, his magical prowess without external help. As he had done during the foray through the Ruined Plains of Deriam, Draco was able to easily cast spells as if he were a Rank 2 Mage God when he added his State of Being and Control. 

That was why he had been able to coat his legs in gravity magic before, stomping and kicking his foes to death. Without adding both of those external methods, he was stuck at being twice as powerful when casting in Rank 1 Mage God limits. 

So now that Draco was Rank 2, how had his casting capability improved compared to before? Especially without considering his two means of external help? 

All his casting capabilities had all but doubled. If he could cast 500 fireballs before, he could cast 1,000 of them now. This stretched over the entire scope of his subjective magic, from offensive to support. 

Draco could also finally cast the supreme spells of the normal elements for offense. Now, he had regained the almighty and vicious Armageddon large-scale active spell, only that casting it would KO him magically for a day at the least. 

This did please him, but this wasn't the limit of his new magical prowess. He could now also cast complex spells of the rare category, though the number was humbling, only about 20 of them at any given time. 

Still, when one considered that he could spam Thunderbolts, something that Zaine could only use as a skill every 5 or so minutes, one would be left speechless as to how overpowered a Mage God was magically. 

As for the pinnacle elements, they were the highlight of his Rank up. He could now cast the base spells of the pinnacle elements, or most importantly, add them to his techniques or sword skills. 

After all, Draco planned to create his second set of sword skills based on the combination of his subjective magic and his sword techniques. His first 360 had been merging sword and Control, which were rated so highly, so how much more would it be when he completed the second set? 

For defensive spells, not much had changed except for the limit of Draco's multi-casting, which was most important for such spells. Now, Draco could overlay barriers on himself, casting about 10 of the normal elements at once. 

Alternatively, he could spread out the protection between himself and 5 other allies. As for rare elements, he could only overlay 2 shields over himself and cast 5 over nearby allies. 

For pinnacle elements, he couldn't overlay them yet, and he certainly could not double-cast. As such, he would have to use his external means to achieve such a goal if it ever became necessary. 

For the support spells, Draco could buff up to 5 allies for a duration of 10 minutes, which was as long as his Angel's Blessing skill, but for much fewer targets. However, the flexibility of subjective magic was of the importance here, not its raw power. 

Aside from that, he could cast elemental buffs and most importantly, healing spells! He could now heal any target for up to 30% of their HP in one cast! This was probably his greatest addition upon his Rank up! 

On that same topic, he could now cast a plethora of debuffs on his enemies. Simple debuffs included \u003cStarving\u003e, \u003cThirsty\u003e, \u003cEnraged\u003e and other simpler status effects, while complex debuffs included \u003cSlowed\u003e, \u003cStunned\u003e, \u003cConfused\u003e, among others. 

As for supreme debuffs, they would be \u003cDecaying\u003e, \u003cWeakened\u003e, \u003cSilenced\u003e. Draco could cast as many simple debuffs as he wanted, though they would only last 30 minutes. 

As for complex debuffs, he could cast around 10 of them in a single battle for up to 20 minutes. As for the supreme debuffs, he could only cast 1 per engagement by his estimation, and it would only last a minute at best. 


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