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410 A Sumptuous Meal 2 R-18
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Guild Wars
Author :Kotario
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410 A Sumptuous Meal 2 R-18

Eisha was brutally drilled into by Draco, and the fellow showed no signs of slowing down or stopping. After all, he had unlimited physical stamina and as much sexual stamina as he wanted. 

With his Horned Demon Inheritance, he could fuck for weeks and still be fresh. With his Dark Angel Inheritance, he could acquire an endless number of willing partners that suited his tastes. With his Serpent God Inheritance, any female he creampied would violently orgasm due to the tyrannical aspect of the semen. 

Draco was a born sex machine, the most powerful kind. If it wasn't for Eva, his bloodline instincts would have forced him to pretty much seed every female within sight, and the same had been true for Lucifer. 

Eisha was not ready for the feeling of a 7-inch rod piercing through her guts, especially not one so girthy that it was practically chode. Frankly, that was the true secret to Draco's success, as girthier was much better than longer… within reason of course. 

As such, the thick half-elf girl found herself moaning weakly as Draco smashed into her canal, his hips moving back and forth with perfect locomotion. Interestingly, he utilized his Body of Godliness to carefully control his hip movement, preventing his thrust from damaging her hips or distracting her from the pleasure. 

That was one of the greatest secrets of sex that Draco had been taught by Maria, that pounding hard - while it sounded manly and strong - did less for women than maintaining a steady pace. 

Draco noticed that Eisha was twitching beneath him while he pondered this, and looked down to find that there was a small spurt of whitish discharge covering his cock. 

With a light smile, Draco allowed himself to burst into her, filling her up with his seed that was full of bloodline energy. He would never use bloodline source on any woman below his Four Beauties, but his abundant bloodline energy should be good enough to guarantee that the child would have somewhere between 15-25% bloodline purity since Draco was a bootleg first generation. 

Eisha was pleased to feel the semen of Draco flowing through her just after she climaxed, and she felt a rush of euphoria from their connection. Then her face changed abruptly as the proverbial 'thunderbolt' erupted in her uterus, making her scream out as she convulsed. 

This time, her climax was more violent and messy than before, scaring the girls who had been watching into silence. All they saw was Draco passing and pumping her with his load, something that made all their vulvas twitch and their canal's feeling… needy. 

But what came afterward was just blood-chilling. If it wasn't for that fact that her scream was filled with shocked ecstasy and not agony, they would have burst out of the room, their lives being more important than the dignity they might lose for running through the village in their lingerie. 

Pleasure so good it made her scream out like that and even faint… the remaining 11 girls gulped when they wondered and how they would react to it. 

They didn't have time to re-assess their options because Draco pointed to Goma and Noel, the half-goblin, and the half-golem respectively. 

"The two of you, get over here." He commanded casually as he tossed Eisha's unconscious body to the half-succubus Asha. The girl in question carried her 'sister' out of the room and handed her to Hoover who had long since prepared 12 beds and had asked some physicians to be on standby. 

Just before she reentered the room, she felt the entire hallway shake violently, almost sending her to the floor. Behind the door were Goma and Noel, strewn on the bed, their eyes glazed over as a white fluid with a blackish hue leaked from their canals. 

For that matter, the other girls who had remained here were now hiding in a corner of the rooms, their expression filled with fear as they held onto each other for moral support. They began to regret their hasty decision in accepting Draco's seed, as they were terrified by the… 'intensity'… of the process. 

Draco simply gestured to Asha. "Deal with these two as well." 

Asha shakily carried the two women out of the room, her fear beginning to rise as she looked over the state of them. Hoover had already returned with some other maids in tow, prepped with stretchers. 

The girls gasped when they saw the devastation of Goma and Noel, but Hoover was unmoved. After seeing the remainder of Doris, how could this measly end be called scary? In fact, from his perspective, Draco was certainly going easy on these girls. 

Asha saw to them for a few minutes before returning to the room. When she came in, Draco was still in the process of dealing with two new maidens, namely Sesa and Kio, the half-orc and the half-mermaid respectively. 

Kio had already been devasted and was hanging off the side of the bed like a dead body, while the half-orc Sesa was clinging on for dear life as Draco brutally rammed her. For the first time, Sesa regretted being a half-orc, which made her sexual stamina and resilience higher than other girls. 

Sesa had already climaxed twice in this short period of time and was on her way to her third. Draco seemed to enjoy crashing into her hips because of her resilience, something that other girls hardly had. 

It was truly funny. In normal situations, it was the women who hoped that their male partners would have stronger sexual stamina and resilience, but in this case, it was the male lamenting that the females were too fragile. 

Sesa was only a half-orc though, so her limit was quickly reached with her third climax. Draco also wickedly seeded her just when she wanted to relax, sending her into the abyss of unconsciousness after intense euphoria. 

Asha quietly carried the two away in time to hear Draco point to the catgirl, Lithe, and the half-fae Chisa. The two of them had looks of panic that showed that they were reluctant to be fucked silly, but Draco wasn't taking no for an answer. 

When Asha returned, it was in time to see Draco finish off the poor catgirl, her eyes limp as she drooled like an idiot. As for the loli-like half-Fae, she was no different from humanoid flotsam on the sea. 

The volume of semen covering her was enough to change her skin tone, as her smaller womb could not hold the amount that Draco could reasonably ejaculate. 

Draco's bloodline energy was restored immediately with a sip of an Angel's Kiss potion. He then gazed towards the remaining females, the half-naga, Potera, the sexy half-foxkin Vix, the demure half-serpentkin Moira, and the pure human Lovelia. 

Potera's frigid expression was locked in a fearful grimace, while the playful Vix was trembling while hiding behind her bushy tail. Moira was pressed against the wall with an expression of horror while the arrogant Lovelia was crying in a corner out of fear. 

Draco lazily glanced at them and pointed to Moira and Potera. "Come here you two." 

The two of them hesitated, making Draco frown. As such, he released a slight wisp of his Draconic aura as he shouted. "Get over here! Now!" 

Getting blasted with the pinnacle bloodline for the serpent species, both the half-naga and half-serpentkin almost passed out before Draco could even seed them. 

He callously dragged them up to the bed and began to devour them. His rod pierced into Moira who lay in a prone bone position while he fingered Potera who was bent-over above Moira. 

Doing this would be impossible for a normal man, but Draco had the passive skill Flexibility and his Body of Godliness to perfectly co-ordinate his movements. As such, Moira could only scream beneath his heavy thrusts while Potera moaned with pleasure as his finger intruded upon her special place. 

Draco lost his patience and channeled his Horned Demon Inheritance further. He plunged his face into Potera's fat butt and began devouring her with his tongue while his cock swelled a little more within Moira, making the poor half-serpent girl go limp as her abdomen as shifted about. 

When Draco sensed Moira's vagina convulsing, he immediately added fuel to the flames by releasing his charged-up seed. As could be expected, Moira couldn't handle this, and Draco pushed her limp body aside as he mounted Potera. 

The half-naga was usually cold and reserved because she had a powerful voice as a Naga Siren, but she couldn't hold back as she began to moan in a heavenly singsong voice that would put any female artist to shame. 

Draco was already a supreme Incubus of sorts, so he was immune to the effect, but should any male hear this, they would lose their minds and dive into her embrace at all costs. Succubi used mental magic and emotional manipulation, dryads, and nymphs generally used pheromones while Naga Sirens used auditory manipulation. 

Draco slapped Potera's butt hard enough to leave a mark on her fair skin, making the naga lower her head into the pillow in order to stifle her voice. Draco had no mercy and continued pushing in her, weakening the Naga Siren's resistance until she was also twitching down there as she reached climax. 

Draco served her a hefty portion of his baby batter, which also doubled as an artificial stimulant. The half-naga dutifully joined her 'sisters' in the land of sexual euphoria, her body slumped over weakly. 

Draco tossed them over to Asha who had been watching by the side with a worried expression, nevertheless glad that she excused from watching the disaster each time. He then turned to the two lambs remaining, the half-foxkin Vix and the Grandmaster Lovelia. 

When he did, Vix's face fell but she obediently walked over without waiting for Draco to say it. As for the tsundere Lovelia, her face was ashen, but she could not resist since Draco hit her with a blast of his Dark Angel Inheritance's prowess. 

Draco knew that while the others could not resist, Lovelia had a high enough status to walk away. So he directly removed any chance for her to do so. After walking willingly into the lion's den, wouldn't he become a joke if he allowed her to walk out unscathed? 

Draco grabbed the Grandmaster by the head and brought her face to his crotch. He thrust it into her mouth and twirled it around, giving her a full taste of it. 

As for the foxkin, hers was a seductive species that usually played with men, so she instinctively knew what to do. She immediately stood beside Draco and kissed him deeply before going on all fours behind Lovelia. 

She began to stimulate the pettanko's vagina with her tongue, which made Lovelia shiver with pleasure. Having her mouth violated while her genitals were being devoured was too much for her, and she tried to resist weakly. 

However, it was not enough to save her, as Draco filled her mouth with semen while Lovelia climaxed from Vix's professional tongue. She didn't even have half the sexual stamina of the girls that came before, yet she dared to posture brazenly… 

Draco tossed Lovelia to one side as the pettanko mouth leaked with semen. She shivered intensely as the troublesome liquid entered her stomach and began causing havoc like it was having a party. 

Draco lifted Vix up by the waist and held he like that. Vix raised her legs and curled them around Draco's waited, also placing her arms around his neck as the fellow pressed the tip of his rod to her canal. 

As he plunged into her, Vix threw her head back and cried out from the forcefulness of the intrusion into her lower abdomen. Draco pulled back and pushed in once again, the slapping of their skin smothering the weird sloshy sound his penis made as it pushed through her wet vagina. 

While he pounded Vix out her mind, leaving the poor half-foxkin to cling on for dear life, Draco turned to gaze at Asha who stood in the doorway while watching within a troubled expression. 

He then pointed at her and spoke menacingly. "You're next." 


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