Guild Wars
469 Rewards! 3
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Guild Wars
Author :Kotario
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469 Rewards! 3

Eva coughed. The ominous aura emanating from the three ladies were almost palpable and she did not need to use Telepathy to see that they were resisting the urge to beat her up. The Vice Guildmaster of Umbra had seen them in action, so she knew firsthand if they were allowed to blow their top, she might die. 

The power of the three of them combined was no joke! In fact, it was greater than anything else she had ever seen. Just look at what they had done to the once majestic Dark Knight! The fellow's body had been left so mangled that the system hadn't even bothered to reclaim it. 

If these three decided to gang up on her, they just might accomplish the very same task that the Dark Knight had failed to accomplish and it would be her own fault. As such, she sighed dramatically and nodded. 

"You're right. I owe the three of you an apology for my actions and negligence. We're all afflicted by the same curse of obsession, so when I saw the prompt, every other matter fled my mind." Eva admitted honestly. 

This made the three of them calm down greatly. Not only because they couldn't bring themselves to hate their Big Sis, but because they could relate with her actions. 

If it had been them in Eva's shoes, would they have acted differently? They could only smile wryly when they realized that they would have done the exact same thing, only that they might not even have bothered to give the others an explanation in the end. 

Zaine sighed. "We understand. Anyway, the really troublesome thing had been the existence of the Dark Knight, but now that we know the full story, I only feel pity for him." 

Roma agreed. "I was horrified when we unmasked him because his soul aura was the exact same as Draco. It was a perfect replica. If I had been unaware that Draco was away, I would have believed that it was him." 

Hikari nodded. "He was manipulated into hating you when he should rather be supporting you… us. I really feel bad for him. Isn't there any way we could help him?" 

Eva smiled strangely. "You know, Draco actually said something similar. Believe it or not, he doesn't hate the Dark Knight even after he had tried to kill me. He told me that if I could, I should help him." 

Eva rubbed her chin in recollection. "His exact words were: 'We clones of Lucifer have to stand by each other, because after all, we are one and the same'." 

The three were left speechless once again. Eva wasn't surprised, because she had reacted in the same manner, when he had requested that from her. In fact, someone who was unfamiliar with Draco might come to the conclusion that the bastard didn't care about Eva, but she knew better. 

It was just that, Draco, Lucifer and the Dark Knight were abnormally supportive of each other. While Eva doubted the last bit, Draco had suggested a means for her to verify this, which she would be doing tomorrow. 

It was a total contrast to herself and Amaterasu who could not see eye to eye, as such having to compromise like adults. Eva had no clue what kind of chaos would erupt if there had also been a clone of her in this world, and luckily, she didn't have to find out. 

For now, Eva spent some more time chatting with the three girls and reassured them that everything was alright. She even passed on some sweet words from Draco which made all of them blush. Afterward, they exited the super mini small world with their kids to find that Luxia had long arrived at the Aether Hall. 

They parted here as Roma, Hikari and Zaine entered the Aether Hall to settle down after a long battle while Eva flew with Luxia over to the Rank 7 Guild Hall. 

Before she entered though, Eva quickly checked up on the promised 5% tax that had been levied off Sunna the Retarded Goddess for her actions, earning her the new nickname. 

「System to Player Announcement 

A penalty has been extracted from Goddess Sunna in reparations for an invalid declaration of a Holy War against you. Accept? 

Y/N 」 

Naturally, Eva accepted! 

Why should she let that crazy bitch get away scot-free when she had indirectly tried to erase her account? If Eva hadn't possessed an upgraded Amaterasu bloodline that made her immune to Destruction Energy and the like thanks to Draco, she would have actually been destroyed. 

5% seemed like a light slap, as Eva had already decided to eventually strip the Goddess of everything and throw her in some dirty brothel somewhere as punishment. Nevertheless, it would suffice as a light appetizer. 

「Congratulations on acquiring: Divine Reparations 


Sunna's Reparations Chest」 

「Congratulations on opening: 1 Sunna's Reparations Chest (Divine) 


10 Divine Crystals 

3 Divine Skillbooks 

1 Divine Trial Token 

10,000,000 Aether Coins 

1 Sun Seed 

5 Divine Guardian Contracts」 

Eva found herself at a loss for words. This was supposed to be just 5% of Sunna's total wealth? Could it be the Retarded Goddess was actually wealthy in the World of the Gods then? 

She started her inspection with the completely new rewards in order to understand what exactly they did. 

「Divine Trial Token – Consumable 

Rank: Divine (100% effectiveness) 

Effect: Activate this token to travel from the Divine World to the gateway of the Origin Realm. There, you can partake in the Divine Trial and acquire many rewards!」 

「Aether Coin – Miscellaneous 

Rank: Legendary 

Description: The basic currency of the Divine World. It is denoted by a small, circular coin that is made out of a live Aether Crystal. Its value in the Divine World is equivalent to bronze coins in the main plane.」 

「Sun Seed – Consumable 

Rank: Divine (100% effectiveness) 

Effect: Fuse with one's self to acquire the budding core of a young sun. The utility and growth of the sun depends on the user.」 

「Divine Guardian Contract – Consumable 

Rank: Divine (100% effectiveness) 

Effect: Contract any willing mortal to become your Divine Guardian, granting them a wisp of your Divine Energy in exchange for eternal servitude and indenture.」 

Eva had to admit, Sunna really had some good stuff. Not only had she unwillingly increased Eva's arsenal by three Divine skillbooks, but all these other goodies would be far better off in the hands of their new owner. 

In fact, what thrilled Eva the most was the Sun Seed. She had longed wanted a useful fusion item like Draco's Etz Chaim seedling that would allow him to form a super mini small world in his body. 

The problem was that such a thing had little utility to Eva in particular. Having a small world inside one's body was great, but if Draco already had one, her having another wouldn't be of much use. 

On the other hand, the ability to grow a sun in her could yield so many direct benefits! She could increase her Goddess of Light Inheritance's power and all her light-based skills would at the minimum become 10 times more powerful. 

The Trial Token reminded Eva of Draco's own Tower of Babylon Token, only that this one was for the Divine World whereas Draco's was for a Unique Quest in the mortal plane. She had no real idea what the trial was about, so she wasn't going to activate it until she entered the Divine World and gained conclusive information. 

The Aether Coin made Eva's lips twitch. She held one in her palm, and it really did look like a piece of an actual crystal that was cut into this shape. To find that the highly valued Aether Crystal was the lowest currency in the Divine World was shocking to say the least. 

After all, Eva could tell that these coins were made from top-grade Aether Crystals! The product that was treated as priceless now, was just akin to bronze coin up there. 

This, more than anything, slapped Eva in the face and told her just how great the difference between the main plane and the Divine World was. 

Eva checked the Divine Crystals. They were the same shape and size as Aether Crystals, only that these were creamy-white while the energy within then resonated with Eva more powerfully than Aether Crystals. 

Her bloodline shook and shivered in desire, wanting to swallow all the energy within these crystals, but Eva held herself back. She only had 10 of them, and they could be used for a great many things. 

Her current plan was to have Draco craft her a unique set with the Light Dragon scales from a Supreme-Rank Dragon, and then infuse it with the Divine Energy. 

That way, he should be able to easily bump it up to either Pseudo-Divine or even Semi-Divine with his talent and her co-operation. 

Eva inspected the Guardian Contracts and shook her head. Right now, they were practically useless, since she had no Divine Energy to give in exchange for eternal servitude, although she already had some candidates in mind. 

However, this was for the future. Right now, Eva wanted to check the three skillbooks she got for free from Sunna and see if they were useful to her in any capacity. 

「Eruption – Active Skill (True Gods only) 

Rank: Divine 

Effect: Cause an immense and powerful explosion that engulfs an area of your choosing. This deals 7,500% Fire damage. 

Note 1: Max Fire Mastery required. 

Note 2: Must possess a Sun-related Divine Attribute 

Cooldown: 10 minutes」 

「Solar Flare – Active Skill (True Gods only) 

Rank: Divine 

Effect: Extract a thread of flame from the sun and lash an enemy or a group of enemies with it. This deals 5,000% fire damage to a single target and 1,250% to each target in an AOE cast. 

Note 1: Max Fire Mastery required. 

Note 2: Must possess a Sun-related Divine Attribute 

Cooldown: 5 minutes」 

「Fire Phoenix Manifestation – Active Skill (True Gods only) 

Rank: Divine 

Effect: Birth a new and true Fire Phoenix from the depths of the sun to serve you for a period of time. 

Note 1: Max Fire Mastery required. 

Note 2: Must possess a Sun-related Divine Attribute 

Duration: 5 days. 

Cooldown: 1 week.」 

The only Divine skillbook Eva got so far had granted her a passive that had greatly increased her combat capability, therefore Eva immediately learned the three as quickly as possible, fearing that someone might steal them from her. 

She was unable to forget what Aphrodite had told her at the time. The almighty Element Regulation skill was a basic skill amongst the True Gods. It was neither unique nor special in any way. Eva was the abnormality for being able to learn skills locked to True Gods as a mere mortal. 

Now, these three skills belonging to Sunna were perfect for her. With the Sun Seed, these Divine skills would show even greater power, but what shook Eva was not the high damage ratings or the crazy effects… it was the cooldowns! 

However, she had no reason to be shocked. Her Celestial Prime class worked differently. It allowed her to learn Divine Skill as if she was a Divinity herself. Therefore, when she wielded these skills, the system treated her as if she was a True Goddess. 

How could a True God take an entire year to recast their skills? Or even days? Did that make sense? 

It was completely different from when Rina and co used the Active Skills of their Divine items. Those were produced and fueled by the item itself, not Rina or whomever happened to be wielding them. 

As such, it made sense that the item would take a year or more to reset as it needed to charge up the energy spent. This was why it was important to have a divine Source Origin because with Divine Energy, the cooldown could be instantly reset and re-cast assuming other conditions were met. 

Eva enjoyed normal cooldowns because it was assumed that she was using Divine Energy, but she was actually using mana. How the game or the AI parsed the logic and the mechanics behind this was beyond her, but she was glad to know it worked like this. 

If this was the case, then Eva would have to search high and low for Divine skills. She would also need to find a few Abyssal skills, as she had tested her Void Form, and its abilities were likely crazier than even her Goddess Form. 

Eva settled down and got down from Luxia's back. They had long arrived in front of the Rank 7 Guild Hall, only that Eva had spent all this time contemplating and calculating. 

Now, it was time to address the members of Umbra. 


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