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Chapter 432: Battling Moon-Class Elite

Fei’s face changed color when he sensed that power.

In the next moment, everyone’s vision blurred a little as a handsome young man who was wearing a red robe appeared on the battlefield. As he walked closer and closer to Dual-Flags City, the residual forces from the battles that could instantly kill Three-Star Warriors couldn’t even flutter this man’s clothes.

“Haha! A bunch of clowns! Die!”

As this man laughed arrogantly, he flipped his wrist. His eyes instantly lit up, and a red spherical energy wave spread out as he lightly stomped the ground.

Suddenly, six sword energies shot out from the energy wave.

The red sword energies cut through space and attacked Lampard, Elena, Pierce, Drogba, Cech, and Torres separately.

“Damn it! Back off!”

Lampard instantly sensed the danger and shouted. He knew that none of them was able to defend against this attack, so he unleashed all of his lightning-elemental Warrior Energy and charged at those six sword energies; he was planning to buy time so the other five could escape.

“Ahahaha! How pitiful!” that young man laughed arrogantly as he said with mockery.

However, the smile froze on his face.

The six sword energies didn’t kill the six warriors of Chambord like how he anticipated.

In a split second, six transparent fist marks shot towards those six sword energies from Dual-Flags City. After they destroyed the six sword energies, they combined together into a lotus and attacked Tony.

“Who is it?!” that young man named Tony was surprised.

He backed off three steps and waved his hand. A red square Warrior Energy Shield that was ten meters on each side appeared and protected him.

Boom! Boom!

Explosions sounded repeatedly, and the energy waves expanded outward and almost destroyed the desert. Cracks appeared on the ground, and swirling wind turned into tornados and sucked up a lot of sand.

For a moment, all the cheering stopped.

Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!

“You can’t defeat me! Go back!” light footsteps sounded, and a tall figure appeared in the dust.

Although there were clouds of dust around him, a transparent energy field protected around him, and his blue robe was still sparkling clean. Although this man had a concerned expression on his face, he wasn’t looking at Tony but the sand hill farther away.

Although Tony was surprised, he instantly got angry.

After hearing the disdainful tone of his opponent, Tony laughed back, “Ahahaha, so you are that trash King of Chambord? Great! I will chop off your head in front of those bugs of Zenit to extinguish their hopes! I will also let that trash Fairenton know how useless he is!”

As Tony walked closer and closer towards Fei, his long blonde hair fluttered in the wind more aggressively.

“I already said that you are no match for me,” Fei said carelessly, “You are only a level 1 low-tier New Moon Warrior. If you don’t want to die, then get out of my face!”

“You? Hahaha! Stop pretending!” that young man laughed arrogantly after hearing Fei’s words, “You are only a little Star-level Warrior! How dare you challenge a Moon-Class Elite? Attack me! I will let you know your place in one strike!”

Fei smiled and waved his hand; he signaled the warriors of Chambord to go back first.

“Your Majesty, allow us to stay and guard the area for you!” the warriors of Chambord walked to Fei and said; they didn’t want to go back.

Although they were weak, they could tell that this young man in red was more powerful than they could imagine. Also, since they heard the king say that this man was a Moon-Class Elite, they were worried about him. After all, Moon-Class Elites were almost worshipped by Star-level Warriors.

Elena stood behind Fei quietly as she held onto her bow tightly.

“Why? You don’t trust me?” Fei smiled and said, “Go back! They are just a few clowns!”

Lampard looked at Fei and nodded. He then looked at others and said, “Let’s go.”

“What to go now? Too late! Haha, anyone who dared to attack the members of Big Snow Mountain couldn’t leave! You four, do whatever you need to keep these six warriors of Zenit here!” Tony commanded.

“Yes, Senior Brother.”

It was obvious that these four Nine-Star Warriors were afraid of this young man in red. They instantly leaped into the air and dashed at the warriors of Chambord.

Fei’s expression turned cold as he lightly shook his shoulder. Four transparent fist marks flew out and aimed at the four Nine-Star Warriors.

“Your opponent is me! Haha!”

The vicious expression appeared on Tony’s face as he dashed at Fei. With his body enveloped by the red Warrior Energy flames, he struck at Fei’s neck using his hand.

“Fu*k off!”

A chilling light appeared in Fei’s eyes as he punched out at Tony’s chest; he completely ignored the attack that was coming at him.

Tony had to defend himself, so he changed his attack position into a defense position.


A terrifying energy wave appeared.

Clouds of dust flew into the air.

One figure was standing there like a mountain, and the other figure was forced back.

The man who was forced back was Tony.

With a shocking expression, he shouted, “How is this possible? You are only a Star-level Warrior……”

Fei ignored what he was saying and pressed down, and all the dust instantly settled.

As he lightly shook his shoulder, four crystal transparent fist marks flew out and struck the four Nine-Star Warriors.

Boom! These Nine-Star Warriors were forced back. They instantly threw up, and they lost 90% of their combat abilities. When they landed on the ground, they almost couldn’t stand.

Red Warrior Energy burned like fire, and a strange phenomenon took place when Tony drew a circle using his arms in the air. Two long red blades slowly appeared from his arms, and he held onto them tightly.

The two blades had strange shapes. Their bodies were almost circular, and several powerful magic arrays were engraved onto them. A red light shone on the blades as an ancient aura appeared. It felt like they could easily tear the space apart and devour human souls.

They were……. Two Combat Weapons!

It looked like Tony decided to pursue the path of Combat Weapon Warrior! That was a path that many warriors deemed superior compared with Beast-Soul Warrior and other cultivation paths.

At this moment, Lampard and other warriors on the side of Zenit already got onto the defense wall of Dual-Flags City.

Only Elena was standing behind Fei and patiently observing the situation. Her red fancy armor looked like a cloud of fire, and it was breathtaking. However, she wasn’t looking at Fei; she was looking at the sand hill that was protected by tens of thousands of soldiers of Jax; there was a powerful presence that gave her a lot of pressure.

Fei thought of something and grabbed in the air.

A pair of weapons that looked similar to swords appeared in his hands after a silver light flashed by. The sunlight reflecting off of the blades looked chilling, and it seemed like the blades were lightly singing.

They were the weapons that Manager Abramovich at Soros’ Merchant Group gifted to him.

When Fei felt a thrilling sensation that day holding this pair of weapons, he didn’t realize what was going on. After he saw Tony revealing the Combat Weapons, he understood that this pair of strangely-shaped weapons were a pair of Combat Weapons, and that thrilling sensation was the feedback from them.

Swirling wind was instantly created.

In a flash, both of them disappeared. Then, a ton of sparks appeared in the sky as if there was a firework show! As people wondered what was going on, they finally heard the light but clear metal-colliding noises.

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

The two Master Warriors finally were going at each other.

Their attack speeds were faster than the speed of sound, and they had attacked each other more than 1,000 times in just a few seconds. However, the noises made by the attacks only sounded after the sparks appeared.

The battle style of the Moon-Class Elites was different from the Star-level Warriors.

After a warrior advanced into the Moon-Class realm, his or her Warrior Energy would undergo a significant change in quality. Unlike the flashy techniques used by Star-level Warriors, the Moon-Class Elites’ attacks were more basic. The Warrior Energy would have turned into a liquid form from a gas form, and it was stored within the warrior’s Warrior Energy channels and connections. This would strengthen the internal organs of the warrior, and it would allow the warrior to have a better control.

Even if Moon-Class Elites were in a death battle, they won’t waste even a tiny bit of their Warrior Energy.

As a result, Moon-Class Elites’ battle style was closer to that of ordinary soldiers. Their strikes were basic, but the damage they could do was beyond ordinary people’s imaginations.

The metal-colliding noises sounded, and sparks flew, but no one could spot the two warriors.

The noises only toned down after five minutes, and the two warriors landed on the ground.

Fei laughed as he caressed his weapons, and it looked like he had a lot of fun. The strangely-shaped Combat Weapons also made a series of cheering sounds as if they finally woke up from a long sleep. In this battle, Fei experienced how Moon-Class Elites fought and how they used their Warrior Energy, and a lot of questions on his mind were answered.

He was almost completely fine except that his shirt was slightly cut on the shoulder.

On the other side, Moon-Class Elite Tony was shocked. Veins bulged on his arms as his arms shook uncontrollably. Blood dripped down from his hands, and his red robe had hundreds of holes on it. Although he wasn’t injured, the amount of damage his robe suffered was enough to prove the point.

Tony could tell that he would be severely injured if his opponent didn’t go easy on him.

However, this treatment was a crueler version of mockery! His opponent’s laughs taunted him! Like sharp needles, they penetrated through his eardrums, his cultivation confidence, and his self-pride.

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