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Chapter 439: Two Methods

“Currently?” Fei caught onto the keyword.

“Yes. Their bodily functions are still operating, but they couldn’t eat and do other stuff while they are unconscious. If they don’t wake up soon, they might be in life-threatening danger. The damage their brains and internals organs might suffer……” as Akara said that, a serious expression that Fei never saw before appeared on her face. “I have to admit that you are very lucky, Mr. Fei. Both of these beautiful girls are willing to burn their life energies for you. You must find a cure in 30 days, or you might regret coming to Dual-Flags City for the rest of your life!” she continued.

Fei tightly clenched his fist, and he didn’t even notice that his fingernails pierced his skin. He looked up and asked sincerely, “How can I save them? You must know the way, right?”

“There are two methods. First of all, you can find the pure [Soul Stone] and wake them up using the soul energy in it……” Akara nodded and continued, “This is an easier method. If an angel in Diablo World is willing to help you, these two girls would be saved as well.”

Fei automatically ignored the second part of Akara’s sentence. The angels in Diablo World were all dull NPCs, and he couldn’t rely on talking to them and asking them for help. He nodded and asked, “[Soul Stone]? What is that? Where can I find it?”

Akara looked at Fei for a while in silence before she slowly said, “If I didn’t remember it wrong, the other name for [Soul Stone] is [Worldstone].”

“[Worldstone]?!” Fei shouted in surprise.

A happy expression instantly appeared on his face.

If he only had to get the [Worldstone], then it was very possible! He only had to enter Diablo World and kill final boss Baal in [Worldstone Chamber] in the Normal Mode, and he would be able to get the [Worldstone].

For Fei, defeating and killing Baal wasn’t hard; it was only a matter of time.

“Mr. Fei, I know what you are thinking. However, the [Worldstone] in Diablo World is already stained by the power of hell. Even if you can get it, using it directly might harm Angela and Elena in some unknown way. They might even fall into demons……” Akara suddenly said.

“This…… there is a way to purify the stained [Worldstone], right?” Fei asked; his silver of hope sunk quickly right after it showed up.

“Perhaps there is a way. Cain and I discovered and decoded a lot of interesting stuff from the mysterious stone room that you discovered in the underground hall in St. Petersburg. If some of our discoveries indeed work, we might be able to purify it,” a crazy light flashed in Priestess Akara’s eyes when she said that.

“What did you discover?” Fei was excited again; he felt like he was on an emotional roller coaster.

“We can talk about that later on; it is hard to explain in a short time. You need to get the stained [Worldstone] first. Mr. Fei, remember that time is running out!” Akara stood up and pointed at an empty space. As a blue portal appeared, she said to Fei, “I need to go back and organize all of the discoveries with Cain. If you get your hands on the stained [Worldstone], come and find us in that mysterious stone room.”

After she said that, she walked into the portal and disappeared as the buzzing noises sounded.

“[Worldstone], huh?” Fei murmured as a firm expression appeared on his face.

He then slowly walked to the bed and sat on the edge. As he lightly caressed the beautiful faces of the two girls who looked like they were in deep sleep, he swore in his mind, “My lovers, you two almost sacrificed your own young and beautiful lives for me! Therefore, doesn’t matter what it takes, I will get the purified [Worldstone] to save you! Baal! Prepare to die!”

“Alexander, Angela will be ok, right?” Emma looked up at Fei with tears in her eyes as she asked in a vulnerable voice, “And Elena, she will be ok as well, right?”

Fei patted her head and wiped the tears off of her face as he forced himself to show a smile. He said slowly and firmly, “Trust me, Emma. There is nothing that I, Alexander, couldn’t do. Even if the gods want to take them away, I will take them back by force! Nothing can stop us from living happily ever after.”

As he looked at this young yet languish face, Fei suddenly thought back to when he first arrived in this world. At that time, this loli was a little mean to him and had high-guard around him. She was naive but a little worried as she and Angela relied on each other to survive in the cold palace of Chambord and took care of “Idiot Alexander” despite how hard it was and the mockeries others showed them. To this girl, Angela was her big sister, and she couldn’t live without her. For a long time, this little girl with freckles on her face had been by Angela’s side and took care of Fei quietly, and Fei just realized that she had grown a lot. Even though this girl was still cute, and her eyes were as clear as ever, she was calmer and more valiant.

“I trust you, Alexander,” Emma showed a brave smile as she wiped away her tears. She said loudly, “I believe that you will save Angela! You promised me on the defense wall of Chambord that you will take care of her forever, and you would never let her be harmed.”

Fei nodded.

He turned around and said to the four maids, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter softly, “Before I return, please take good care of Angela and Elena with Emma for me. Make sure that you follow Priestess Akara’s feeding and caring instructions.”

“As you wish, Your Majesty! Angela Her Highness and Ms. Elena treated us like sisters, and we will take good care of them for sure!” after hearing Fei’s words, they all nodded and replied with tears in their eyes.

The four maids were all saved by Fei, and they built a strong bond with the two girls.

“Ok, thank you.”

Fei nodded and walked out of the building.

After he walked out, he ordered Husky to call over warriors of Chambord such as Lampard and Torres.

“I’m going to be busy for the next while. Uncle Lampard, please guard this building with care with our men when I’m gone. Without my permission, no one is allowed to come within ten meters of the building. Anyone who disobeys this order shall the executed on the spot, doesn’t matter what his or her identity is!”

“As you wish, Your Majesty!” Lampard nodded and replied.

After Fei gave it more thoughts, he said, “Peter, pull 30 Saint Seiyas and 500 elite soldiers. Tightly guard all the entrances in the Mayor’s Mansion and don’t let anyone come in.”

Cech nodded and followed Fei’s order.

“Your Majesty, that mysterious mage……” Lampard hesitated a little and reminded Fei.

If it wasn’t for that mysterious mage’s help, the King might have died on the battlefield, and Dual-Flags City would have collapsed. The power of that man in red was too much, and that mysterious mage also demonstrated the power that could turn a war around. The huge magic wand that extended out from the cloud was too mighty, and ignoring a mysterious mage like that in the city might be troublesome.

Fei thought about it and shook his head as he said, “There is no need. Since he helped us today, he must be a friend and not an enemy. Hermits like him must not like being bothered by other, so let’s treated it as if nothing had happened.”

Fei’s sharp level 99 Barbarian six sense told him that the mysterious mage didn’t pose any threats.

Fei walked into a side building in the Mayor’s Mansion and opened up a portal; he was going to enter Diablo World and kill the final boss Baal as soon as possible to get the [Worldstone].


Diablo World.

[Worldstone Keep] on the summit of Mount Arreat.

When Fei entered the first level of [Worldstone Keep], all the high-level demons he and Elena killed before got “refreshed” and were there again. The evil power stained the majestic palace, and demons were everywhere.

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