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After Fei wandered around the city, he was quite pleased.

Then, he went to the administrative center, summoned all the high-level officials, and heard the report on the overall defense work of the kingdom. After that, he told them about his ideas and plans for the future, making sure that they knew what the priorities were.

Fei thought for a while and felt like he didn't overlook anything. Then, he left Chambord City and went to the mountain that the Xuan'ge was resting on.

Although this mountain wasn't too steep, Fei cut off its top using a sword energy, making it seem a lot steeper than it really was.

Right now, the cliffs were several hundred meters tall, and it was slippery. Warriors who hadn't reached Seven-Star and mages who hadn't achieved Four-Star wouldn't be able to escape from here on their own. Therefore, the Xuan'ge and more than 100 ship slaves were all temporarily kept here.

When Fei arrived, the most basic teleportation station that Cain and Akara created was already set up. This type of basic teleportation station was the most recent product from the mad scientists' laboratory, and they were easy to carry and simple to use. Even the ordinary soldiers who knew a little about magic knowledge would be able to set them up.

This specific station in front of Fei was powered by magic crystals, and it looked like a small circular platform that was made from combining six circular sectors. This circular station was about two meters in diameter, and it shot out a magic energy flame that was about three meters tall. It allowed four people to step in at the same time.

However, there were six ship slaves on the ground near this station. They were quite injured and tied with ropes.

"What happened?" Fei asked with a frown.

Before Robbin could answer, Sparrow and Barbossa rushed over and tried to explain. Sparrow swayed a little and said with a bright smile on his face, "Your Majesty, so you are the famous King of Chambord! Haha, we are honored! You must know that I already heard your name when I was at the Ormond Empire. Even the fierce Ormondians talked about your power and glory! Haha, we are…"

"Don't waste my time; answer me directly." Fei frowned impatiently, and his overpowering aura instantly pressed down on the area.

Sparrow opened his mouth, but he was still thinking about how he should phrase this.

While that was happening, Barbossa chimed in with a smile and said lightly, "There is nothing significant. These few had bad tempers, and they got into a little conflict with the soldiers of Chambord. That is why they are tied up. Don't worry, Your Majesty. As long as Jack and I discipline them and let these b*stards get a taste of pain, they will know how to behave…"

Fei shook his head and didn't listen to Barbossa's fluff. Instead, he looked at Robbin.

Robbin was always concise and straightforward, and he explained, "These ship slaves suddenly attacked and tried to rob the teleportation station, kidnap the soldiers who are here to deliver food and water, and escape from here. I took them down and was waiting for Your Majesty to come."

These ship slaves sure were ferocious characters, and not all of them were easy to subdue. Even though he stunned them with his power and showed them kindness, some of them still had malicious intent. Although the bylaw enforcement officers weren't weak, they were sneak-attacked. One of the bylaw enforcement officers was severely injured, and it was fortunate that he was saved in time and didn't die.

After hearing what happened, Fei got very concerned; he suddenly felt like he made a huge mistake.

Chambord was faced with many challenges, and the powerful Ormondians could come here at any moment and wage war.

In this situation, he decided to keep these vicious ship slaves at Chambord just because their leaders looked like Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa.

Fei now realized that these ship slaves were a source of uncertainty, and they might cause big trouble for Chambord at critical moments, potentially making Chambord lose the upcoming war and create a tragedy.

As the king of a kingdom, Fei had to consider the big picture, and he couldn't make decisions based on his own preferences anymore in this Chaos Era.

He looked at the six ship slaves who were captured and observed them. Even though these people looked afraid on the surface, Fei saw the hatred and viciousness deep in their eyes. He knew that these few were the most ungrateful of the bunch, so he sneered, "Execute them!"



"Don't kill our brothers!"

Sparrow, Barbossa, and some ship slaves shouted in panic.

However, before they could finish, a brilliant knife energy flashed by as Robbin unsheathed his knife, and the heads of these six ship slaves flew into the air.

Blood gushed out of their necks, and they were all executed by Robbin without holding back.

"You…" Although Sparrow and Barbossa weren't too familiar with these ship slaves who were killed and didn't have strong relationships with them, they felt like these ship slaves' ending was foreshadowing their own destinies.

As they wanted to say something, their faces changed color, and their bodies trembled.

They saw the King of Chambord looking at them, and the limitless murderous spirit coming off him was too much for them to handle. Different from yesterday where the King of Chambord used his murderous spirit to threaten them, now the king was really thinking about executing them.

Sparrow and Barbossa were smart people, and they instantly understood the situation; they knew that the rebellion of the six ship slaves made this young king reconsider how to deal with them, and their fates could be determined in a second.

In front of death, Sparrow and Barbossa finally became scared for real.

Bam! They kneeled on the ground and shivered, not daring to say a word. All they did was to kowtow and beg for mercy with their actions.

At this moment, these two unruled characters finally surrendered wholeheartedly, and they didn't dare to have any other thoughts. They were terrified of the king in front of them, and all the thoughts about rebelling went out of the window.

Other ship slaves saw this and realized that something was wrong. The coldness coming from the king terrified them as well, and they kneeled in unison.

Fei's expression finally became calmer.

Killing before trying to educate is considered abuse.

Even though Fei ordered the execution of the ship slaves who rebelled, that was a special case since they wouldn't realize their mistakes.

After all, Fei wasn't a ruler who could kill people based on will. He would kill his enemies when they tried to harm his loved ones and his kingdom, but he couldn't kill other people just because he felt like it.

"Strengthen the patrol on this mountain. Also, summon Drogba and Pierce, and let them train these b*stards. Explain the laws of Chambord to them clearly and tell them our plans for them. For the ones who don't want to partic.i.p.ate in our program, kick them out and put them somewhere 20 kilometers away from Chambord City. If they dare to step inside Chambord City in the future, execute them on the spot! For the ones who are willing to stay, let them drink the diluted [Hulk Potion]. If any of them dares to rebel, execute them as well!" Fei ordered.

Robbin nodded and went to send the message.

On the other hand, Fei thought about it and felt like he didn't have time to waste on this matter further.

Suddenly, he unleashed his ocean-like golden energy flames and disappeared into Five Sword Sky Mountain with the huge Xuan'ge.

The Sun reappeared in the sky the next day.

Fei stood before a giant floor-to-ceiling window in the [G.o.dly King Palace], and he sighed as he looked at the fantastic scenery.

After having breakfast with his two beautiful wives and spending some time together, he left the Sky Castle.

He didn't land in Chambord City. Instead, he dashed toward the south; he was going to St. Petersburg.

This was the second time that the king went to the Capital alone this month.

However, the purpose of this trip was different; he was going there to reinforce Zenit.

After all, there were friends of Chambord in the Capital.

This trip was destined to be filled with corpses, and the name of the King of Chambord was going to shine like the morning Sun that was on the rise.

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