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Chapter 736: [One Sword] Is Innocent

The token that was by this military clerk’s feet was the Martial Saint Token that represented the Imperial Martial Saint.
Although it was only about the size of a palm and had the shape of a hexagon, it wasn’t made from any rare material, and it looked ordinary. However, the value of this black token was enough to make the Empire shake!

The previous Martial Saint, Krasic, was only a Moon-Class Elite, but his prestige was very high, and every citizen of Zenit respected him. Now, King Alexander of Chambord is a legend in the history of Zenit, and he just stopped powerful enemies from conquering Zenit. In fact, his influence was almost on par with Emperor Yassin when he was back at his prime. Right now, the King of Chambord’s thoughts and words could dictate many people’s fates.

The arrival of the Martial Saint Token represented the arrival of the Imperial Martial Saint.

Since the Martial Saint said that [One Sword] was innocent, this military clerk didn’t dare to refuse even if his courage increased by 100 times.

When this military clerk said that no one could save the Xuelun Kingdom, he wasn’t wrong. Even if the Royal Family of Zenit wanted to pardon the Xuelun Kingdom, they had to consider the potential reaction and the anger of the public. However, his mistake was forgetting about King Alexander who just became the Imperial Martial Saint.

“You are Martial Saint Alexander?”

Although Fei was already well-known in St. Petersburg for both the good and the bad, and everyone in the Capital heard of him before, not a lot of people had seen him.

Under some exaggerated rumors, the image of the King of Chambord looked nothing like Fei.

In the rumors, the King of Chambord was several meters tall, full of muscles, had invincible strength, and had lights around him like a god!

Even though some people had seen Fei from a distance before, they couldn’t be sure at this moment.

After all, the new Martial Saint was way too young, looking like a youth who wasn’t even mature yet.

If it weren’t for the Martial Saint Token that reminded this military clerk at this moment, he might not be able to recognize this handsome young man and identify the current Imperial Martial Saint.

Thousands of thoughts flashed in this military clerk’s mind, and he picked up the Martial Saint Token that was on the ground with shaking hands before kneeling and handing the token back to Fei with both hands. After a moment of hesitation, he said, “Sir, [One Sword]’s betrayal is evident, and tens of thousands of soldiers had seen it with their own eyes. The Royal Family and the Imperial Military Headquarters both gave orders to kill the Royal Family of Xuelun. Why are you… trying to save them? If there isn’t a proper explanation, it might hinder your image and prestige in the eyes of the public!”

“[One Sword] is innocent, and there doesn’t need an explanation. Spread my words across the Empire and clean the reputation for the Xuelun Kingdom. If anyone needs an explanation, tell them to come to Martial Saint Mountain and find me!” Fei said firmly after a moment of thinking.

[One Sword] didn’t betray the Empire.

Unfortunately, this young and talented swordsman was too competitive and pursued power eagerly. He was a bit careless and got his body and mind seized by a demon. He wasn’t able to control himself and lead the enemies into Zenit, creating this tragedy.

However, he was able to use his last bit of life energy and power to kill many Moon-Class Elites and soldiers of Ormond with his n*ked body, and he even slayed Prince Xanchua of Ormond and severely injured General Peith of Ormond.

In a sense, he had redeemed himself and made up for his mistake. He was still an honorable warrior who deserved to be recognized and admired.

The theory of [One Sword] starting this war was nonsense.

The Chaos Era had arrived on the Azeroth Continent, and wars between empires were going to be common. Therefore, the invasion of the Ten-Empire United Troops was set in stone. Even if [One Sword] weren’t here, they wouldn’t let the Zenitians off the hook.

One could only say that this genius swordsman was played by fate mercilessly.

According to [One Sword]’s last dying wish, Fei wasn’t going to make this information public and explain everything. However, he was going to protect [One Sword]’s wife and kid, as well as the Royal Family of Xuelun. This Luffy was the son of a loyal master of Zenit who died so young, and this boy deserved to live in this cold world.

“This…” The military clerk still wanted to say something, but he shut his mouth and held back.
“Since the Imperial Martial Saint wants to protect these prisoners, a little military clerk like me can’t deal with it. I will just report back to the Royal Family and the Imperial Military Headquarters. They probably can’t blame it on me, and this is something that the influential figures have to think about,” he thought.

Now, the crowd finally realized what was happening, and they started to change.

The anger on the people’s minds quickly disappeared when they heard the name, King Alexander of Chambord, and they became so excited that their bodies shivered, and their burning gazes landed on Fei.

The atmosphere in the area quickly changed, and all other emotions except for excitement were thrown out. The fact that they could see the legendary hero, the invincible battle god, and the protector of Zenit made them overjoyed.

Every single person felt like they were blessed! They didn’t expect that they could see the new Imperial Martial Saint in their lifetime!

Many people rubbed their eyes again and again, trying to make sure that they didn’t see an illusion.

Tears of joy rolled down their faces.

“So, this handsome young man with long black hair is King Alexander of Chambord!” someone suddenly shouted.

As a result, the boiling yet quiet atmosphere suddenly erupted like a volcano, and chain reactions took place like a series of dominos.

Everyone kneeled on the ground and chanted, “Hail the Martial Saint!”

Even soldiers of [Iron Blood Legion] who were murderous with weapons in their hands looked at each other, dropped their weapons, and kneeled while chanting and shivering.

“Since Martial Saint Alexander said [One Sword] is innocent, that must be true! We must have misunderstood something…”

“Yeah! Mr. Alexander is our protector! How can we doubt his words?”

“I know! [One Sword] must be a spy who was sent by Martial Saint Alexander! We are so foolish! We misunderstood [One Sword], and we even cursed the family of a hero! Do you guys remember? There were seven terrifying Xuan’ge of Ormond, and one of the biggest Xuan’ge disappeared. Mr. [One Sword] must made it happen! He is a hero who took the blame for the victory of Zenit!”

“Yeah! Now that you mention it, I do remember my brother saying… My brother is working at [Iron Blood Legion], and he said that he saw Mr. [One Sword] leaving with that giant Xuan’ge…”

“Damn it! What were we doing? If it weren’t for Martial Saint, we almost killed the family of a hero!”

Fei’s influence in Zenit was on another level! All the citizens and soldiers had 100% faith in this new Martial Saint, and one sentence from Fei was able to change [One Sword]’s impression on people’s minds.

Without having to give an explanation himself, Fei made all the people shift their perspectives and come up with reasons to fill in the holes.

This wasn’t something that Fei expected.

-On the execution stand-

The Royal Family of Xuelun who were about to be killed finally realized what was happening.

Never in their dreams did they expect Martial Saint Alexander, who was now one of the most influential people in the Empire, to come and save them!

They weren’t afraid of death, but they didn’t want to die for the wrong reasons and be shamed forever.

The people here were the elites in the Royal Family of Xuelun, and they were the closest people to [One Sword]. They had been proud of [One Sword], and [One Sword] represented the Xuelun Kingdom since he became famous.

Never in the history of Xuelun did a prince get as influential as [One Sword]. He was the idol to many people of Xuelun, and he was looked up to as a fatherly figure for a lot of kids.

Therefore, they didn’t believe that [One Sword] betrayed the Empire.

They wanted to clean [One Sword]’s name, but they were powerless.

Therefore, they all cried when they heard the Imperial Martial Saint say that [One Sword] was innocent. Even those tough men who got their shoulders penetrated by iron chains and didn’t make a fuss were crying at this moment.

They felt like their souls were freed.

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