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Chapter 794: The Meeting of Two Royals (8)

On the two sides of the cliff, dark-red stone spikes pointed outward, looking like the messed-up teeth of a monster. Since water flowed around these spikes in a pattern, these spikes were sharpened by the water and were very dangerous.
After diving down for 400 meters, dense stone spikes were everywhere, and it was hard to tell the directions as if they were inside a maze.

Fei dashed around and stepped on different stone spikes, diving deeper into the ocean rapidly.

Buckingham was barely able to follow Fei. While gritting his teeth, he dived deeper with a determined expression on his face.

After about 1,000 meters, the bottom of the abyss was finally reached.

It was wider than Fei had anticipated, and the cold seawater somehow got warm. What surprised Fei the most was that there was a layer of red plants on the seabed. They were about ten centimeters tall, looking like the grass on land. As the seawater moved, they tilted in one direction, and it looked like a red wave was moving underwater. It was quite a fantastic scene.

For some reason, the water pressure at the bottom of the abyss was less than above. As if there were a magical force field, at least half of the water pressure got canceled out.

When Fei looked up, he was still able to see that murderous grey energy beam more than 1,000 meters away. In this dark bottom of the sea, that energy beam was as obvious as a lighthouse, pointing out the direction.

As his spirit energy spread out and filled the area with a radius of 5,000 meters, Fei got a quick scan of his surroundings and learned that no members of the Sea Tribe were around.

This surprised Fei a little.

Theoretically, the Sea Tribe should know about his whereabouts and the intention of his trip.

“But why isn’t there anyone who is stopping me? Why aren’t the masters of the Sea Tribe stopping me? Could it be… that they think my power couldn’t stop this vicious god of the Sea Tribe from waking up?” Fei thought.

After he self-mocked a little, he dashed forward and got closer to that grey energy beam.

Finally, some structures and ruins appeared in the front. These were all the relics that represented the former glory of the Sea Tribe, and they were ancient. There were collapsed walls, damaged palaces that had seaweed growing on them, giant god statues that fell on the seabed, and some shattered staircases.

The further Fei went, the more ruins and relics there were. They had been sealed for thousands of years, and vicissitude couldn’t be hidden. However, through the outer shapes of these structures, Fei was able to tell how prospers this place was thousands of years ago.

It was clear that this was a city of the Sea Tribe.

Unfortunately, this city had collapsed under the passage of time. More than 1,000 years of being sealed robbed this place of its former glory.

Fei didn’t stop and continued to move forward.

Gradually, some members of the Sea Tribe appeared. They were high-level members and looked very similar to humans. They weren’t weak; the weakest warrior among them was equivalent to a Five-Star Warrior.

They were cultivating the Sea Power. After living in the sea for tens of millions of years, they evolved and became one with the sea. Instead of being suppressed by the water pressure, they were able to move rapidly in the water like black lightning bolts. They swam around quickly and released high-pitched sound waves, but they didn’t attack.

The further Fei got, the more members of the Sea Tribe he saw.

They were all high-level members of the Sea Tribe.

Some of them were standing on top of broken walls, some of them were sitting on the shoulders of the collapsed god statues, and some of them hid in the ancient temples. While blue lights flashed in their eyes, they controlled their vicious and violent temperament and grasped their weapons tight while looking at Fei who was walking in this ancient fallen city; it felt like they were waiting for something.

Buckingham was still following Fei, but he was nervous; he felt like his heart was in his throat.

More and more high-level members of the Sea Tribe appeared, and there were a lot of Moon-Class Elites. They stood on either side of the street, only leaving out a path that was about five meters wide for Fei and Buckingham.

It seemed like a battle could occur at any moment now. If that did happen, Buckingham was sure that he couldn’t escape from here.

Suddenly, Fei stopped moving.
Four figures appeared in front of him, and they were all Sun-Class Lords.

“Humans, your trip ends here,” the creature in the middle of the group said. He was several meters tall, looking like a small giant, and he was looking down at Fei and Buckingham.

He had four eyes and four arms, and his waistline was more than 20 meters. Chilly white scales covered his body, and he was wearing a set of magic armor. He should be a rare species that only existed in the deep sea, and his innate powers were terrifying.

When he spoke, the soundwaves created several swirls, destroying multiple stone pillars that had diameters of more than one meter. He was quite pressing.

Buckingham recognized this master of the Sea Tribe.

About half a month ago, he appeared on the surface of the sea and battled with the King of Chambord for about four hours. In the end, they matched even, and he forced [Brilliance] to dock at the [Blood Crime] Island to avoid the Sea Tribe momentarily. This creature was a terrifying master.

Beside him, the other three Sun-Class Lords all had strange forms as well since were rare marine species. More than 60% of their bodies were already human-like, and Buckingham couldn’t see through their strengths.

Although these three new Sun-Class Lord hadn’t unleashed their powers yet, the energy fluctuations around them already created a series of hissing noises in the water. Also, black energy flames burned around them, making it seem like this space couldn’t handle their powers and was about to collapse.

Buckingham cursed in his mind and thought, “Damn it! Before we can find the place where that vicious god of the Sea Tribe is sleeping, we are blocked by such masters! If this giant creature can battle with the King of Chambord for a few seconds, and other three masters can tear me into pieces! In the end, the King of Chambord probably can’t escape as well… This time, I’m dragged into hell by this madman of Zenit!”

Just as various expressions appeared on Buckingham’s face, and he was about to get close to the King of Chambord to whisper some potential ways of getting away, he was suddenly stunned while his pupils contracted immediately.

At that moment, Fei sneered and charged forward.

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With neither hesitation nor fear, the King of Chambord shouted and punched out.

Fei’s target was that giant member of the Sea Tribe who had battled him for four hours before.

A golden energy flames flashed, the seawater between Fei and this master were turned into nothing, creating a vacuum.

Then, a terrifying light beam shot out of Fei’s fist, instantly enveloping that master of the Sea Tribe.

“Hahaha! Poor human! You are seeking your death!” that giant master of the Sea Tribe laughed and punched out instantly.

A blue light shot out of his fist, and his aura was even more powerful than Fei’s.

He had battled this [Demonic Human] before, and he had a rough idea about how powerful his opponent was.

“Although this [Demonic Human] is more powerful than me, the difference isn’t big. It is impossible for him to defeat me when so little time passed. Also, Princess Her Highness had sent three more Sun-Class Lords to come here with me. Our goal is to instantly kill this human who caused many of our people to become fearful. This is the best way to establish the confidence of our people!” he thought to himself.

The other three Sun-Class Elites of the Sea Tribe saw Fei’s attack and only sneered. They were waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike and kill.

However, in the next moment…

“No, wait! You… AHHH!”

The smile on this giant master’s face froze, and he couldn’t believe what he was experiencing. When the two different energies collided, he sensed a power that was several times stronger than his, and this power instantly crushed his strike.

When he realized that this human was no longer that human from a few days ago, he wanted to dodge, but it was too late. That destructive energy rushed into his body already and shattered all life energy.

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