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After a short period of adaptation, Evil God Kluivert of the Sea Tribe’s strength continued to increase. His giant body had black light flashing around him, looking strange and mysterious.
D’Alessandro’s [God-Slaying Scroll] was insanely powerful, and silver sword energies dashed down continuously and turned this ancient city of the Sea Tribe into runes, but this wasn’t enough to harm Kluivert.

“Hahaha! Human, you are as weak as an ant! How dare you say that you want to slay a god? Ignorant!”

The name of [God-Slaying Scroll] angered Kluivert, and this evil god roared in disdain.

He looked up and laughed, completely ignoring this silver sword energy storm. Since his strength had recovered, he completely gave up his defense and opened his arms. Also, it was clear that the injuries which the silver sword energies left on his body started to heal already.

As the strange black light started to shine on his body, the silver sword energies could no longer harm him. Everything went back to before where the silver sword energies could only create sparks on his black skin, and metal-colliding noises sounded again!

“Human! Your performance ends here tonight!”

This evil god of the Sea Tribe stretched his giant body and inhaled deeply.

Just this inhale was strong enough to create a loud rumbling noise.

This giant body of Kluivert enlarged even more like a balloon, and most of the silver sword energies were sucked into his mouth. In fact, even the air within 100 meters in front of him was sucked into his mouth, and space started to distort. After a short pause, Kluivert opened his mouth and roared, creating insane sound waves and ripples in the air.

“Demonic Roar! Roar!!!!!!!!!”

The giant sound waves were too much for any human to endure!

Even though Fei and Buckingham were protected by the [Throne of Chaos] more than 500 meters away, they still had to put their hands on their ears. Right now, their visions darkened, and their ears buzzed with small golden stars circling above their heads.

The big-headed young man in white, D’Alessandro, was the target of the attack, and he was experiencing a lot more pressure.

“God-Slaying Scroll… Pull! Protect!”

Arrogant shouts sounded, and all the silver sword energies collided with each other and suddenly came together like obedient kids. They organized themselves in order and wrapped around D’Alessandro layer by layer like a giant onion. In the end, they formed into a silver sphere that was more than 20 meters in diameter and protected D’Alessandro in the center.

In the next moment, the ferocious sound waves smashed onto the silver sphere forcefully.

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

Metal-colliding noises sounded again, and it seemed like metal swords were shattered as the silver sphere got damaged. Clouds of silver dust flew into the air, and this giant silver sphere quickly decreased in size like a potato that was being peeled.

In less than five minutes, all the silver sword energies were shattered and turned into silver particles, revealing D’Alessandro who was hidden inside.

“Puff… Eh!!!!!!”

D’Alessandro’s face changed color, and he quickly pushed his hands forward. A giant silver sword that was large enough to cover the sky appeared, and it wasn’t shattered by the demonic sound waves. However, the huge impact force sent D’Alessandro flying like a broken kite, and he spat out a mouthful of blood that had a silver glare to it.

“Hahahahah! Die!”

Vicious and murderous laughter sounded, and Evil God Kluivert chased and attacked mercilessly.

He leaped forward, and the entire city started to shake. Although he looked dull and immobile, he had used a secret technique and shortened the actual distance between him and D’Alessandro, allowing him to reach this big-headed young man in white within one step.

Then, his claws came crashing down at D’Alessandro with black mists and red light around them.
“Damn it!” A silver light flashed on D’Alessandro, buying him enough time to dodge.

The battle entered its climax.

One fleeing and one chasing, these two insanely power entities started to run loose at the bottom of the sea.

The residual energies from the battle started to affect other areas. The seabed began to shatter and crack, and streaks of red lava shot out of the cracks and engulfed the entire city!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

As a series of collision noises sounded, the blue energy barrier above this city couldn’t last any longer, and it cried and shattered like a piece of fragile glass.

The seawater above the city instantly came crashing down, destroying this city further.

The cold seawater and the hot lava ran into each other, and a series of terrifying reactions appeared.

Explosions were everywhere, and a lot of bubbles started to form.

This looked like doomsday.

Therefore, Fei had to move the [Throne of Chaos] further away so that they wouldn’t be affected.

Further away, the two powerful entities were still battling crazily, and Fei frowned as he observed.

Although he couldn’t see the battle clearly, the explosion noises and the roars provided him with some information. That arrogant, big-headed, and dumb human master, D’Alessandro, was in the disadvantage and was dominated by the evil god of the Sea Tribe.

“Alexander, the situation isn’t good. What should we do? Should we go and help?” Buckingham who was now healed by Fei could also tell that the situation wasn’t favorable. Since he was afraid that D’Alessandro’s loss would affect the humans around the [Sea of Fragrance] including the Leon Empire, he suggested and wanted to give it a try.

Fei looked back at him in disdain and said, “Help what? The gods are battling! If we go, we will just die like ants! We can’t do anything to a battle on this level. Let’s just stay here and wait. When they are both severely injured, we can… hehe!”

Fei’s suddenly sneer at the end brought chills to Buckingham’s mind.

Now, Buckingham had calmed down a little and was no longer that hot-headed.

He realized that this man whom he subconsciously treated like a comrade was also a b*stard and a devil. Standing on the wrong side of the King of Chambord would result in getting devoured including the bones!

“For some reason, it seems like the King of Chambord doesn’t have a good impression of that white-robed young man!” Buckingham thought to himself.

While giggling, Fei carefully controlled the [Throne of Chaos] and got close to the battlefield.

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At this moment, the two masters had already moved for more than 10,000 meters, way out of this deep abyss.

Wherever they went, the seabed got shattered, the white fossilized forest got destroyed, and the poor marine creatures that couldn’t get away were turned into meat paste.

Within 1,000 meters of the two masters, only the [Throne of Chaos] could dodge all the terrifying energy waves and follow them.

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Ugly beast! You have angered me!”

D’Alessandro was still as arrogant as before even though he was injured under the claws of this evil god of the Sea Tribe.

While his robe had already turned red, he spat out a mouthful of blood and suddenly got away from the suppression of Kluivert.

With a safe distance between them, D’Alessandro clasped his hands together and summoned a half-broken blade that was curly and rusty with a chant.

Suddenly, the third energy which could rival D’Alessandro’s appeared in the battle, and it contained godly power.

Fei and Buckingham who were both observing from afar looked at each other in shock and gasped, “This is…. a god-tier combat weapon? A real god-tier combat weapon!?”

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