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At this moment, Fei was risking it all.
The [Throne of Chaos] was very fast, and it instantly got close to Evil God Kluivert of the Sea Tribe. Fei stood on the throne, waved his hand to summon the [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher], and swung it at Kluivert’s head with the barrel-like hammerhead that had many dark-red runes engraved on it.

Buckingham gritted his teeth, and his body was shivering.

He wasn’t sure if it were fear or excitement, but he didn’t hesitate. He had a clear understanding of what was happening, and he punched out just in time and shot a wave of red energy flames toward the wound on Kluivert’s arm.

Fei and Buckingham had good coordination.

However, their opponent was a demonic god.

“You guys? Damn humans!”

This evil god of the Sea Tribe didn’t think that two ant-like figures would dare to attack him aggressively. He was enraged and swung his right arm casually, easily handling Fei’s war hammer. In terms of Buckingham’s attack, he didn’t even look at it. Buckingham was way too weak for him to even acknowledge. Although he was already severely injured, Buckingham’s attack couldn’t wound him.

Fei unleashed all his power and tried his best to swing his hammer, but the hammerhead was tightly grasped in the right hand of the demonic god, and it felt like it was stuck in a mountain and couldn’t move.

In the next moment, a vast amount of energy was passed down from the hammerhead and crashed toward Fei’s body, instantly shattering the bones in Fei’s hands that were on the handle of the hammer.

The power of this rage-fueled evil god of the Sea Tribe wasn’t something that Fei could stop.

However, Fei wasn’t afraid at all.

He smiled since that mysterious stone pillar in his body lightly shivered.

Although it seemed like this stone pillar moved reluctantly, it was enough to overturn this situation. A warm and comfortable current gushed out of the inner of Fei’s body, and it instantly healed Fei’s hands that were completely broken. Then, this warm current rushed out through the [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher].

A shocked expression appeared on Kluivert’s face.

In the next second, he started to scream as his entire right arm including half of the [Demonic God Shoulder Guards] were instantly burned into ashes as if they were dry straws. As a breeze blew by, all the ashes got blown away.

This process took place so fast that Kluivert couldn’t even react in time even though he was a god.

“Roar…” this evil god roared again in fear as he lost another arm, and that silver light climbed up his remaining upper arm toward his shoulder and neck. Without thinking, Kluivert spat out a mouthful of dark-purple blood, cutting off the remaining parts of his right arm.

A big sacrifice, but it was a logical one!

At that moment, Kluivert was clear that if the silver light spread to his body, then his entire body would be burned into ashes just like his right arm, completely disappearing from this world without a doubt.

“What is this power? How can it injure me so easily?”

Seeing that his right upper arm had instantly disappeared into nothing as soon as he cut it off, Kluivert was terrified. He had lived for tens of thousands of years, and this moment was the most dangerous. He felt like the Grim Reaper grabbed his throat, and his heart was racing.

“This human is too terrifying!” This thought appeared in Kluivert’s head, and he turned around and fled without looking back.
“I have to get as far away as I can from this terrifying human!” This was the only thought in Kluivert’s head right now.

He finally got out of the [Thousand Year Seal] and the eternal darkness, gaining his freedom; he didn’t want to be killed instantly.

In his eyes, this black-haired young man was too terrifying, even more so than Continental Martial Saint Maradona.

“Damn it! If I see this human ever again, I will flee right away!” he thought to himself.

With a flash of purple light, Kluivert disappeared from the area.

Fei wanted to control the Throne of Chaos] and chase after Kluivert, but he lost track of Kluivert and didn’t know where this evil god went. Even though this throne was insanely fast, Fei couldn’t track down Kluivert. Therefore, he couldn’t do anything but give up.

This scene was stunning in Buckingham’s eyes.

Of course, he had no idea what happened in that second, and he didn’t know that there was an invincible yet lazy mysterious stone pillar inside Fei’s body.

From Buckingham’s perspective, he saw the enraged King of Chambord swinging his hammer and destroying half of Kluivert’s right arm, forcing this evil god to cut off his right arm from his right shoulder. Then, it seemed like Kluivert got terrified and escaped like a wild dog.

This nobleman of the Leon Empire had thought that they were dead for sure. However, this evil god of the Sea Tribe, who wasn’t even defeated by that white-robed D’Alessandro with a god-tier combat weapon, was destroyed by Fei.

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“Could it be that the King of Chambord has always been hiding his real strength? Yeah! It must be it!”

Buckingham thought back to when he first ran into the King of Chambord, and he felt like this sly b*stard could always unleash incredible strength when in desperate situations. If the King of Chambord achieved breakthroughs under pressure, then this type of event which was super rare in other masters’ eyes happened on the King of Chambord repeatedly. Therefore, the only reasonable explanation was that the King of Chambord had been hiding his strength all along.

Thinking of this, Buckingham shivered a little in fear.

“Such a monster is now the enemy of the Leon Empire? This is a disaster for the Empire! If we really trigger the King of Chambord, he could easily destroy Leon with one finger!” Buckingham thought to himself and decided that if he could get back to the Leon Empire alive, he would convince the Royal Family of Leon to stop the war and apologize to the Zenit Empire before establishing an alliance with the King of Chambord.

If that could be done, then the Leon Empire would be protected even if the war between the gods and the demons started again.

Fei didn’t know that this risky gamble made Buckingham think so much.

After wiping the cold sweat off his forehead, Fei sat back into the Throne of Chaos] and breathed heavily.

“If the mysterious stone pillar didn’t respond to the danger, I would have instantly died before I could realize the situation,” Fei thought to himself, and all the fear that he had been suppressing rushed back into his head now.

This trip to the bottom of the sea was half successful.

His mission was to stop this evil god of the Sea Tribe from coming out. Even though Kluivert was released, Fei severely injured him.

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