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Chapter 829: Buckingham Family’s Crisis (2)

This beautiful woman was stunned, and she opened her eyes wide as she asked, “Why would you say that? You…”
Now, there were already tears in her eyes, and she couldn’t believe what was happening. She felt like she didn’t recognize this cavalier anymore, and she looked at Merida with a questioning expression.

After a short pause, Merida no longer wanted to look this woman in the eyes. Instead, he shook his head and glanced at this woman’s body offensively. As he coiled her hair on his fingers, he said, “Look at you know. You are thin and pale due to hunger, and you are no longer that glamorous noble lady. Is this the reason why you chose Buckingham instead of me? It looks like the prestigious King Buckingham can’t even protect you. When you chose him, have you thought that you would one day be a prisoner because of him? You can’t even get food to eat. Too pitiful. Do you regret your decision now? Hahaha!”

After Merida finished talking, that beautiful woman slowly realized something. Her tears gradually disappeared from her eyes, and her questioning gaze turned to astonishment, and she felt like she was looking at another person.

She lightly shook her head and didn’t say anything. In the end, she just looked disappointed.

Under such disappointing gaze, Merida finally felt a little angry and embarrassed.

He got close to this woman’s ear and said viciously, “Julia, don’t look at me like that. You need to understand that you and the people inside the Buckingham Estate won’t get any food without my order. Even if Buckingham can return one day, he will only see corpses and white bones.”

Julia wiped away the remaining tears in her eyes, and she instantly turned cold as she sneered, “Tell me; what do you want?”

“What do I want?” Merida laughed, and he felt like something shattered in his heart. However, he turned without more vicious without hesitation as he said, “You know this; I have been wanting you since I was ten years old. It won’t change even today.”

Julia smiled tragically and tossed out all her pleasant childhood memories with Merida. She raised her head and said to Merida in a cold tone, “You still have such dirty thoughts. It doesn’t matter if it were the past or now; you are definitely inferior to Buckingham.”

“You…” Merida was enraged.

Julia looked up again and said, “I agree.”

“What?” Merida was stunned.

“I agree to your condition. However, you must move the food into the Buckingham Estate. 1,000 kilograms of rice, 1,000 kilograms of water, 1,000 kilograms of pork…”

“Hahaha! Good! Good! No problem at all!”

Merida didn’t expect Julia to submit to his request this easily, so he was elated. He had grown up with this pure girl in front of him, so he knew her well. He thought that someone like her who looked soft but was really tough on the inside would never agree to this, but it turned out that his wish would be soon satisfied.

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“It looks like you have a great wife.”

Not far away, Fei smiled and said to Buckingham. With the help of [The Throne of Chaos], they were in stealth and hiding in the void.

They arrived here not long ago, but they understood everything clearly.

Buckingham was furious, and he said with anger, “Julia and I had trusted Merida a lot, and I was the one who recommended him and pushed him into the Ministry of Supervision. Without my words, how could he, a little warrior without any noble background, be accepted into the Ministry of Supervision and become one of the five Supervision Knights there? Damn it! This ungrateful b*stard! In this situation, he is not helping at all and is instead trying to cause more trouble.”

“Don’t be so angry; everyone gets harmed by trash when they are young.” Fei tried to comfort Buckingham in a little gloating tone, “You can only blame yourself for being too dumb and dull, not noticing that this little knight had hated you since the beginning.”
“I’m going to kill him…” Buckingham was about to attack.

Fei instantly pulled him back and said, “We can’t show ourselves just yet. Don’t worry; let me handle this.”

Merida’s burning gaze was as sharp as a knife, and it looked he wanted to undress this beautiful and noble woman with his eyes alone. While he looked at Julia with lust in his eyes, his order had been passed down, and a lot of cavaliers and soldiers came over with carriages full of food and water according to their agreement.

Since Emperor Juninho had ordered that no one was allowed to enter or leave from the Buckingham Estate, these carriages that carried food and water were parked in front of the gate in an orderly fashion.

Fei was about to do something, but he decided to wait for a bit longer when he saw this.

“It is good now? Your Highness?” In front of the gate, Merida asked the beautiful and noble Julia; he couldn’t wait for what was about to come.

“After everything is moved inside.” Julia turned around and whispered something to a maid beside her, and that maid ran into the estate to deliver the information. Soon, some guards and servants who were weak due to the starvation walked over and tried their best to drag the carriages into the courtyard.

“I hope that you won’t go back on your own words, Your Highness. Otherwise, the Buckingham Estate won’t get any food, and all the guards and servant who aren’t a part of the direct Buckingham Family will be arrest and put in the [Blood Prison] at the headquarters of the Ministry of Supervision.” Merida threatened viciously.

Julia raised her head again and replied in disdain, “Where do you want to do it?”

“Hahaha! Great!” The flames of desire couldn’t be hidden any longer in Merida’s eyes, and he waved his hand. A black-armored cavalier came over with a giant, fancy magic carriage.

Merida sneered and said, “His Majesty ordered that no one is allowed to leave the Buckingham Estate, so you can’t leave the gate of this place for too long. Hehe, we can only have fun in this carriage. Hahahaha! When you are moaning later, remember to tone it down. Hahaha! Otherwise, all my men will hear your alluring screams, hahaha!”

Anger flashed in Julia’s big, bright eyes.

She grasped onto a short saber with her right hand, and no one saw it since her arms were covered with the long sleeves of her dress. She had decided on something.

Just as Merida reached out for the noblewoman in front of him eagerly, something unexpected happened.


The hand that Merida reached out exploded; everything below his wrist turned into a cloud of blood mist, looking as if a bloody firework was launched.

“AH!!!!” Merida clutched his wound with his left hand and screamed in fear, “Who? Who is it?”

The soldiers of the Ministry of Supervision were stunned, and they quickly moved after waking up from the shock. The soldiers of Leon were well-trained, and the Ministry of Supervision was an important force in the Leon Empire.

The cavaliers instantly created a formation like machines, protecting Merida in the middle. Looking from afar, they looked like an iron hedgehog.

Then, a dash of magic energy flame went into the sky; it was the warning signal of the Ministry of Supervision.

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