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It was clear that Luffy was using a strange fist technique. His arms could extend freely like springs, and he could punch at any angle, making his fists more effective than weapons. In addition, the force inside his fists was terrifying. When he struck the solid stone walls, they were destroyed as if giant iron hammers landed on them, and they were shattered like paper.
Clouds of dust flew into the air when the defense walls collapsed.

When Chris Sutton saw Luffy practicing this fist technique for the first time, he was shocked to his core as well.

He was from a powerful noble family, and his martial knowledge was in-depth as he had heard of many combat techniques before. However, he was never aware of such a technique. It was powerful, and it was hard to defend against.

Luffy’s arms were soft as if they were boneless, and they could change shape and size freely. Right now, his arms looked like two vigorous, giant pythons. This combat technique was different from all other kinds of combat techniques, and it was clear that its creator put a lot of thought into it and opened a new path.

This set of techniques that Luffy himself named [Rubber Fist] was from Imperial Martial Saint Alexander.

Therefore, Chris Sutton admired Fei even more. In his opinion, only an unparalleled genius like the King of Chambord could create such a unique and strange fist technique.

-On the ground-

After a short moment of silence as everyone was stunned, the soldiers who were sieging the Imperial Senate cheered loudly.

As they roared, they charged forward at the fortress like beasts. Without the protection of the stone walls, the weak defense force that the Imperial Senate had couldn’t stop these ferocious soldiers. After a brief defense, the soldiers of the Imperial Senate kneeled and raised their weapons, surrendering completely.

There were a few masters who tried to fight back, but they were smashed by Little Luffy’s lightning-fast fists that were attached to his arms that were more than ten meters long.

When the swords and sabers hacked at Luffy’s long arms, they cut through the leather armor but could only leave a light white mark on his skin. As if the weapons hacked onto a tough bouncy ball, they were bounced back after making muffled noises. It was impossible to believe that Luffy’s body was made from flesh.

“Old B*stard! How dare you insult my master? I will smash you into meat paste!”

Luffy stared at the President of the Imperial Senate, and his arms suddenly extended over 20 meters. After grabbing onto a section of the collapsed stone wall, he pulled using his arms, and his body shot forward like a cannonball. Using the elastic ability of his arms, he instantly moved forward more than 60 meters, and he shot toward the President of the Imperial Senate who was pale on the tall pavilion.

The [Rubber Fist] that Luffy was cultivating was a mysterious technique from the ancient Mythical Era. It created a path of its own, and it was very different from all other mainstream techniques from the same era. Since it shined in that chaotic era, and its practitioners were able to defeat gods and demons and earn great fame and reputation, it was recorded in [Demon King’s Sword].

After Fei took Luffy as his disciple, and Luffy stated his interest in fist techniques, Fei tested Luffy’s physique and realized that the latter had the [Rubber’s Heart] physique which was suitable for practicing this technique, and he met all the requirements of the [Rubber Fist].

Therefore, Luffy was able to cultivate and get strong fast. In addition, Fei had gifted several precious godly herbs to Luffy to stimulate his potential. After more than a month, Luffy already mastered level 1 of this technique, and he was now a Six-Star Warrior.

Luffy respected and admired Fei like his dad. Therefore, he was already gritting his teeth when he heard the President of the Imperial Senate insulting Fei. Since the fortress was conquered, he wasn’t going to let this old man go.

“Ah! Save me! Save me!”

Feeling the gust of strong wind blowing toward him, the President of the Imperial Senate was terrified despite his cunning. Luffy’s strange appearance and unique power left a sharp impression on his mind, and he screamed in fear, no longer vicious and cruel like before.
A few of his guards charged up and blocked the way with their iron shields, trying to block Luffy’s path.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Before Luffy got to the pavilion, his fists already arrived. His fist smashed onto the iron shields, and the shields were shattered. Like broken kites, the guards spat out mouthfuls of blood as they flew down from the pavilion!


They fell onto the ground forcefully, and it was hard to say if they could make it or not.

The President of the Imperial Senate was stunned by what he saw, and he immediately turned around and tried to flee. At this point, he paid no attention to his appearance and temperament. While staggering, he suddenly tripped and fell on his face, and his front teeth fell out of his mouth.

While blood flowed out of his mouth, making him look terrible, he screamed desperately, “Mr. Montoya, Mr. Stoch! Save me! Please save me!”

These were the names of last two Moon-Class Elites of the Imperial Senate.

This Stoch was known as the Old Monster. He was famous in St. Petersburg for a long time, and he was violent and short-tempered. He had killed many people, and not many people dared to upset him. For a long time, he was known as the most powerful master in St. Petersburg right after Emperor Yassin.

When Fei barged into St. Petersburg and questioned Elder Prince Arshavin, this old monster appeared arrogantly. During that time, the Elder Prince and the Imperial Senate still had a great relationship, and they used each other to the best of their abilities. This old monster got greedy over Fei’s [Throne of Chaos] and tried to rob this treasure, but he was knocked away by the king’s hammer, and he was almost killed. From that moment on, he never showed his face, and he tried to recover from his injury in seclusion.

As soon as the President of the Imperial Senate screamed, those two Moon-Class Elites showed themselves.

The two shocking auras suddenly surged in the sky, and two energy flames, one red one blue, dashed out from the deepest location in the fortress. Then, the energy waves created two tornadoes, and the soldiers who charged into the fortress were blown into the air like straws. The big rocks on the ground were also sucked into the tornado, and many soldiers were injured as they all spun around chaotically.

The appearance of these two Moon-Class Elites instantly created giant waves.

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Even Luffy who was a Six-Star Warrior couldn’t stand still beside the tornadoes. He grabbed onto a small part of the defense wall which didn’t collapse, and his arms that were more than 20 meters long coiled around this part of the defense wall like ropes. He was the only one who didn’t get sucked away after he did that.

The difference between Star-Level Warriors and Moon-Class Elites was completely exposed.

Although Luffy was cultivating the [Rubber Fist] which was a powerful and unique technique from the ancient times, he only reached level 1 of this technique and was only a Six-Star Warrior. The massive difference in realms made him as weak as an ant in front of Moon-Class Elites.

“Hahaha! Kill him! Kill him for me!” The President of the Imperial Senate stopped running, and he turned around and shouted crazily. He was chased like a dog, and he was deeply humiliated. Therefore, he had a deep hatred for Luffy as well.

Moon-Class Elite Montoya nodded and waved his hand, and blue energy dashed toward Luffy murderously like a light beam.

“Humph!” Golden Sun Knight Chris Sutton who was observing the battle from the high sky snorted, and he suddenly moved as well.

As he pointed his finger, a golden sword energy dashed out and easily shattered that blue energy.

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