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The intense battles were continuing.
Different from D’Alessandro and his crew who watched the battles casually, the Zenitians on the defense wall held their breath and watched the battles of the 12 Moon-Class Elites closely; they knew that the outcome of the battles would determine the fate of Zenit.

“Kill! Rapid Hurricane Howling Wolf Strike!”

Suddenly, a shout overpowered all other noises. Golden Sun Knight Chris Sutton who was in his golden armor used his famous ultimate technique. Although his mount, a wolf beast, wasn’t here, his bright golden warrior energy condensed into a giant wolf that had a horn on its forehead. As he struck out, both his body and his lance turned into a dash of light and penetrated his opponent.

Finally, one battle came to an end.

Sutton was praised and liked by Fei, and he was taught the best metal-elemental warrior energy cultivation method from [Demon King’s Sword] which was like the martial encyclopedia of the ancient Mythical Era, and Fei planted a seed of power in his body.

In the last two months, this young man improved quickly. Although his opponent’s strength was on par with him, that man couldn’t handle the sharpness of the metal-elemental warrior energy and Sutton’s aggressive combat style.

Sutton’s ultimate technique struck that foreign Moon-Class Elite, and the latter was turned into a pile of meat paste, shattering in the sky.

A series of thunderous cheers range out on the defense wall as if a tsunami appeared.

This victory finally helped the extremely nervous Zenitians calm down a little.

After finishing the battle, Sutton breathed heavily. That ultimate technique consumed a lot of his stamina and almost depleted his warrior energy. He had to recover as fast as he could to get ready for even more brutal battles that were going to occur!

“Hahaha! I didn’t expect that kid to get the first win!”

Drogba who was dressed as an ordinary soldier laughed as he battled a big man who was more than two meters tall and using a giant hammer that had huge spikes on it. Since they both pursued pure strength, they fought each other head-on.

Boom! After taking one forceful strike, Drogba used this opportunity to back off for more than 50 meters. Then, he waved his hand and summoned a giant tower shield that looked like a blackish-golden bull. After placing this shield in front of him at an angle, he pressed his shoulder onto it and charged forward. The bright image of a golden bull appeared in front of him, and he and his shield turned into a dash of light after a short pause!

Crack! Crack!

As a series of cracking noises sounded, the big Moon-Class Elite who was swinging the giant hammer froze in the sky, and streaks of orange light dashed out of his body. Like a shattered porcelain doll, he broken into pieces, and his flesh and bones fell onto the ground.

Another battle was over, and Zenit obtained another victory.

Cheers sounded again, and the soldiers and nobles of Zenit jumped on the defense wall and hugged each other.

At the same time, several other battles finished as well.

Pierce who was also dressed as an ordinary soldier figured out his opponent’s real strength and used [Saint Sword Excalibur]. An indestructible and invisible sword energy instantly cut his opponent into pieces, and Pierce struck a dashing pose as he backed off a little. His short white hair stood on his head like needles, and a murderous spirit enveloped him, making him look like a reserved master!

Philip Inzagi was also wearing an ordinary soldier uniform, and his body shook before the battle, breaking the armor easily. Then, his body merged with space, and he flashed in the area and around his opponent like a ghost.

After his opponent got mad for being teased and lost his cool, the [Touch of Hell] quickly passed through his opponent’s neck and heart.

Before Pierce and Inzagi could finish their battles, Dessler already destroyed his opponent with his eyes closed. His great spirit energy turned his poor opponent who was a mage with a flat nose into a useless moron by crushing the latter’s brain, and this mage fell from the high sky and died!
Now, even the Zenitians on the defense wall were shocked. Some people already recognized that these four mysterious Moon-Class Elites were from the Chambord Kingdom. Since Pierce and Drogba had participated in the competition among the affiliated kingdoms, and they earned their nickname of [White-Haired Fast Sword] and [Black-Haired Vicious Fist], they were well known in the area, and they were quickly recognized.

However, many people didn’t expect that these people who were still Three-Star and Four-Star Warriors a little while ago had turned into powerful masters, mighty enough to dictate the fate of Zenit.

“Why are miracles appearing again and again to Chambordians?” At this moment, a lot of people thought back to that demonic-god-like figure.

“Ah…” Suddenly, a scream sounded in the sky.

After seeing that his peers were killed one after another, Matt Razi’s opponent was terrified and no longer wanted to battle. As he got distracted, the water arrow that Matt Razi created from a mouthful of wine shot into his chest. As blood flowed out, this man held onto his chest and escaped with his tail between his legs, not daring enough to stay!

The initial battles had ended, and the loud cheers suddenly stopped as well; it was silent on the defense wall.

Even the most optimistic soldiers and nobles didn’t expect that the battles between the 12 Moon-Class Elites were going to be this one-sided.

The victories came so fast that they weren’t prepared to accept it.

“Hahaha! Bastards! Didn’t you say that you want to destroy Zenit? Come! Come! Come! Daddy will kill all of you!”

Both Pierce and Drogba liked taunting enemies and making a big scene. After seeing the arrogance of their enemies, they wanted to be even more overbearing. While standing in mid-air, they provoked their enemies even more. Their expressions made others want to beat them, and they looked like roosters that had their tails up high.

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In fact, they looked like hooligans instead of masters, and Inzagi and Dessler who were standing beside them slowly moved aside, trying to tell others that they weren’t associated.

However, Drogba and Pierce’s attitude made the soldiers on the defense wall laugh, and the fear and nervousness that Zenitians were feeling instantly disappeared for a moment due to the actions of these two warriors.

Standing in the sky, the other 14 Moon-Class Elites looked ugly, but none of them dared to charge up. The strengths and the combat techniques that these six Zenitians showcased made it hard for them to evaluate their strengths, and any wrong move might be equivalent to committing suicide.

D’Alessandro’s pupils instantly contracted as such a result surprised him. He could clearly sense the power level of these six Zenitians, but the granular control of energies and their powerful and sophisticated combat techniques shocked this No.2 Disciple of the Continental Martial Saint!

He could tell that these techniques resembled the ones from the Mythical Era which his master, Maradona, had been trying to re-create.

His heart sunk a little, and he flicked his fingers without changing his expression. Immediately, six invisible sword energies sneak-attacked those six Zenitians silently.

He was trying to kill them!

With his strength at the peak Burning Sun Realm, it was impossible for others to notice his sneak attacks.

People like Pierce and Drogba didn’t detect anything in the beginning. When they sensed the terrifying sword energies, these energies were already very close to them, and they didn’t have the time to dodge. The murderous spirits suddenly revealed by the invisible sword energies made the six of them sense sharp pain; they felt like their skin was breaking, and their bones were melting. Even though they felt like they were going to explode in the next moment, they couldn’t move away.

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