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That is right! This showy young man in white who acted like a ‘god’ was the king.
After purifying the forest at the border between the Dietfurt Empire and the former Alania Empire, the expeditionary troop of Chambord crossed the forest on [Black Pearl] and [Cyclops] and arrived at the land that formerly belonged to Alanians.

Then, they discovered that the degree of contamination was beyond their expectations. Except for a few big cities, almost all the cities and towns had fallen, becoming paradises for evil creatures. Only a few survivors were struggling to stay alive.

Obviously, the dark and evil creatures were repelled by the holy power, and they hated this energy instinctively.

When Fei used Paladin Skill – [Cleansing] to purify the forest on the border, the vast holy power made some of the mutated demon beasts sense an immense threat, and they left the forest before Fei could purify them.

These monsters entered the territory that belonged to Alanians before the invasion of the Anji Empire, making the situation even worse.

Fei met Leo earlier by coincidence, and he understood what was happening in this land.

Seeing the zombies and the mutated demon beasts wandering the land, Fei couldn’t help but think back to the famous sci-fi movie, Resident Evil, that he watched on Earth.

It was clear that what was happening in front of him was almost identical to the world in Resident Evil. The zombies that were created by the hell energy were almost remakes of the zombies in the movie, but the mutated demon beasts were much more dangerous compared to the zombie dogs and zombie cats in the movie.

Therefore, Fei had to delay his plan of conquering the Anji Empire.

Since Fei watched a lot of doomsday movies on Earth, he knew how terrifying it would be if the ‘zombie virus’ spread out of control. Perhaps in a little while, the entire Azeroth Continent would become a paradise for zombies.

Also, if these zombies could level up and evolve like the ones in the movies, then the humans’ fate on the Azeroth Continent would be coming to an end.

Therefore, Fei decided to figure out the situation with that ‘god’ whom Emperor Kerimov of Anji mentioned before his death; he would do it after temporarily controlling the zombie situation. Besides, Fei suspected that Anjians were behind this zombie incident.

While cleansing the evil creatures on the edge of the forest, the warriors of Chambord saved Leo coincidently, and Fei got a vague plan in his mind.

That was why he got off the Xuan’ge with Leo and came here.

Seeing the shocked expressions on Anna and others’ faces, Fei was a little surprised. Then, he quickly realized what was happening, and his vanity was greatly satisfied.

Alanians were far away from the Zenit Empire, yet they heard of Fei’s name.

“Now, this can be counted as known around the world, right? Hahahaha!” the king laughed hysterically in his mind.

“Alanians greet the Majestic King of Chambord. Thank you, Your Majesty. Thank you for saving our lives. Your generosity and virtue will soon spread around the continent.”

Anna and her peers got up and bowed at Fei respectfully.

Some of them couldn’t hide their excitement on their faces.

“Since the King of Chambord is here, the rumors are true! The Zenit Empire that has a demi-god is going to attack the violent and cruel Anjians! From the strength that the King of Chambord showcased earlier, the masters of Zenit are as powerful as the rumors had said. If we Alanians can earn the friendship of Zenitians, there is a chance that we can re-establish our empire!”

Of course, these thoughts only flashed through their minds. After all, they weren’t members of the Royal Family of Alania, and the vicious Anjians already murdered those members. As ordinary citizens, they wanted to recreate the Alania Empire, but they weren’t as passionate about this topic as the royals. The only thing that connected these poor survivors was their acceptance of the bloodline and the race of Alania.
“Sister Anna, thank you for taking care of Keeley and Dilly. Other big brothers and big sisters, thank you a lot as well. I’m their big brother, Leo.”

After whispering with his two little sisters, Leo finally understood the situation.

Since he was away for a long time, his two little sisters were too hungry inside the stone cave and cried. Then, they were discovered by Anna and her team that was passing by. They waited for him close to sunset, but he still didn’t return. Therefore, they thought that he was dead already, so they left with his two little sisters.

However, this team of survivors had terrible luck. Not long after leaving that stone cave, they encountered a big group of zombies and were pushed onto the stone hill. They were surrounded and weren’t able to break through in time. If Fei didn’t appear, these people would all had been killed in under ten minutes.

Even though this was the case, Leo still thanked Anna and her teammates a lot. They had good intentions and were willing to take care of two little girls who were burdens to them.

Also, if the warriors of Chambord didn’t appear at that location, Leo would have died under the claws of that mutated demon wolf, and he wouldn’t be able to take care of his little sisters.

“No need to thank us, Little Brother.” Anna smiled and patted Leo’s head. “No Alanian would ditch other Alanians and leave them to die.”

Right now, she didn’t have that cold and murderous aura from when she battled the zombies. Instead, she looked like a big sister next door.

Overall, Alanians were a conflicted race.

A famous traveling poet had this comment. “The fertile plain allowed Alanians not to worry about food most of the time, so these people appear to be gentle and kind. However, in the face of danger and disaster, the weak-looking Alanians can unleash craziness and persistence like an exploding volcano.”

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Fei smiled and nodded.

This team of Alanian survivors knew that these two little girls were burdens and would add danger to the team, but they still chose to protect them. These people were real warriors and deserved to be respected.

“Where are you planning to go next?” Fei asked.


All Alanian survivors fell silent when talking about the future.

Everything seemed uncertain, and they felt a little desperate. A team of survivors like them was too weak; a powerful mutated demon beast could easily tear them apart. They might not be able to live until tomorrow; how could they dream about the future?

Anna frowned for a while and said with gritted teeth, “We are planning to head to the south. Perhaps that place isn’t stained by the undead energy. Of course, we will look for other survivors, and I hope that more people will join us. Regardless, we Alanians will never stop resisting the Anjians. Even if there is only one of us left, we will fight for the continuation and freedom of our race.”

This female warrior sounded a little unsure in the beginning, but she was firm and determinate when she got to the end.

“Good.” Fei nodded.

However, he thought to himself, “This isn’t undead energy but the dark and devilish energy which is many times scarier. The southern region of the former Empire of Alania is probably the same.”

However, the king wouldn’t tell them this depressing information.

After thinking back to his plan, the king smiled and said, “What a coincidence. I’m going to the south as well; we can go together.”

The survivors froze when they heard him.

“What? Your… Your Majesty is willing to go to the south with us?” Anna asked with a shaking voice.

[TL Note: I guess that mage named Mono is gone or dead; there is no more mentioning of him.]

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