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Chapter 920: Terrifying Strength (Part Two)

Fei froze for a second before he suddenly started laughing out of anger. He said, “God damn! After all this time, it turns out that you are a moron. Is your brain damaged? Did you come all the way here to show off? I don’t even care to know your dumb name! You are arrogant and foolish! Come here! I will wake you up!”
Before he finished speaking, the energy flames on Fei burned more aggressively, and the [Griswold’s Legacy] Item Set appeared on him.

Wearing the Ornate Armor and the Valor Corona and holding the Redemption Caduceus and the Honor Shield, Fei became the representative of the gods.

He took a step forward, and many holy light beams struck down like a world-destroying lightning sea, instantly engulfing the mysterious master.

[Fist of the Heavens]

Many judgment fists fell from the sky like light beams.

Fei used his ultimate strike as soon as he moved.

From the short battle that they had so far, Fei sensed that even though this mysterious person was arrogant, his strength was not ordinary. Although the king had never heard of him before, he was not weaker compared to Continental Martial Saint’s second disciple, D’Alessandro. Also, his [Eyes of Murder] was terrifying, containing the murderous spirit of an asura who was destroying the world. The penetration ability of this technique was so strong that this mysterious person could kill Sun-Class Lords easily.

For a moment, golden light beams struck down from the sky in silence as if the angry gods were casting world-ending lightning bolts. Even the space in the high sky couldn’t hold still and shattered under the power of the many light beams before combining back to normal and getting broken again.

One single [Fist of the Heavens] could kill a Burning Sun Lord, and all these light beams together could slay gods and exterminate demons.

Even god-tier combat weapons might break inside this golden sea of lightning bolts, let alone the human body that was made of flesh.


“King of Chambord, if this is all you’ve got, I will be greatly disappointed.”

The calm and cold voice sounded from the golden sea of lightning bolts. Next, the mysterious master slowly walked out of it while stepping in space. The lightning beams created by the [Fist of the Heavens] continued to strike him, but not even a strand of his long orange hair was broken. From his expression, it seemed like he had a chill shower inside the golden sea of lightning bolts.

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This mysterious person’s strength was beyond everyone’s imagination.

“This egomaniac’s strength seems to be above D’Alessandro’s, extremely close to the Demi-God Realm. Damn it! How come such a young and powerful figure appeared? From the looks of it, it seems like he is less than 30 years old. Are demi-gods like cabbages that can be found easily on the street?” Fei quickly thought to himself, but he didn’t slow down at all.

His shoulders lightly shrugged, and wind-whistling noises resonated in the high sky. Suddenly, five giant spinning hammers appeared out of nowhere, and each hammer had many mystic runes engraved on its surface. Like agile fish in water, these hammers traveled in mysterious trajectories and flashed, attacking the mysterious master from all angles. These hammers were alluring yet tricky to locate.

Paladin Skill – [Blessed Hammer].

Fei summoned powerful magic hammers that could travel through space and attack enemies by spinning.

The previous [Fist of the Heavens] was a magic attack. Since the magic attack was useless, Fei chose to test out the physical attack. Fei was confident that the [Fist of the Heavens] was powerful enough to destroy everything in the world, but it couldn’t affect his opponent at all. Therefore, he thought that his opponent might be immune to magic.

Fei’s hypothesis wasn’t wrong.

This time, the mysterious master’s face changed color, and he dodged instead of letting the hammers hit him.

This mysterious master only lightly tilted his body. Like an electric signal that was disturbed a little, his body flashed as if he didn’t really exist, and he easily dodged the strange attacks of the [Blessed Hammers]. Only the real masters could tell that those few blinks represented hundreds of movements that this man performed in a flash; it was the only way that he could have dodged the hammers that locked down nearly all the area around him.

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