Hello, Mr. Major General
1105 Leaving and Returning Home
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Hello, Mr. Major General
Author :Han Wuji
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1105 Leaving and Returning Home

Tan Dongbang's vision went black as he fell down directly onto the ground.

The Special Operations Forces personnel immediately supported him and also pressed down on his arms as he nodded to the military police maintaining order in the conference. The police escorted Tan Dongbang away from the Senate's conference hall.

Cai Songyin witnessed this scene with an ashen face and suddenly grabbed Tan Guiren's arm. "Little Darling, let's go!"

"Mommy! What's happening to Daddy? Why are they arresting Daddy?!" Tan Guiren stood up with Cai Songyin in confusion.

Huo Shaoheng coolly watched them leave as he commanded his subordinates to go keep an eye on Cai Songyin. Cai Songyin's mind was in shambles, so she didn't notice anyone following them at all. She only knew that Hong Kangquan had been arrested, and now Tan Dongbang was also being taken away. She might be in even more danger now.

"Little Darling, hurry up and pack your things. We will be staying in the United States for a while." Cai Songyin was a bit frantic as she called her older brother, Cai Sumin, on the way.

Cai Sumin didn't take her call, but he immediately purchased airfare back to the United States. He would be leaving the very same day. Cai Shengnan didn't understand why Cai Sumin was in such a rush to leave.

Cai Sumin kept looking at his watch and said uneasily, "How about you come back to the United States with me? Your uncle's situation is quite complex, so you won't have much of a future if you stay here."

Cai Shengnan had originally also wanted to return. It would be a lie if she said she didn't feel regret when she saw Gu Nianzhi appear at Speaker Long's side today and fight against Tan Dongbang.

It had been such a great opportunity to make herself known—not merely to Speaker Long, but also to all Huaxia citizens, as well as citizens in the world. How could she have given that up for a mere appointment letter?! She was very aggrieved.

This was a habit developed from her many years of working in the United States, where hard copy contracts must be signed before any work was done at all. And when work was done, it would never exceed the services as stipulated within the contract.

However, things were different in the Huaxia Empire. There, everything was contingent on initially exerting effort before anything else. The person being helped would naturally return the favor. Most deals would fall apart if the terms were negotiated first.

Cai Shengnan finally realized this difference, so she was very bitter when she understood that she had given away a great opportunity to someone else. She thought that she was better than Gu Nianzhi in every aspect. The only area where she was weaker was because she hadn't lived in the Huaxia Empire for many years, and thus was no longer well acquainted with the social customs of the Huaxia Empire.

But that was nothing. She had learned a valuable lesson and would quickly catch up. Thus, she refused to leave. She still yearned to climb to the top of the Huaxia Imperial political circle, and this was something she couldn't achieve from afar, even if she became a partner of a major American law firm.

Cai Sumin understood her intentions, so he didn't bother urging her otherwise. He was in the United States anyway, so Cai Shengnan would naturally return if she couldn't make a living in the Huaxia Empire.

When Cai Songyin received Cai Sumin's text, she couldn't do anything else since she hadn't been able to reach his phone at all. After returning home, she quickly grabbed her passport and packed a few simple items before purchasing flights online.

She successfully purchased flights for the same day, but the flight didn't leave until midnight. There were still a few hours left. Cai Songyin and Tan Guiren sat in the airport's VIP lounge and watched TV as they played on their phones.

Cai Sumin had also purchased tickets for the same flight. Cai Sumin sighed when he saw Cai Songyin bring Tan Guiren inside the VIP lounge, but he still greeted them. "Songyin, Little Darling, you guys are going to the United States as well?" Cai Sumin came over carrying his briefcase.

Cai Songyin nearly burst into tears at the sight of Cai Sumin. "Brother, so you're actually going back to the United States."

Cai Sumin nodded. "I saw that Dongbang had gotten into trouble, but I'm not too familiar with the details. When I return to the United States, I'll recommend a few lawyers who are familiar with matters of national security."

"Thank you, brother." Cai Songyin smiled bitterly. "But I'll be requesting a divorce, so you don't need to worry about it."

Cai Sumin thought about it. "That's a good idea as well. Tan Dongbang will probably never see the light of day again. You also need to plan for yourself."

"Uncle, Mommy, what are you guys talking about?" Tan Guiren fidgeted in her seat. She couldn't sit idle and watch her father go to jail for the rest of his life. She didn't want to go abroad with her mother.

"Mommy you can't do that. What will happen to Daddy if you leave like this?" Tan Guiren stood up with her luggage in tow. "I'm not leaving. Mommy can go alone if you want to leave." She carried her suitcase and decisively turned to leave.

"Little Darling!" Cai Songyin was anxious and quickly chased after her.

Inside the Senate conference hall, the earlier episode ended with Tan Dongbang being taken away for investigation by the Special Operations Forces. Speaker Long smiled thankfully at Gu Nianzhi's hard work and full exertion of subjective initiative.

Gu Nianzhi quickly answered him politely before stepping off the podium and returning to her seat with the other Senate personnel. At the podium, Speaker Long had already nonchalantly begun to speak about the voting results from the second election.

"The results of the second interim election show that there were a total of 86,376,545 votes. Bai Jiancheng won in all 34 provinces and won a total of 75,267,763 votes. He defeated the second candidate, Mr. Tan Dongbang, by 64,158,981 votes and has absolutely won as the newly elected Prime Minister of the Huaxia Empire. Let's welcome Bai Jiancheng to come speak on stage!" Speaker Long initiated a round of applause.

Bai Jiancheng was the actual winner of both elections, but he had been cheated by someone else in the first election and truly won the second round. Bai Jiancheng had worked in the Cabinet for over 30 years and started as an entry-level staff member. He naturally felt very emotional to have reached today's position. His eyes nearly turned red when he learned that he had also won the first election.

He had worked so hard for his only life goal of becoming prime minister, and now he had realized his political ambitions. When he ran for the office the first time, he capsized in the gutter and lost without any reasonable explanation. He was the only one to understand how he survived through those days.

Bai Yueran was ecstatic, and a smile beamed on her normally stoic face. She straightened Bai Jiancheng's necktie and smiled. "Dad, you're up now!"

Bai Jiancheng smiled thankfully at her before getting up to walk over to the podium. He gave Speaker Long a firm handshake and said, "Speaker Long, I will certainly not fail the expectations of the citizens, nation, and yourself."

"Ok, we look forward to it." Speaker Long encouraged him as they shook hands. He patted Bai Jiancheng's back. "Our nation has already wasted much time, so we can't waste any more."

Neither the last Prime Minister Dou, nor Tan Dongbang after him had been strong characters, but Prime Minister Tan and Tan Dongbang were both the same. They had connections with Japanese spies, so they would probably end up in neighboring jail cells.

At the same moment, He Zhichu wasn't watching the telecast of the prime minister election results at the Senate but was staring blankly at another piece of news on TV. This news was about the sudden appearance of a sea cave with blue light between C City and the Japan Sea.

However, that news was soon interrupted. "...We are now broadcasting breaking news. Mr. Bai Jiancheng has been elected as the new prime minister. The Prime Minister of Japan took the lead in sending a message of congratulations to Mr. Bai Jiancheng, the new Prime Minister of the Huaxia Empire. He also urges Mr. Bai Jiancheng to exert his humanitarian spirit and help the 200 plus Japanese frogmen troops trapped in the violet light ocean floor return home."


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    《Hello, Mr. Major General》