I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl
Chapter 356 – Boating On Er Huan Road
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I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl
Author :Scrap Iron Walker 废铁行者
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Chapter 356 – Boating On Er Huan Road

Ai Mi reluctantly agreed to let me accompany her with waterproof pants and rain boots after a lot of persuasion.

As we traveled down the flooded Er Huan Road, there were numerous drivers who were stuck in the middle of the road. They cursed at the weather forecasting office as they sighed and gazed into the sky.

“Hahaha~~~” Ai Mi spoke gleefully, “It looks like China’s sewer systems are really behind. If America’s marine corps invaded, Dong Shan city wouldn’t even be able to deploy their troops properly.”

Who do you think you are, the US president? It’s really not up to you if they invade or not.

Also, you’re not going to be able to stand on the sidelines and watch the fun while eating chips if America and China actually went to war. The Americans would treat you extremely poorly since you have Oriental blood.

You probably haven’t even learned it in American History class. I heard from my dad that after the Pearl Harbor incident, America was afraid American citizens of Japanese descent would act as spies for Japan. So, they forced them to sell off their houses and businesses and sent them all to concentration camps.

A total of over 110,000 Japanese-Americans were forced into ten concentration camps. Quite a few became insane and committed suicide.

If China and America actually went to war, your scope of movement would be even more limited. If you are still a singer at the time, your songs would first have to be approved by the government to ensure there are no coded messages for China. And don’t even think about coming to China, even if the government does let you come, it would be to the front lines.

No, I won’t let anyone discriminate against my sister, not even the White House or the Pentagon. If a war breaks out between America and China, the first thing I would do is you keep you confined in China. Then, I would order all your lolicon American fans to immediately surrender to China. (But it seems those types of people would be useless to America anyway)

At this point, all the drivers who were trapped on the flooded road watched our amphibious RV leisurely pass by.

“Rich people are so pretentious.” A BMW driver cursed from afar.

Even though the rain was really loud, his words didn’t escape Ai Mi’s ears.

“Stop the car and turn around.” Ai Mi gave an order to her bodyguards.

Peng TouSi understood her intentions and pulled a U arc around and cause a huge layer of mud to be caked on the BMW’s windows.

After punishing the one who showed her disrespect, Ai Mi placed her hand on the railing of the deck and commanded to continue our journey.

I walked next to Ai Mi and used the handrails as support. It’s not often I could witness a rainstorm from this point of view.

The gushing water rolled around in front of the deck and would sometimes be carrying all sorts of trash.

There were some slippers, plastic flower pots, plush toys, and even a blow-up doll.

Damn, was this something our store sold? Why does it look a bit familiar?

After we passed the deepest section of water, the RV’s eight wheels once again hit the land.

There were stalled cars and pedestrians running in every direction. Ai Mi watched the current disaster with delight.

She then began to sing a song. As someone who was not proficient in music, I believed it to be a soft rock song.

Of course, the lyrics were all in English. How could I understand an English song if I can’t even have a simple conversation in English? So, I asked 005 who was standing nearby and holding an umbrella for us: “What’s Ai Mi singing, is it one of her own songs?”

Since 005 has been in China for a while, his Chinese has improved drastically. He properly did his duty of holding a large umbrella over us as he replied:

“It’s not Miss Ai Mi’er’s own song, I believe it’s called <>.”

“Huh, what’s that?” I frowned.

“Umm… it’s one of the songs played in Vampire Diaries.”

Based on 005’s translation, the song goes like this:

I’m only happy when it rains~

I’m only happy when it’s complicated~

And though I know you can’t appreciate it~

I’m only happy when it rains~

You know I love it when the news is bad…

What the hell, it’s basically a song celebrating misfortune. It’s actually a fitting song for this situation. You’re riding an RV with a someone holding an umbrella for you… while everyone else is so misfortunate. Did you see that KFC delivery driver crash his motorbike onto those bushes? I mean who’s even ordering takeout during a rainstorm?

But this was the first time I was able to appreciate a song sung with Ai Mi’s sweet voice that actually makes her happy.

There was no musical accompaniment or a stage. Ai Mi was able to drift off into her own musical world as she sang a song that wasn’t written by her.

I leaned on top of the railing and stared in awe at my sister.

“What are you smiling at?” Ai Mi suddenly stopped singing and said, “Is it because I was off-key?”

I only then noticed the smile on my face.

“I’ve never even heard the original, so I wouldn’t know if you were off tune.”

“Then why are you smiling.”

“From what you told me before, it seemed like you hated to sing. But now, that doesn’t seem to be the case.”

“What exactly are you trying to say?” Ai Mi seems to detest ambiguity and she stared at me with her cat-like blue eyes.

“I, I just think you have a pretty good sense of music. I think you’re talented and a lot of people like you, not just because they’re lolicons.”

My compliment seemed to have worked well, but she deliberately turned away.

“I don’t need a manservant to acknowledge me, and don’t think I would be happy.”

After a while, it seems she thought of something troubling and said:

“I don’t like a single one of the songs my mom had people write for me. I once wrote my own song, but my mom ripped it up after reading only two lines. I can’t believe she called it childish, I mean doesn’t she love hiring people to write childish songs for me?”

“I really want to sing songs I like without jumping around on stage. I just want to be able to hide in a place where nobody would see me and sing in peace…”

Eh, that’s a strange request. But didn’t this happen in the 2008 Olympics where one of the singers was lip-syncing while the actual singer was behind the curtains? Do you want to become a singer’s assistant after already becoming famous?

I ate a French-style breakfast in the RV on the way to central street. I didn’t know what it was called, but it was a fried golden patty with fried egg wrapped with bacon and lettuce. It was all really appetizing and increased my stamina.

Ai Mi sat across from me and watched me ravenously wolf down my food. She only ate some fruits and half a croissant.

“It’s good, right? I bet you’ve never had it before.” Ai Mi teased as she stabbed a thousand holes in her bread with a fork.

Even though I’ve already acknowledged the French chef’s skills, but I had to a bit stubborn as a citizen of a country with thousands of years of cuisine history.

“It’s okay.” I said, “It’s because we were taught every grain of food counts in elementary school, so I reluctantly finished it.”

Ai Mi didn’t really seem to believe me and continued to poke her bread.

“Stop poking. It’s a crime to waste food, there are tons of people starving out there. If you’re not going to eat, then I’ll help you finish it.”

I said as I grabbed the remaining half of the croissant and tossed it in my mouth.

It had a slight taste of honey. I heard they would add natural honey in the baking process, how extravagant, completely different than the croissants you get in supermarkets.

Ai Mi kicked me from under the table.

“Don’t you have any manners? Who said I would reward you that piece of bread?”

“I already ate it, just be glad I didn’t find you dirty.”

“I’m dirty?” Ai Mi licked her lips provocatively, “You’ve probably already had your sights set on the piece of bread that’s been blessed by my lips. How did it taste? Was my saliva sweet?”

It’s only sweet because of the honey. If your bodily fluid was sweet, then you would be eaten by ants in the middle of the night.

“So you’re not replying? I won’t forgive you even if you stay silent? How should you be punished for eating my toy?”

“How can you treat food as a toy…” I mumbled, “I guess I’ll be your toy.”

Ai Mi instantly jumped up excitedly. She held a sharp fork in her right hand and she wanted to crawl across the table, but her knee bumped into a plate of desserts and got covered with some cream.

Are you trying to kill your own brother? Keep that sharp fork away from me!

In the end, it was the French chef who saved my life.

The method he used to save me was to run out onto the deck and wave his arms while yelling: “I don’t want to live anymore! Don’t try to stop me, let me die!”
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