I Became a God
2 Afterlife
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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2 Afterlife

Karl gasped and turned around, finding himself in a forest. He couldn't help but be amazed at the forest, after all, he made this. After looking around, he noticed a small grey humanoid. This should be an Ancient One. "Hello there little guy," he said, waving at it.

[Currently, nothing can see you.]

"Oh. Can I make myself shown?" Karl asked, hoping he could.

[Yes, but you will be required to take the form of the various creatures in your world. What would you like to be?]

"An Ancient One," Karl answered. The window disappeared, and a bright light covered him. It shaped him, turning him into a full-grown Ancient One. It was a weird feeling being in a different body, but since it was humanoid, it didn't take a while to get used to it. Now with a body, he looked at the first Ancient One and waved. "Hello."

It was cautious, looking at the being that suddenly appeared in front of him. It copied him, waving back. It was still primitive, not even knowing a language. Karl tried walking up to it, but it immediately ran, probably thinking he was bad. Seeing it run, Karl facepalmed. He was sad that his creation ran away from him, but it made sense. Not wanting to scare his first creation, he went back to the console.

Remembering that the system told him he could control every aspect of the console, Karl turned it into his room. The console instantly changed, becoming his room. "Alright, that was cool. System, what other things can I do now that I'm a god?"

[Anything you want, do note that depending on the action, it could cost points.]

"Alright, what are my points anyway?"

[You have 1000 points.]

Karl nodded, looking at his points. "Well, for the next thing that I want to do, can I add more Ancient Ones? You know what they say, the more the better."

[You can, but increasing the population when they haven't progressed yet is not recommended. A better approach is speeding up time. This will let the population increase, and let them improve. Be careful, as when your creatures have become strong enough, universal rifts will appear, connecting your universe with another god's. They could be friend, or foe.]

"Alright, how about fast-forwarding 100 years into the future?"

[You are fast-forwarding 100 years into the future. This will cost 100 points. Are you sure?]


[You have fast-forwarded to the future. Here are the things that have happened in the last 100 years.]

[The Ancient One's population has increased from 1 to 213.]

[The Ancient Ones have discovered the system, and are using it to their advantage.]

[The Ancient Ones have made a crude language, granting you 10 points.]

[The Ancient Ones have completed their language, granting you 10 points.]

[The Ancient Ones have discovered mana, and started experimenting with it, granting you 10 points.]

[The Ancient Ones have made a city above the trees of the jungle, granting you 10 points.]

[The Ancient Ones have begun using wooden tools, granting you 10 points.]

[The Ancient Ones have begun using stone tools, granting you 10 points.]

[30 Ancient Ones have died, and their soul stays in the land of the living, unable to pass on. It's recommended to get an afterlife system, or something that clears out the souls, as if they stay for too long the land they were in slowly becomes cursed, killing everything in it.]

[Monsters and creatures have begun evolving, using the system to their advantage.]

[You now have 960 points.]

"Wow, a lot happened. I guess I should create an afterlife. What should it be though?"

[These are the most popular systems for the afterlife.]

[Heaven, and Hell]: 2 new dimensions are made. Heaven, and Hell. Both dimensions are fueled by their inhabitants. A judge looks at a person's life and determines if they are to be sent into Heaven, or Hell. In Heaven, they can do whatever they want, being rewarded for their good deeds. In Hell, they are punished depending on what they did for the rest of their lives. 3 judges are required. This will cost 500 points.

[Valhalla:] Warriors who die in battle will be sent to a new dimension called Valhalla. A land for the strong, anyone who is sent here can battle to their heart's content. Spirits that are not sent to Valhalla are used to fuel it. This will cost 100 points.

[Reincarnation:] After a while, the spirit reincarnates. This will cost 50 points.

[Create your own. Not recommended for beginner gods.]

"Hmm. None of them interests me, and Heaven and Hell is quite expensive. It's probably because of the 3 judges. Can I create my own?"

[You have chosen to create your own afterlife. Think about it in your head, and the system will create it for you.]

Karl thought about the afterlife he wanted. It was going to be an afterlife where if you did good, you would get reincarnated sooner, and if you did bad, then you would have to wait a while to be reincarnated. He also wanted Grim Reapers. That's right, multiple.

[The system has built your afterlife.]

[Your Afterlife:] A new dimension is made. This new dimension grows bigger by the population of its inhabitants. A new species leads the souls of dead people to this new dimension, and a judge decides when they reincarnate. A new species is required. A judge is required. This will cost 300 points.

"Wow, that sounds perfect. It is a little expensive, considering I don't have many points. I choose that, but change the name to, Fair Afterlife."

[Fair Afterlife has been made. Please create a new species that will transport the soul of the dead.]

Karl spent quite a great deal of time creating this new species. He wanted it to be cool. After a few minutes of editing the species, he was finally happy.

[Species:] Kaitera

[Lifespan:] 100

[Strength:] 4

[Constitution:] 4

[Intelligence:] 8

[Dexterity:] 4

[Appearance:] They appear as a cloud of black humanoid smoke. They have black wings, and their eyes are bright red. Their face vaguely looked like a human skull, and smoke was constantly emanating from them.

[Racial Traits:]

-Spiritual Awareness


-Spiritual Body

-Dimension Traveller

[Are you sure this is what you want?]

Karl nodded, happy with what he's created.

[Kaitera has been made and has been assigned as the caretaker of the dead. Please make a judge.]

"Can I make a god? And if I can, can I turn that god into a judge?" Karl asked, curious if he could even create another god.

[Yes you can. Creating a god will cost you 200 points. Gods you create are below you, and can never be better than you. Do you want to create a god?]

"200 points? Ouch. Well, whatever, I can afford it. I should probably find a way to earn more points. Yes, I want to create a god."

[Name:] _____

[Level:] 1000 (Minimum. Increasing will cost points.)

[Species:] _____ (God)


[Lifespan:] Immortal (Locked)

[God Type:] _____

[Strength:] _____

[Constitution:] _____

[Intelligence:] _____

[Dexterity:] _____

[You have 10000 points to distribute.]

[Appearance:] _____

Karl looked at the options. Their minimum level was 1000? That sounds pretty strong. He definitely wanted male, but he was planning to make a beautiful female goddess as soon as he could. So they're immortal, but immortal only means they live forever, meaning they could still die. God type was definitely death. He filled in the stats, and appearance, and took a look at the sheet.

[Name:] Adum

[Level:] 1000

[Species:] Kaitera (God)

[Gender:] Male

[Lifespan:] Immortal (Locked)

[God Type:] Death

[Strength:] 2000

[Constitution:] 2000

[Intelligence:] 4000

[Dexterity:] 2000

[Appearance:] Adum looks like a normal Kaitera except his eyes are a bright white, and a divine aura surrounds him, indicating he is a god.

[Are you sure this is what you want?]
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Karl looked over it again, making sure he didn't make any mistakes. He nodded. "Yes."

Right after Karl answered, a bright light filled the room, making him squint his eyes. The bright light slowly condensed into a humanoid shape, then disappearing.

"Greetings, Master. What can I do for you?"

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    《I Became a God》