I Became a God
3 Anhur
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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3 Anhur

Karl was surprised that Adum called him master. He waved his hands in front of him. "Ah, just call me Karl."

Adum nodded. "Ma- Karl, what is it you require me to do?"

"You're gonna be in charge of the Afterlife. You're the God of Death. You will command your fellow Kaitera to guide the souls of the dead that are still in the living world, to the Afterlife. Once there, you." Karl pointed to Adum. "You will inspect the things they did while they were still alive. If they did good, then they don't have to wait a while to reincarnate, but if they did bad, then they will have to wait a while, maybe even years."

Adum nodded, accepting his orders. "As you wish."

'This is really cool. I've always wanted to do this before.' Karl thought to himself.

[All requirements have been met. The Kaitera will be the guide to the dead, and God of Death, Adum will be in charge of the Afterlife and the judge. Fair Afterlife has been made.]

After the notification popped up, Adum disappeared, sent to the Afterlife.

"This is so cool! Can you show me what's happening to the dead spirits?"

A screen popped up in front of Karl. The screen showed a dead spirit slowly corrupting the land when suddenly a rift appeared next to it. A cloud of smoke exited the rift. It was a Kaitera. It looked ominous as it approached the spirit, its eyes glowing a bright red. The spirit, scared by the Kaitera tried to run away. But it was no use. The Kaitera extended its hand out at the spirit, and it disappeared with a ball of light.

Karl looked at the Kaitera, his mouth wide open. The scene was kind of anticlimactic, but he thought it was really cool. He looked like a kid seeing his first magic trick. The Kaitera took flight, using its black wings, probably in search of more spirits.

[Congratulations! For completing the cycle of life and death, you have been awarded with 100 points.]

'Yay! The more points the better.'

Karl remembered the city that the Ancient Ones built and tried to change the screen to it. The screen changed into a bird's eye view of the city. The city was very big and sat atop the enormous trees of the jungle. In the middle of the city was a big statue of an Ancient One with a plaque. He zoomed in on the plaque, and read it, "The founder, and the first."

'This must be the first Ancient One. I wonder if he's still alive. He should be, considering they can live up to a thousand years.' He scanned the city, watching its inhabitants. He felt like a dad watching them move around. Some were building new houses, and some were creating tools. There was even a person with a robe, practicing magic.

"Show me the status of the Ancient Ones," Karl commanded, not even sure if this would work.

[Ancient Ones]

[Cities:] 1

[Population:] 215

[Average Level:] 21

[Highest Level:] 54

'The average level is 21? I thought it would be higher. Well, it's only been 100 years. I guess it makes sense. I can't expect too much of them when they haven't even discovered how to use iron.'

"Show me the status of Tua."


[Cities:] 1

[Population:] ???

[Natural Species:] ???

[Custom Species:] 1/10

[Average Level:] 26

[Highest Level:] 102

Karl raised an eyebrow discovering that something or someone on Tua was level 102. "Show me who has the highest level on Tua."

The screen changed, and it looked like they were in a savannah. It looked quite far away from where the Ancient Ones were. In the middle of the screen was a creature that resembled a lion, but it was very different. It might've started as a lion, but it certainly wasn't now. It stood on 2 feet eyeing its prey. The next thing that happened shocked him. It used mana and drew a symbol. When it was done, a spear made of fire appeared.

'It could use magic? How? Even the Ancient Ones haven't progressed this much.' Karl suspected that this was probably more instinct.

It grabbed the spear of fire, seemingly unaffected by it. It seemed like the fire didn't hurt him. It roared and threw the spear of fire at the gazelle looking creature. The spear was so fast the creature couldn't even react and was pierced at its stomach. It walked to its prey. It grabbed the corpse of the creature, and the spear vanished. Karl continued watching as it carried the corpse to its brethren.

Karl was surprised. This... The lion was definitely going to make a big impact. Seeing how strong the lion was, he tried to think of a way he could help his creatures out, so they don't get annihilated. 'No. I don't need to help them. They're still developing.'

Karl looked at the lion. Focusing on it, a screen popped up.

[Name:] Anhur

[Level:] 102

[Species:] Werelion (T3)

[Gender:] Male

[Age:] 78

[Strength:] 429
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[Constitution:] 224

[Intelligence:] 121

[Dexterity:] 356

Karl inspected the screen. 'It's definitely strong. So Werelion is its race. Does T3 mean how many times it evolved? So has it evolved 3 times?'

[Yes it has evolved 3 times. If it ever has children with another Werelion, then the child will be a Werelion.]

Karl nodded his head. "Wait. Are you saying there could be multiple of him? And they could even have a civilization?"

[Yes. If the Werelions ever make a civilization then they will be considered intelligent, and they will be given a choice to lose their monster status, and take on classes, but giving up evolution.]

"I see. By the way. Is there a way for me to experience the world down there? Within a mortal body? I've always wanted to use magic, and it's no fun being overpowered right away. Getting strong then destroying everyone is more fun."

[Yes, it is possible, but going down in a mortal body makes you susceptible to death. If you die in a mortal body, then you are dead. Your spirit is destroyed, and the universe is reset once again with a new god.]

'So if I die, then I die for real? Then maybe I should make myself, just a little bit OP.' Karl thought for a bit and considered if he should go down. He really wanted to, as just watching was no fun, but what if he died?

[Also, living in a mortal body comes with an upside. The more you affect the world, the more points you get.]

Seeing that, Karl made up his mind. He just had to not die, right? "Prepare a body for me. Make me an Ancient One."

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    《I Became a God》