I Became a God
4 Life as an Ancient One
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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4 Life as an Ancient One

After he decided to live in a mortal body, the system asked him for some more details. Like if he wanted to go through childhood, or if he wanted a parent, his name, etc. Karl looked through his options. He didn't want to go through childhood, that sounded like a pain. Having a parent would be weird, so he chose not to have one. He had to think about his name though.

He didn't want to use Karl, as it definitely didn't sound cool. But he didn't want to go too cool, as it might be kind of cringy. After much thinking, he named himself Kigai. He was pretty proud. It sounded cool, but not too cool. After making his gender male the system asked him if he wanted bonuses, cheats basically.

He wanted the cheats, but getting cheats would lower the points he got with this life by 25%. Karl did the math, and even though he would lose some points, it's better than dying. Speaking of dying, he wondered what would happen if he died of old age or a natural death?

[The system will inspect how you did in that life, and give you points accordingly.]

Karl nodded. He was thinking about the chea- bonus he wanted. He had to think carefully, as a bad one wouldn't really help him. Maybe unlimited mana? But he didn't want to be a pure sorcerer. He also wanted to use his body. Maybe he could be an Assassin? Assassinating people sounds fun. Deciding to be an assassin, he thought about what would help him.

"I got it!" Karl yelled out loud. "System, give my mortal body the power to control shadows, able to become one and bend it to his will."

[Avatar Kigai has been created. You will now be transported to your body in 10... 9... 8...]

Karl prepared himself. He didn't know if this would be uncomfortable, or not. It probably would be, as he's entering a body he wasn't familiar with. With a bright light, he was transported and is now Kigai. He stretched his limbs not used to being so tall. He moved around to get used to his new body. It didn't take long, as it was basically just a tall, ashen grey human, with no hair.
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It was weird. He already had clothes, and it looked identical to the clothes the other Ancient Ones wore. Guess that was the system helping him out.

Karl thought if he should add hair to the Ancient Ones. The male looked fine without hair, but the females didn't. Sure, their bodies looked perfect and very curvy, but then the lack of hair turned him off. He made a mental note to give the female Ancient Ones hair. Remembering that he was in a mortal body, and were just like everyone else, albeit a little different, he brought up his status.

[Name:] Kigai

[Level:] 1

[Species:] Ancient One (Avatar)

[Gender:] Male

[Age:] 18

[Strength:] 2

[Constitution:] 4

[Intelligence:] 8

[Dexterity:] 6

Karl looked at his status and noticed that he was only level 1, and was literally as strong as a baby, maybe even weaker. "What the hell? System? What's the meaning of this? Why am I only level 1?"

[Everyone starts off as level 1. Your physical body is 18, but this mortal body hasn't absorbed any essence. Essence is something that everyone has. The higher level you are, the more essence you have. There are numerous ways to gain essence, but the most effective one is absorbing another creature's essence.]

Hearing the explanation, Karl calmed himself down. 'So this essence is basically XP from games. Interesting.'

Karl looked around, trying to figure out where he was. He saw a gate being guarded by two male guards. They were holding crude stone swords. At the top of the gate was a sign. He found out that he could read what the sign said with no problem. "Sweet, I don't have to bother with languages."

"Ulyvathas," that was the name of the city.

Karl walked up to the guards, waving at them. "Greetings! My name's Ka- Kigai, yes Kigai, and I wish to enter the city."

The two guards looked at him suspiciously. They had never seen or heard of him before, and they practically knew everyone in the city, with there only being about 200 people.

"Kigai? I'm sorry, but I have never heard of you before, and I've been around for a while," one of the guards said.

'Crap, I should've known trying to get into the city when their population is so small would be weird.'

"Ah, well... You see..." Karl tried to think of something so he wouldn't get in trouble. "I fell from the city, all the way to the ground. After I woke up, I found out that I lost my memories, and only knew my name."

[Persuasion learned.]

'Oooh, cool. It's just like a game, except I could die at any moment.'

"You fell from the city?" The guard stared at Karl suspiciously. "If you fell from the city, and lost your memories, how do you remember falling from the city?"

'Fuck. Why's he so smart? Oh yeah, it's because I made them smart.'

"Well, I don't remember falling from the city, but I made a logical guess." Karl crossed his fingers, hoping the guard would let him go.

The guard nodded. "Alright, you're free to go, but my friend here will lead you to Dilya. She's the city teacher and the second born. She'll teach you everything that you forgot."

Karl sighed, thanking god that his lie wasn't exposed, which was weird, because he is god. "Thank you. I'm in your debt."

The guard waved his hand. "Don't worry about it. It's my responsibility as the first guard to help my brethren. Now go follow this guy." He pointed at the other guard.

Karl nodded and followed behind the guard as he was being led to Dilya. They walked through the city, and he looked around seeing the tall humanoids. There were also some short ones, but they were all children. 'They really are tall. I guess they're the elves of my world.'

After much walking, they finally arrived at a building. Apparently, this was their school. The guard led him in front of Dilya's room. He knocked on the door. "Dilya? There's someone here who forgot their memories. Alwin said that you have to teach him everything he's forgotten."

The door opened and a tall female Ancient One greeted them. "Forgotten their memories? Come in, come in."

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    《I Became a God》