I Became a God
5 Dilya
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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5 Dilya

Dilya led Karl into the room, and the guard left shortly after. She patted a wooden chair, telling him to sit down. He sat down and looked at her. She looked like all the other Ancient Ones, but different. It was weird. It wasn't even that she looked amazing, for a woman with no hair, she just had a certain... aura.

Dilya sat down across from him. She also looked at him, but not in the same way that he did. She was wondering how he lost his memories. She had never heard of someone losing their memories, so this was very peculiar. "So you have lost your memories? How much have you lost?"

Karl nodded. Since he lied, he might as well go with it. "Yes, I have. I lost all my memories, I think. The only thing I knew when I woke up was my name."

Dilya nodded, listening to him. "I see. Well, there is a way that we could find out more about you, speaking of, what is your name? I am named Dilya."

"My name is Kigai, and if you could recover my memories, or find out more about me, then that would really help me out." Of course, there were no memories to recover. He was just going with the lie.

"It is nice to meet you, Kigai. Just sit still and let me inspect you." Dilya extended her arm towards him, her open palm pointing at him. "Inspect."

[Dilya is trying to inspect you. Will you let her? If she inspects you, she will have no idea that you are a god, and can only see the status of this avatar.]

'There's also an inspect ability? Well, if she can only see this avatar's status, then I guess it's ok. I'll allow Dilya to inspect me.'

Dilya inspected him and saw his status. Everything was looking good until she saw that he was only level 1, and he was 18 years old. The average 18-year-old in the city was level 20. It's practically impossible to stay at level 1 as growing up will give you enough essence to reach level 10. She had no idea why he was level 1.

"Umm, Kigai, I'm looking at your status here and it says that you are level 1. That should not be possible considering you are 18, unless..."

"Unless what?"

"It should be possible, but my theory is that someone purposely attacked you and stole your essence. We already take essence from dead creatures, so what's to say that we can take essence from living ones? This is only a theory though, but it would explain why you lost all your memories, and you're level 1." Dilya explained.

Karl nodded. "I see. That does make sense. But who would attack me?" Of course, he knew the truth. No one attacked him. He didn't get his essence stolen. This was just an empty body with no essence.

Dilya shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. The person who attacked you might still be in the city, heck, the person might not even be a person. It could be a monster. There are dozens of monsters out there and we keep discovering new ones every day. There could be a creature that steals essence. But there's really no use worrying about that. I'll teach you everything you forgot so you can get back to being at whatever level you were."

"Alright, so what are you going to teach me first?" Karl asked, excited about going onto his journey.

"Alright, so the first thing I'll teach you about is the system. The system is..." Dilya taught him for the rest of the day. There was quite a bit of information and he had to remember each and every one. After a few hours of Dilya basically teaching 10 years worth of school into him, they were finally done.

"Wooo, that took a long time." Karl sighed in relief, thanking god that it was finally done. He hated school and still hates it to this day, but it was important as the wrong information could get him killed.

"Yeah, that did take a while." Dilya looked out the window and noticed it was night. "It's getting dark, you can stay the night if you'd like. I'm going out, I have some business to attend to."

"Thanks, Dilya. Be safe, I guess." Dilya left the room soon after. He learned a lot of things, some things he didn't even know about. Apparently, to first get a class, you have to be level 10. You'll get a class upgrade at level 50. So far, only one person has reached level 50 and that was the firstborn.

Karl was very excited for his first class. Dilya told him that when you reach level 10, you'll get 3 class choices. One of them is a class that everyone can get, the second one is a random class, and the third one is a class that best suits you. Needless to say, he definitely wanted the assassin class, or if there is one, the ninja class. Maybe he could be like Naruto? And ninjas and assassins are pretty similar.

Dilya also told him that classes would grant him skills and abilities. Some skills/abilities are locked until you reach the required level. They even grant some passive bonuses too, like Dilya's class which gives her more intelligence.

Karl looked at his skills/abilities list and found that he only had 2 skills and 1 ability. His skills were Persuasion I, and Studying II. His only ability was Shadow Manipulation X. He assumed that X meant the max level, which was good if he was going to be OP.

Getting tired, Karl decided to go to sleep. He didn't really know where to sleep, so he just grabbed a random blanket and slept on the hard floor. The floor definitely wasn't comfortable, but he lived. Just like that, he was softly snoring and sleeping.
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The next morning, he was woken by Dilya. "Wake up, sleepyhead. It's time to get your levels back."

Karl stretched his limbs and woke up slowly, still tired. "Now? Can't we do it later?"

"We have to do it now. Being at such a low level is dangerous. A child could probably beat you up."

"Fine, Fine." Karl slowly got up, looking at her. "So where to?"

"The armory, we need to get you a weapon," Dilya answered.

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    《I Became a God》