I Became a God
6 Level Up!
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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6 Level Up!

Dilya led Karl to the armory and he followed behind her. He thought about what weapon he was going to use. A dagger would fit an assassin. Small, light, and fast. They soon arrived at the armory. It was a pretty small place. He thought it would be bigger.

"This guy needs a weapon," Dilya said to the man.

The man nodded and opened the door, letting the two in. They walked down a set of stairs and eventually entered a room. The room was completely made of stone and there were numerous weapons hanging on the walls.

"Choose any weapon you like," Dilya told him.

Karl nodded and looked around the room. There were quite a few weapons here. Of course, all of them were made of wood and stone. Looking around the room, he saw swords, axes, bows, and finally, a dagger. He picked up the dagger. He turned it in his hand, getting a look from every angle. He swung it a few times, getting a feel for it.
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It definitely wasn't the best, but it would do. "I'd like this one," Karl told Dilya, holding the dagger up.

"Alright, get yourself a scabbard and armor. We're going hunting to get you your first class," Dilya said, pointing at the scabbards.

Karl looked at the scabbards and picked one for his thigh. The scabbard would be on the side of his thigh and hold his dagger. It was pretty smart and it made getting the dagger easier. As for the armor, there was only one kind. Leather. He grabbed a pair of leather armor for his size and went up to Dilya.

"I'm ready!" Karl said excitedly, ready to fight some monsters.

"Alright, alright, follow me. I'll only help you until you are level 10. Remember that." Dilya reminded him as she made her way out of the armory.

Karl nodded and followed behind her. Dilya led him outside of the city and to the jungle floor. He looked around. There was green everywhere. They were surrounded by big, and towering trees. The chitter of insects could be heard. The sounds of monsters could be heard around them.

"Stay close to me and stay close to the ground. You want to hide your presence as much as possible." Dilya said.

Karl followed her instructions. He moved quickly and quietly, sticking to the ground. "So... What are we looking for?"

"We are looking for a Tulipie. They are small furred creatures, reaching up to your knee. But they are still dangerous. They have very sharp claws and teeth. Not to mention they are pretty fast. If anything goes wrong, I'll be there to help you, but don't rely on me." Dilya replied.

They kept going through the jungle, keeping an eye out for anything. As they were looking for the Tulipie, Karl saw some weird creatures. There was a thing that looked like a butterfly, but its wings were like a bat's. After walking past some gigantic leaves, they finally found what they were looking for. At least, that's what Dilya told him.

The Tulipie was on its four legs, walking. All four paws had large claws, about half as long as Karl's dagger. They really looked like they could cut anything. It continued walking, unaware of Karl and Dilya.

"The key is to surprise them from behind. One quick stab to the head should do it." Dilya whispered.

Karl nodded and slowly snuck up behind it. Even though Dilya told him a quick stab would do it, he wanted to try something out. He wanted to use his shadow powers. After all, what's the use of having them, if you don't use them?

Switching his dagger to his left hand, Karl, with his left hand, pointed his palm towards the Tulipie. He found that he could control the shadow of the Tulipie and the shadows around it perfectly. He didn't even have to practice, it was like he's had this ability for all his life, when it's only been 2 days and this is his first time using it.

Manipulating the shadow of the Tulipie, Karl found that he could turn the shadow into a solid. This would definitely be very useful. He made shadow tentacles come out of its shadow, wrapping around the Tulipie. The Tulipie was stuck. Black tentacles wrapped around it, making it unable to move. He walked up to the helpless Tulipie, and with a quick stab to the head, he killed it.

[You defeated a level 5 Tulipie. You have absorbed its essence.]

[You leveled up! You are now level 2. 10 stat points gained.]

[You leveled up! You are now level 3. 10 stat points gained.]

Karl looked at the notifications. He was happy that he reached level 3, now he only needed 7 more levels. If he keeps going at this pace, he only needs to kill about 2 or 3 more. He was also surprised that the shadow tentacles worked so well. He didn't know it would work that well, but as expected of a cheat, it was OP. He checked his status, planning to distribute his 20 stat points that he gained.

While Karl was busy spending his points, Dilya was shocked. He did something that she had never seen. He seemed to control the shadow and she didn't even detect any mana being used. Which means that was his natural ability. She walked up to him. "What was that? What were those weird tentacles? It looked like you were controlling the shadow."

Karl finished spending his stat points. His status looked like this.

[Name:] Kigai

[Level:] 3

[Species:] Ancient One (Avatar)

[Gender:] Male

[Age:] 18

[Strength:] 12

[Constitution:] 4

[Intelligence:] 8

[Dexterity:] 16

He spent all his points on dexterity and strength since that was what he needed right now.

Karl turned around, seeing Dilya. "I controlled its shadow. When I looked at my abilities list, I found that I had the Shadow Manipulation ability. As for the tentacles, I made them using shadows," he explained.

Dilya listened to his explanation. "I think I know why you were level 1 and lost all your memories. The Goddess blessed you with this powerful ability, but it cost you your essence and memories. Yes, that must be it. The Goddess is truly wonderful."

Karl tried to hold back his laughter. Well, she was right about one thing, he was blessed by a god, it was him, he blessed himself. "What is this Goddess you are talking about?" He asked, curious about who it was they made up as their god.

"Right, you don't remember. The Goddess of Magic, Aphy. She is the reason why we have mana, She created mana. She must've blessed you and given you that ability," she said, convinced that was what happened.

Karl sighed and decided to go along with it. "I see, that makes a lot of sense."

Dilya asked some more questions about his ability. As Karl was being bombarded with questions, they were unaware that something was watching them. It was attracted by the smell of the dead Tulipie. It was a natural-born predator. It stalked around them, quietly growling. It watched them carefully. Finding the right angle, it bent its limbs, ready to pounce.

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    《I Became a God》