I Became a God
7 Class
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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7 Class

It stared at them, ready to pounce at any moment. As Karl was trying to answer Dilya's questions, the monster pounced on Karl. He landed on his back, the predator on top of him.

The monster resembled that of a tiger, except it had two pretty long horns on its head. It was probably one and a half feet if he had to guess. The monster let out a growl and slashed Karl's chest, ripping through his leather armor and cutting his skin.

"Fuck! That hurts!" Karl yelled as the tiger monster slashed him with its claws. He grabbed his dagger and tried to stab the monster, but it swatted away his dagger with its paws.
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Opening its mouth and showing off its very sharp teeth. It leaned down, aiming to chomp off Karl's head.

"Oh no you don't," Dilya said as she started channeling mana. She used her mana and drew a symbol. The symbol turned green and a gust of wind came out of the center of the symbol. The gust of wind was aimed at the tiger monster. The gust of wind hit the monster and sent it flying, hitting a tree and landing on its side.

Dilya walked up to Karl and helped him up. "Are you ok? If you can, use your weird ability on it."

Karl nodded. "Yeah, I'm ok, just bleeding a little bit." There were big claw marks on his chest with a lot of blood dripping from it. It stained the ground as it fell from his wounds.

"I'll try." Doing the same motion again, Karl pointed his palm at the tiger monster.

The monster stood back up on all fours and charged at Dilya, enraged by what she did, but before it would arrive at her, it was wrapped around by black tentacles. The same ones that wrapped around the Tulipie. The monster couldn't move as the tentacles were tangled around its limbs. The tentacles were even wrapped around the monster's snout, preventing it from biting them.

Seeing that they were safe and the monster couldn't do anything, Karl sighed. "What is this thing?" Karl asked Dilya.

"It should be an evolved version of a tiger, but I've never seen one with horns, so I'm clueless with this one. You should kill it. If it's evolved, then that means it's at least level 10," Dilya replied.

"Level 10? I wonder how many levels I'm gonna get with this." Karl tried to find his dagger, but he couldn't find it. A lightbulb popped up as he got an idea. He opened his palm and gathered the shadows around him into it. The shadows spiraled into his hand, taking the shape of a dagger. The shadow dagger plopped into his hand and he took a look at it.

It was definitely way better quality than the stone dagger, and it looked really cool, so that was a plus. He actually didn't know if he could do that, but now that he knew, he didn't need any more weapons as he could just create them.

Karl walked up to the monster. It was growling at him, trying to get free from the tentacles, but it was no use. The tentacles stood strong, unbroken and unmoving. With a quick and hard stab, using his new strength, he pierced through the monster's skull, piercing its brain and killing it instantly.

[You defeated a level 19 Horned Tiger. You have absorbed its essence.]

[You leveled up! You are now level 4. 10 stat points gained.]

[You leveled up! You are now level 5. 10 stat points gained.]

[You leveled up! You are now level 6. 10 stat points gained.]

[You leveled up! You are now level 7. 10 stat points gained.]

[You leveled up! You are now level 8. 10 stat points gained.]

[You leveled up! You are now level 9. 10 stat points gained.]

[You leveled up! You are now level 10. 10 stat points gained.]

[Congratulations! You have reached level 10. You may now pick a class from three choices.]

[You leveled up! You are now level 11. 10 stat points gained.]

"Wow, that's a lot of stat points. I finally reached level 10!" Karl yelled, celebrating his achievement.

"You reached level 10? What level was the monster?" Dilya asked.

"It was at level 19."

Dilya raised her eyebrows. "Level 19? What was it doing here?"

"Why? Is that weird?"

"Yeah, usually, once monsters are strong enough, they find stronger prey to level up, but this place has only weak prey."

"Hmm, that is weird."

"Quickly distribute your stat points and we'll head back to the city. You can choose your class there."

Karl nodded, distributing his newly gained stat points. When he was done, his status looked like this.

[Name:] Kigai

[Level:] 11

[Species:] Ancient One (Avatar)

[Gender:] Male

[Age:] 18

[Strength:] 36

[Constitution:] 12

[Intelligence:] 24

[Dexterity:] 48

He was going for a glass cannon build. He would strike fast and hard, dodging any attack, but he would be in danger if he got hit. He also checked up on his skills and abilities. He noticed he had gained a skill.


-Persuasion I

-Dagger Mastery II

He had gained Dagger Mastery II. He swung his shadow dagger a couple of times and noticed he was more efficient with his strikes, wasting less movement. Speaking of his shadow dagger, he found that if he wasn't using it, it would disappear. That was good as it meant he no longer needed to carry around a scabbard.

With everything distributed, they made their way back to the city where Karl will choose what class he wants. After a few minutes of walking and climbing, they finally arrived at the treetops, where the city was.

They went back to Dilya's house, tired from what they did.

"Choose carefully, you can't take back your choice." Dilya told Karl.


Dilya left the house, leaving him.

"I want to choose a class."

three options appeared in front of him.

[Villager] [Knight] [Assassin]

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    《I Became a God》