I Became a God
8 Assassin
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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8 Assassin

Karl looked over at his options. He wasn't going to be a normal, boring villager, so that was out of the question. His build wasn't really a knight, as a knight was supposed to be tough and he was a glass cannon. The third option was perfect as that was what he wanted to be anyways.

Making his decision, he chose the third option, gaining the assassin class.

[You have become an Assassin.]

[You have learned the skill Stealth.]

[You have learned the ability Night Vision.]

Now that he was an assassin, he looked at his status to see if there was anything different.

[Name:] Kigai

[Level:] 11

[Class:] Assassin (+10 to Dexterity)

[Species:] Ancient One (Avatar)

[Gender:] Male

[Age:] 18

[Strength:] 36

[Constitution:] 12

[Intelligence:] 24

[Dexterity:] 48 (+10)

Wow, he gained a buff for dexterity. He also learned a really useful skill and ability. The stealth would help him with sneaking around and night vision would help him when he's in the dark. He was overjoyed. He expected more stuff, but Dilya did tell him that some skills and abilities have a minimum level requirement.

Karl left the house to inform Dilya about what class he chose. He looked around the city and eventually found her, talking to some people. "Dilya, I've chosen a class. It's called the assassin class."

Dilya raised her eyebrow. "Assassin class? I don't think I've heard of anyone having that class. Most people here choose Magician as their class. What does it give you?"

Karl smirked, proud of his class. "Well, it gave a buff on dexterity. I learned stealth and I can see in the dark better."

"That sounds good. Well, I'm a bit busy right now and now that you have a class, you should level up. You can't waste the blessing you got from the goddess."

"Alright." Karl nodded and left the city, heading down to the jungle floor. He wanted to use more of his shadow powers. He felt that he could do more. He manifested his shadow dagger, but this time, he made two, one for each hand.

It seemed like he could control the shadows forever, he didn't feel tired when using it. As expected for a cheat.

Trying something out, he gathered the shadows around him and covered himself with it, making a shadow cloak. The cloak covered him and made him harder to see, blending into the dark. "Cool."

Ready to fight some monsters and level up, Karl used his new speed and stealth skills and began hunting for monsters. He felt invincible, he felt like he could kill anything. Of course, that wasn't the case. There were plenty of monsters that could kill him, even with his shadow powers.

As Karl was dashing around the forest, he found a Tulipie. He wasn't scared of it, seeing how weak it was. He dashed behind the monster and stabbed its head, spurting blood everywhere.

[You defeated a level 6 Tulipie. You have absorbed its essence.]

'Sweet,' he thought to himself.

He searched for more monsters in the jungle. He left a trail of corpses behind him. It really looked like he was a crazy psychopath.

After killing a bunch of monsters and absorbing their essence, he began to feel tired. He had managed to level up to 17, but he was starving. He hadn't eaten anything yesterday or even this morning. Killing one last monster, he went back to the city.

He looked around the city, searching for a restaurant. There weren't any, but he did find a place that would give out free meat the soldiers brought back. It was only one meal per day for each person. He wanted more than one meal, but as he was starving, anything would really be fine. He got some food and began walking to Dilya's house.

He ate his food on the way. It was really delicious. Turns out, they've discovered salt and pepper. There was even a weird sauce that made the meat taste even better. It melted in his mouth with each bite. Sure, it wasn't the best, but it was pretty damn good. He wanted more, but he has already had his one meal per day.

Arriving at Dilya's house, Karl closed the door behind him and called out, "Dilya? Are you here?"

Dilya came out of her room and went downstairs to meet him. "Yes? What do you need?" She detected that he had grown stronger. "It seems you've gotten stronger?"

"No, I don't need anything. Yes, I have grown stronger. I'm level 17 now. Also, where can I sleep? Last night, I just slept on the floor."

"Level 17? That's pretty fast. What did you do? Kill a bunch of monsters? There's an empty room beside mine. There's no bed, but there are blankets there."

"Yeah, that's exactly what I did. I killed a bunch of monsters. Now if you don't mind me, I'm going to sleep, goodnight."

"Of course that's what you did. Goodnight."

Karl went to the room Dilya was talking about and saw the blankets. He tidied the room up a bit and laid down. "System, can I go back to console?"

[Yes, but doing so will render your avatar vulnerable. If your avatar is killed when you're not using it, nothing will happen to you, but your avatar will now be dead and all progress with the avatar, lost.]

"Alright, bring me to the console."

[You are being transported to the console in 10... 9... 8...]

After the countdown ended, Karl found himself in his familiar room and back in his human body.

"System, can I change the appearance of a race that I've already made?"

[Yes, but it is recommended to alter their memories if the change is significant.]

"Alright." Karl began altering the appearance of the Ancient Ones. It's not really significant, but they would freak out if they all suddenly had hair. He double-checked, seeing if he had done anything wrong.
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"Make these changes and alter their memories so they think they've had hair for their whole life."

[Please wait a moment... The Ancient One's appearance has been changed and their memories altered.]

"Nice. Show me what my avatar looks like now."

A screen appeared, showing him what his avatar looked like. He had short wavy hair. It didn't look that bad, considering he just got it. Karl changed the view, looking at other people's new hair. Some people had short hair, some people had long hair. "Wow, they all look attractive now."

Their perfect bodies, and their perfect hair, made them look beautiful. Karl wasn't interested in men, but even they looked pretty fresh. But the females looked even better. Their curvy bodies, paired with perfect hair, made them even hotter.

"Bring me down into my avatar."

[You are being transported in 10... 9... 8...]

The countdown ended and Karl was back in his avatar. He rubbed his head, feeling his hair. "Yes! I have hair!"

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    《I Became a God》