I Became a God
9 Monkey?
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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9 Monkey?

Karl ruffled his hair a few times. He truly enjoyed having hair. As much as he wanted to enjoy it. He was really tired. Fighting all those monsters really tired him out and he hasn't even spent the points he got from them. How much did he get again? Yeah, that's right. He got 60 points for killing all those monsters. He brought up his status and spent the 60 points that he got.

[Name:] Kigai

[Level:] 17

[Class:] Assassin (+10 to Dexterity)

[Species:] Ancient One (Avatar)

[Gender:] Male

[Age:] 18

[Strength:] 54

[Constitution:] 18

[Intelligence:] 36

[Dexterity:] 72 (+10)

Karl had 72 dexterity and together with the passive he got from becoming an assassin, he has 82 dexterity. That was pretty fast. He might even be one of the fastest people in the city.

Having spent his points, Karl closed his eyes and slowly went to sleep, tired from the events of today. The hard floor definitely didn't help, but the blanket at least provided some cushion, albeit only a little bit.

As Karl was sleeping, a certain lion was talking to his brethren. That's right, the creature that had the highest level, Anhur.

"Attention! The system has blessed me. I am close, I can feel it. Once I reach my next breakthrough, the system will bless us all. You will all stand on two feet, just like me!" Anhur bellowed at his people.

They cheered, at least the ones that could, most roared for their king.

"This morning, I found a place. A place I had never seen before. It was full of trees and weird creatures. Everywhere I looked, there was green. I believe the system has given us this land to take!"

The lions roared for their king. The lions, being apex predators, had all evolved, with only the cubs, not evolved. Some were of the same tier as Anhur. They've evolved three times, but Anhur was the strongest. He was close. He predicted that he would evolve another time in a few years, and that was when the system would bless his people. That's what he believed.

It was true somewhat. As he evolves for the fourth time, the system will ask him if he wants his people to be "enlightened." This is a one-time question. Being enlightened means that his people will lose the ability to evolve, but gain classes. There are also some more things that will happen, but that's the main one.

In the world of Tua, a certain creature just evolved. This was its third time evolving. It started off as a little reptilian creature, covered in scales. It slowly grew, becoming bigger and bigger. At its third evolution, it turned its arms into wings, becoming a wyvern. This was the first wyvern in Tua, and it's still growing.

It used its new wings perfectly like it was born with it all its life. It flew over its territory, becoming the strongest creature in the sky.

Eventually, the night passed. Karl woke up, rubbing his eyes. It has been two days since he was here and he needed a bath. While he didn't stink too much, it was beginning to build up. He had to deal with it soon. He stretched his limbs and went downstairs and saw Dilya.

"Good morning, sleepyhead," Dilya said.

"Morning." Karl looked at Dilya and just like all the other people, she also had hair. She had white hair, going all the way down to her waist. It was pretty attractive. Now, as much as he wanted to bed her, that wasn't his goal. Maybe in the future.

"Is there an easier way to get essence?" Karl asked. "And is there a place I can wash myself?"

"Well, just living your life gives you essence, but it doesn't give you enough for it to be a good option. As for washing yourself, there's a river that surrounds the jungle floor. Just go in one direction and you'll find it." Dilya answered.

"Hmm, alright. Well, I'm heading off. Later." Karl waved goodbye and left Dilya's house.

If the only reliable way to get essence was just killing random monsters, then it would get boring real fast. As he was making his way down the city, he thought of a way to improve it. 'What would a game have? Well, it has quests, dungeons, and bosses.'

Karl had no idea how he would add quests, but dungeons and bosses seemed easy enough. Maybe even a special reward for the people who complete the dungeons and the people who kill the bosses.

Arriving at the ground floor, Karl walked in a random direction, following Dilya's orders. He manifested his shadow daggers and his shadow cloak just in case, although he doubted that there would be much that could challenge him, he still had to be careful. After some walking, he arrived at the river. It actually wasn't that far.

Karl was about to take off his clothes to take a bath when he realized. What if he gets ambushed? Taking some precautions, he gathered the shadows around him and made a dome. He was once again surprised at the versatility of his shadow powers. The dome was transparent, but everything in the dome looked darker. It also didn't seem that weak, so something couldn't just break the dome.

Feeling safe, Karl took off his clothes, throwing it to the side so it doesn't get wet. He jumped in the river and was surprised at how cold it was. "Damn, I can feel my balls shrinking."

Karl washed himself thoroughly. There wasn't any soap or deodorant, but at least he wasn't as stinky as before.

As Karl was washing himself, unknown to him, there was a group of monkeys watching him. They looked at his shadow dome, curious as to what it was. They had seen his kind before, but the king told them to stay hidden and not bother them as they had a pact. They whispered to each other.

"It's in our territory. What should we do?" One of them asked the other.

"Nothing, remember what the elders and the king said. Don't bother them."

"But why? I'm going down." The monkey began its descent to meet with Karl.
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"No, you must not. You'll be punished."

"I'm not going to bother it. I'm just going to talk to it."

The other monkey sighed, frustrated. "Stupid."

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    《I Became a God》