I Became a God
10 Dungeons
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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10 Dungeons

The monkey made its way down to the ground. It approached Karl, looking at him through the shadow dome. "Hey! What are you?"

Karl turned around, surprised. He looked at the monkey and realized he was naked. He gathered shadows around him and covered himself, hiding his precious part. "Why are you asking me that? What are you?"

"I asked first and what are these weird black things anyways."

"Yeah, but where I come from, you have to introduce yourself first. These black things are my power." Karl looked at the monkey. It stood on two legs like humans and it had a tail. Judging from its long arms and big hands, they probably moved around by swinging on the trees.

The monkey scratched its head. "That makes sense. My name's Sheridan. I don't mean any harm, I just want to ask you a question."

"Nice to meet you, Sheridan. My name's Kigai. What question did you want to ask me?"

"Well, what are you? You're not like us. You don't have hair, except for some parts," Sheridan said, pointing at Karl's hair.

"Me? I'm an Ancient One. What about you?"

"Well, we are monkeys. At least that's what we started out as. I'm still a monkey, but my parents said I'll be able to evolve soon. Then I'll be super strong," Sheridan said with a smile.

"Really? Well, that's pretty cool."

"I know right. Look, I was even blessed with the system." Sheridan opened his palm and a golden ball of light appeared within it. "See, the system calls it Light Manipulation."

Karl looked at the ball of light. This kid had the polar opposite of his power.
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"It's only level one, but I know it'll get stronger in the future," Sheridan explained.

Karl sighed. 'Well, it's a good thing that he has to level up his power. I didn't. System, how come Sheridan has Light Manipulation?'

[Every once in a while, when a being is born, it's blessed with a power or a special trait. These blessed beings will more than likely affect the world in a big way.]

'Hmm, it makes sense.' Karl thought.

Another monkey arrived, it seemed like a female one. "Sheridan, what are you doing? You can't just reveal your powers like that. The elders have big plans for you. Now come on, before we get in trouble."

Sheridan dispelled the ball of light and turned to look at the other monkey. "Alright, fine, fine." He turned to look at Karl and waved goodbye. "I'm sorry. I'm not supposed to talk to you. Hopefully, we can talk again."

Karl waved goodbye to the monkeys as they climbed the trees and slowly disappeared in the distance. "Well, time to head back and add dungeons."

Karl dried himself off and got dressed. He made his way back to the city, grabbing some food and eating it for lunch. "I can never get enough of this."

After finishing his food, Karl went back to Dilya's house. He looked around and found that Dilya was nowhere to be found. He went to his room and closed the door, sitting down on the blankets. "System, bring me back to the console."

[You are being transported to the console in 10... 9... 8...]

Karl was transported to the console and quickly got to work on adding dungeons. "I want to create a dungeon system."

[Please think of the dungeon system in your head and the system will create it.]

Karl began thinking of the dungeon system he wanted. He wanted there to be multiple dungeons dotting the whole world. Some underwater, some on land, and even some flying. The dungeons will have multiple levels, a hundred to be exact. Each level can be described as its own ecosystem with different creatures living on it. The deeper the level, the stronger the monsters.

There are also various materials in the dungeons, getting rarer as you go deeper inside. When you reach the last level of the dungeon, you can ask the system for something. There is a limit to the things you can ask, but things like powers, riches, knowledge can be easily granted. The dungeons come in different shapes and sizes.

The shape and size of the exterior do not reflect the size of the interior.

[The system is creating the dungeon system. Please wait... Done.]

[Dungeon System:] Various dungeons of shapes and sizes dot the landscape of the world. Each dungeon has a hundred levels. The deeper the level, the harder it gets, but with difficulty comes better rewards. Each level is an entire ecosystem consisting of numerous monsters and valuable materials. When you reach the last level of the dungeon, you can ask the system for something. The system will consider it and grant it if it's within the limits of the system. This will cost 100 points.

Karl nodded, looking at what the system made. That's exactly what he wanted. "How many points do I have?"

[You have 3560 points.]

"3560? How come I have so much?"

[Everything you create is placed in the marketplace for other gods to buy. ten gods have bought your [Fair Afterlife], giving you 3000 points.]

"Wow. I'm so rich! Buy the dungeon system and apply it to the world."

[Affirmative. Please wait a moment... [Dungeon System] has now been applied to your world.]

"Nice." Karl took a look around Tua, trying to find some dungeons. It didn't take long as he found a huge tower, reaching all the way to space. "That's massive."

The top wasn't even visible as it was atop the clouds. It was also pretty wide, about as wide as a small forest. It had a spiral pattern running along its side. There were four doors. One of the north side, west side, east side, and south side. They were massive, able to fit giants and probably even dragons.

After a few minutes of admiring the massive dungeon, Karl closed the screen. He took a look at his points. He already knew that he wasn't the only god and that sometime in the future, he would meet another one. He only hoped they would be friendly. He didn't want his children to die.

Karl decided to see what other gods have made. "Show me the marketplace."

A screen showed up. It was kind of like a shopping website. It was the Amazon, for gods. There were a lot of categories. There were species, entire worlds, items, precious materials, and even other systems. Karl didn't really want to use another god's creation, but he could take some for inspiration. Just like that, he spent the next few hours looking at other god's creations.

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    《I Became a God》