I Became a God
11 Bosses
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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11 Bosses

After a few hours of looking through the marketplace, Karl thought about the things he saw. He still had 3000 points to play with so he didn't have to go cheap. Karl wanted his world to be more like a game. Maybe he would even isekai someone in the future. That sounded fun. So he thought about what a game had. Games had dungeons and bosses. His world already had dungeons, so he decided that he would add bosses.

Karl started thinking about how he was going to add bosses. They obviously have to be strong and drop valuable stuff. He thought about how the bosses would appear. Maybe the bosses would be chosen at birth? Yeah, that seemed right. The bosses would also have special advantages, like being stronger, a special power, etc.

"System, I want to create another system. Call it the Boss System." Karl said, thinking about all the details the boss system would have.

[Confirming, please wait a moment... The [Boss System] has been made. Please check over it for any corrections.]
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[Boss System:] Limited to monsters, the system will choose a monster at birth to become a boss. The system will give the monster special advantages like special powers. When the boss is defeated, it will give the killer significantly more essence than normal, and a very low chance of it dropping its special power. This will cost 100 points.

Karl double-checked to see if there were any memories. As far as he could see, there weren't any. He bought the system, bringing his points down to 3360.

[Boss System] has been applied to your world.]

Karl was about to head down to the world and explore a dungeon when a notification appeared in front of him.

[Congratulations! The Ancient Ones have discovered the four basic elements of magic, granting you 100 points.]

"Sweet, I've been wanting to get into magic."

Down in the world, everyone was in quite a panic.

A lionfolk came running down into the den. The lionfolk kneeled down to its king, Anhur. "Our King, Anhur. I have great big news for you."

A/N: So, I decided to change the humanoid lion race from Werelion to Lionfolk. So Anhur is now a Lionfolk.

Anhur turned his head, raising his eyebrow at the lionfolk. "Speak."

The lionfolk raised its head to look at Anhur. "A gigantic thing appeared in our territory. The system calls it a dungeon. It is massive, reaching all the way to the top of the sky. We inspected the so-called dungeon and the system told us it brings unimaginable treasures inside."

"Hmm... The system would never lie. Cancel the expedition to the jungle. Me and a group of lionfolk will explore this... dungeon." Anhur replied, getting up from his seat.

Anhur began making his way out of the den to take a look at the dungeon.

In the jungle, another dungeon appeared. This dungeon went down to the world's core.

Sheridan was happily swinging in the trees, practicing his powers when he saw a weird building. The building wasn't overly big, only a few trees wide. It had four doors, each facing a different direction. Curious, he opened the door and found himself in another jungle, but he knew that this wasn't the same jungle that he lived in his whole life. A window popped up in front of him.

[You have entered the 1st level of the dungeon. Reach the last level and the system will reward you with something you desire.]

Sheridan was very intrigued. He definitely wanted to go to the last level, but he wasn't that dumb. Although he had a special power, he was still weak and hadn't even evolved yet. Deciding that leaving and telling the village about this would be better, he turned around and went to the door, leaving the dungeon. Turning to look at the dungeon one last time, he went up the trees, heading to his village to inform his elders and the king about what he found.

As all that was happening, Karl was in his room, practicing magic. He found out how to channel his mana and draw symbols, but nothing was happening. Symbol after symbol, it would just fade away, nothing happening. Frustrated, Karl left his room and went downstairs. Dilya was downstairs in the kitchen making some food for both of them.

Dilya heard his footsteps and yelled from the kitchen, "Kigai, come here. We're celebrating today."

Karl heard the yell and went to the kitchen. "What's up? What are we celebrating?"

"You haven't heard? The Magic Committee, which I'm the leader of, has had a breakthrough. We've found the symbols for the four elements. Earth, fire, air, and water. I discovered the air symbol and my colleagues discovered the other elements," Dilya said with a smile, proud of herself.

"That's pretty cool. That does necessitate a celebration. Congratulations. What are we eating anyway?" Karl asked.

"Tiger. It tastes really good." Dilya grabbed the cooked tiger meat and placed it on two plates. One for her and one for Karl. She took the two plates and placed them on the dining table, grabbing a wooden utensil and giving it to him. "Eat up."

Karl sat across from Dilya. He looked at the cooked tiger meat. There was once again the weird sauce that seemed like barbecue sauce. He took a whiff of the meat, smelling it. "Mmmm, that tastes good. I didn't know you were such a good cook."

"Haha. I might not look like it, but I was the secondborn. I had to take care of a lot of people and cooking was one of my jobs," Dilya said with a proud smile. She sat down and took a bite of the tiger meat, enjoying its taste. "Quick, eat. It'll get cold."

Karl nodded, grabbing the piece of meat and taking a large bite. It tasted so good. For primitive cooking, it was good, and it was only going to get better.

They ate their food, letting out moans of delight as they finished their food.

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    《I Became a God》