I Became a God
12 Air Magic
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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12 Air Magic

Karl finished his food, placing his plate in the sink. "Wow, not only are you beautiful, but you're also a good cook."

Dilya blushed, hearing Karl. "Oh, shut up."

Dilya finished his food soon after and placed it in the sink.

"Oh yeah, can you help me out with magic?" Karl asked Dilya.

"Magic? Yeah, what do you need help with?"

"I need help with the symbols. I found out how to use my mana to draw, but I don't know the symbols."

Dilya nodded. "Ok, I'll teach you the wind symbol for now. Let's go to the living room."

They made their way to the living room, sitting across from one another.

Dilya channeled her mana to her pointer finger, making it glow a bright white. "Ok, watch."

Dilya started drawing with mana and drew a spiral. She started from the center, circling to the outside. The spiral changed color, turning from white to green. A small gust of air went towards Karl, making his hair blow upwards.

"The shape doesn't actually matter that much, as long as it resembles air, it'll work. Now, you also have to think about air when you're doing it. If you think of fire and try to use air magic, then it won't work. Go ahead, try it out," Dilya told Karl.

"Alright." Karl channeled his mana to his pointer finger and started drawing, making the same spiral that Dilya made. This time, he thought about making air, and it worked. The spiral turned green and a gust of wind went towards Dilya, making her hair sway with the wind. "Wow, it worked."

[Learned Air Magic.]

Dilya clapped. "Good job, you did it."

"Thanks, but if it was that easy, how come it took you guys so long to find the symbols for the four elements?" Karl asked in a curious tone.

"Well, it's because we only found out today that the symbol didn't matter that much. What really mattered was just thinking of the element you wanted. It's also because we're still new to this magic thing." Dilya said plainly.

"Hmm, well if it's that easy, then have you guys tried out other elements?"

"Oh, we have, but we've had no luck so far. We suspect that we either need a class upgrade or increase our intelligence."

"That makes sense. So now that I learned air magic, what can I do?"

"A lot of things. Here, look." Dilya channeled her mana again and drew an air symbol, but this time she surrounded it with a circle. The symbol turned green and disappeared. Air started to gather to the area where the symbol was. A ball of wind was made, constantly spinning. "By having a circle outside the air symbol, it made a ball of air. As usual, you have to think of what you're trying to do."

Karl looked at the ball of air as it began to disappear, amazed. "Cool, what can you do with it?"

Dilya laughed, seeing Karl's amazed face. "Well, since it's made from my mana, I can control it." She moved the ball of air around before it disappeared.

"Let me try." Karl did the same thing Dilya did, drawing an air symbol, then drawing a circle around it. The symbol turned green and the air started to gather, making a ball of air. "Alright."

"Good job. You can also channel your mana into it. More mana means its faster, stronger, etc. Be careful though. Even though it looks small, it's pretty powerful," Dilya warned.

As Karl was looking at the ball of air, he got an idea. He gathered the shadows in the room and channeled it into the ball of air. The air making up the ball began to change, becoming darker. It also spun faster and became a bit smaller. The ball was still made of wind, but now shadows were circling it, making it look very ominous.

Dilya looked at the ball of shadows and air. Her jaw was hanging as she looked at it. "Every time I see you, I keep getting amazed. You must've added your shadow powers into the ball of air. It also looks like it's more powerful."

Karl was also amazed. He didn't expect it to work. "I didn't even expect it to work, I just tried it out."

In another part of the jungle, Sheridan was in his village and went to talk to the elders.

"Sheridan, what is it you want?" One of the five elders asked.

"Elders, I've come to inform you something. While I was exploring the jungle, I found a strange building. The system calls it a dungeon. I went inside and I found myself in another jungle, only it wasn't the jungle we live in, it was a different one, inside the dungeon. The jungle inside the dungeon was also unusual. It was bigger than the building it was in," Sheridan replied.

The elders talked amongst themselves, whispering. "That is unusual, but why does this concern us?"

"When I went inside the dungeon, the system told me that the jungle was only one of many levels in the dungeon. It also told me that if someone reaches the last level, the system will reward them with something they desire," Sheridan explained.

Hearing this, the elders began whispering to themselves again, before turning to Sheridan again. "Sheridan, it's good that you informed us of this. Tomorrow morning, five of your brethren will join you, and you will lead them to this dungeon. You will explore the dungeon and find the last level, understood?"
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Sheridan nodded. "I understand."

"You may go now. At first light, you will come here," the elder said.

Sheridan left and told his parents what he found. They were very proud of him.

In the savannah, where the lions lived, Anhur arrived at the dungeon. He looked at it, seeing how massive it was. Anhur opened the door of the dungeon, heading inside.

[You have entered the 1st level of the dungeon. Reach the last level and the system will reward you with something you desire.]

Anhur smiled at the alert. "Another blessing from the gods."

Anhur looked around to see where he was at. He was in a grass field, seeming to go on forever. There was a forest nearby. He walked to the forest, making sure he didn't forget where the door was. He channeled mana on his body, making it glow white. Drawing with mana, he made a lava symbol, surrounding it with the outline of a body. Moving the symbol, he applied it to his body.

A few moments later, lava started to gather around Anhur's body. The lava covered him head to toe, except his eyes. Parts of the lava cooled, making it very hard. He made himself lava armor and wore it. Intense heat came off of it, burning the grass around him, but it didn't seem to affect him whatsoever. Anhur arrived at the forest, setting it on fire.

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    《I Became a God》