I Became a God
13 Firstborn
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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13 Firstborn

Anhur walked through the forest, burning it down. He was wearing the lava armor he created from magic. As he walked, the grass burned around him, setting the trees on fire. The trees and grass slowly turned to ash as they burned.

As Anhur was walking through the forest, a bear was watching him. The bear was quite angry as Anhur was burning its territory down. As the apex predator of the forest, it had to do something. From behind the trees, the bear charged at him. Anhur saw the large bear charging at him, but he wasn't scared. He was the king, the strongest.

Anhur stood his ground and charged at the charging bear. Lifting his arm, he swung his fist, hitting the bear's forehead. The heat and strength of the fist killed the bear instantly. Its corpse fell to the ground, its head melted off. His fire soon covered the corpse, turning it into ash.

The peaceful atmosphere of the forest is now gone. It was replaced with a hellish atmosphere as all the trees disappeared, burned to ashes by the fire. The inhabitants of the forest were also burned along with it, giving their essence to Anhur.

Anhur kept walking through the forest, trying to find the entrance to the second level. He looked around, looking for any sign of the second floor. It didn't take long, but eventually, he found a floating crystal. The crystal was green and was floating up and down, unaffected by the fire. He went up to the crystal and a window popped up.

[Would you like to go to the second level of the dungeon, or leave the dungeon?]

Naturally, Anhur wanted to head to the second level of the dungeon. "Take me to the second level of the dungeon."

As soon as Anhur said that, a bright light enveloped him and he disappeared.

At Dilya's house, Karl was experimenting with air magic. He had managed to figure out a way to apply air magic on his body, making it lighter and faster. Karl looked outside the window and saw the bright moon shining down through the window. "It's getting pretty late. Thanks for teaching me magic. I wasn't expecting to have such a beautiful woman as my teacher," he said with a smirk.

Dilya's cheeks blushed red as he looked away from Karl. "You're welcome. When you wake up, I won't be here. I need to do some stuff. Good night."

"Good night." Karl went upstairs to his room. He laid down on the blankets, looking up at the roof. Karl thought about some stuff as he was laying down. What was the Kaitera doing? He should also check up on Adum. Tomorrow morning, he was definitely going out to explore a dungeon. He was planning to stay in the dungeon until he reached level 50. That was when he would get a class upgrade.
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Karl closed his eyes and slowly went to sleep, lightly snoring.

As Karl was sleeping, someone knocked at Dilya's door. Dilya went to the door and opened it. "What? What is it? Can't you see it's nighttime?"

The person who knocked at Dilya's door was a male guard. He bowed to Dilya. "I'm very sorry, but the firstborn would like to talk to you."

Dilya scratched her head, ruffling her hair. "Aghh, what does he want that can't wait until morning?"

The guard stopped bowing and looked at Dilya. "I don't know. I was only told to bring you to him."

"Fine, fine. Give me a second, you can go now." Dilya closed the door and grabbed a cup of water, drinking it.

Dilya fixed herself up a bit and left her house. Dilya made her way to her brother's house, the firstborn. She wondered why he called for her so late.

Dilya arrived at her brother's house and opened the door, not caring about his privacy. "Why'd you call me! It's nighttime!" she yelled.

"You didn't hear?" the firstborn asked. "Come, come. Sit down."

Dilya sat down across from the firstborn. She looked at him, wondering what it was. "What is it?"

The firstborn leaned forward. "The scouts came back this evening and they found something in the forest."

"Well? Tell me," Dilya said, nodding up and down.

"They found a building called a dungeon. It was small from the outside, but when one of them went in, they found themselves in a different jungle. The system also said that this was only one of many levels, and if someone managed to reach the last level, then the system would grant that person something they desire." the firstborn told Dilya.

Dilya raised her eyebrows hearing this. "Kerym, if this is true, then we need to get to the last level. Think about what we could do. We can help our people with this."

Kerym nodded. Like his sister, he also wanted what was best for his people, especially since he knew that while he was the strongest, it was only to his people. The monkeys of the jungle were much stronger than them, with the strongest being double his level. "I was thinking that we would leave tomorrow morning."

Dilya nodded back. "Tomorrow morning sounds good, but are we the only ones going?"

Kerym shook his head. "We might be one of the strongest, but this dungeon is completely unknown to us. I'll be bringing a level 30 guard named Aien. Do you have anyone you would like to bring?"

Dilya smiled. "Yes, I do. He's a person blessed by the Goddess of Magic, Aphy. His name is Kigai and he can control the shadows."

Kerym raised an eyebrow. "Blessed by the Goddess of Magic? Why have I never heard of this guy?"

"I've also never heard of him until a few days ago. You see, he lost his memories and I helped him out," Dilya explained.

"I see, that makes sense. Well, if he's truly blessed by the Goddess, then bring him along. There's only one problem."


"Well, the dungeon is located in the territory of the monkeys."

"What? It should be fine, right? We have a pact with them so they don't bother us."

"We should be fine, but if they also know of the dungeon, then they'd also want to explore it. We might not be hurt outside of the dungeon, but inside it, that's a different story."

"That's true. The system recognizes them as monsters, so it's not unusual if they act like monsters and ambush us."

"Mhm, indeed. Well, it's getting dark. Get some sleep, I have an idea that tomorrow's going to be crazy."

"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow. Good night, Kerym." Dilya left his house and waved goodbye. She went back to her house to get some sleep.

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    《I Became a God》