I Became a God
15 Into the Dungeon
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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15 Into the Dungeon

Kerym opened the door of the dungeon and went inside. The rest of the group followed behind him. When they entered the dungeon, a window popped up in front of each of them.

[You have entered the 1st level of the dungeon. Reach the last level and the system will reward you with something you desire.]

They read the window and looked around, finding themselves in another jungle. There was a sky and even a light source inside, comparable to the sun.

"It really is bigger on the inside," Kerym said.

"Are we inside the dungeon?" Dilya asked.

"I believe we are." Karl pointed at the door behind them. "Look."

"How do we get to the next level?" Dilya asked, looking around for any information.

"I don't know. We'll probably have to go deeper into the jungle to find out." Kerym grabbed his weapons from his bag and wore them. They were iron brass knuckles that the craftsmen made for him. "Everyone, be careful. This is unknown territory and we're probably not alone."

They started walking deeper into the jungle, being careful not to make too much noise. Karl manifested his shadow daggers and cloak. Heath unsheathed his sword and was holding it. Dilya was in the middle as she was the weakest in terms of defense. As they were walking, something in the sky was watching them.

It was massive, casting a giant shadow on them. The creature had two giant wings and looked like a prehistoric bird. Its giant wings flapped loudly as it flew above them.

Karl looked down at the ground and saw how dark it was. He looked up, trying to find out why it was so dark and saw the giant bird. "What the fuck is that?!"

Everyone turned their heads and looked up and saw the giant bird.

"I've never seen anything like it," Kerym said. "Don't let your guard down, we don't know if it's hostile."

"That thing's massive, I hope it doesn't see us," Heath said while gazing at the bird.

The giant bird looked down and stared at the group.

Heath raised his sword. "It's not looking at us, is it?"

The bird cawed loudly and dived down at the group with incredible speed.

"I'm afraid it is," Karl said. "Everyone! Run!"

The group ran in different directions, trying to get away from the bird. Luckily, they were able to get far enough away to not get hit. The bird landed on the ground with tremendous speed, sending dust everywhere.

"Is everyone ok?!" Kerym yelled, coughing.

"Yeah, I'm ok!" Heath replied.

"Me too!" Karl answered.

"I'm here!" Dilya yelled.

The dust began to clear up, revealing the gigantic bird. The bird looked at them and let out a loud caw.

"What the hell do we do?" Karl asked.

"Fight it. That thing is clearly the boss around here, we have no choice," Kerym replied.

The bird charged at them and was surprisingly fast, considering it was on land. It left a trail of dust as it charged at them, opening its beak and cawing again. The bird was truly gigantic, standing at 18 feet (5.5 meters).

"Let me try something." Karl gathered the shadows of the area and made his signature shadow tentacles around the bird. The tentacles wrapped around the bird's limbs, stopping its movement and falling on the ground, rolling for a few seconds.

"Is that the power that the goddess gave you?" Kerym asked, looking at Karl.

Karl nodded. "Yes, but I thought it would pose more of a challenge."

The bird tried moving, but the tentacles wouldn't let it as it restricted its movement. The group walked towards the bird but stopped when the tentacles were suddenly cut, letting it free.

"What happened?" Heath asked.

"I don't know," Karl said. This was the first time he saw his tentacles cut.

The bird stood up on its two legs, cawing again. Karl and the rest of the group got to their battle stance. Dilya was behind everyone, ready to cast a spell. Karl, Kerym, and Heath were in the front. The bird charged at them, furious.

"I'm the toughest here, I'll distract it," Heath said as he raised his sword to block the charge.

Karl and Kerym nodded, hiding behind the trees and waiting for the right moment.

"Come on!" Heath yelled at the bird. "I'm right here!"

The bird stared at Heath. It charged into him, knocking him back into a tree. Heath coughed and groaned as he stood back up. "That's all you got?" he asked, before falling down.

Heath was winded. That hit was really strong, and if it weren't for his armor, he would've died.

The bird slowly walked to Heath, unaware of Karl and Kerym. Karl was the first one to make a move. He applied air magic on himself, making his body lighter and faster. Running as fast as he could, he ran to the bird and got on its back. It noticed something was on its back and tried to shake it off, but Karl wasn't going to let that happen. He stabbed his daggers into its body, keeping himself from falling.

The bird cawed as it was stabbed. It kept trying to shake Karl off, but Karl just kept climbing, stabbing its body.
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Kerym came out from the trees and charged at the bird. He lifted his arm and with a powerful swing, he punched the bird's body, making it groan in pain. In retaliation, the bird swung its arms at him, but its big body made its movements easy to predict. He continued punching the bird's body and dodging its attacks. "Finish it off!" he yelled at Karl.

Dilya channeled her mana and cast a spell at the bird. Wind came out of the spell and was heading for the bird. Only it wasn't normal wind. The wind was very fast and was as sharp, maybe even sharper than a sword. It hit the bird and cut its body up, making it bleed from the cuts.

Karl finally climbed all the way up the bird's head. He was only holding one dagger, as his other hand was used to hold onto the bird's neck. With a swift motion downwards, he stabbed the bird's head, piercing its skull and stabbing its brain. The bird stopped moving and fell to the ground.

[You defeated a level 38 Quetzalcoatlus (Boss). Its essence has been shared with other people that attacked it. You dealt the 2nd most damage and the killing blow, increasing the essence you absorbed.]

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    《I Became a God》