I Became a God
18 Enlightened
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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18 Enlightened

In another dungeon, something else was taking place. A massacre of fire was taking place. Anhur had reached the 13th level and he was getting tired. The monsters on the 13th level were, on average, level 130. Anhur managed to kill quite a bit of them, reaching level 147. He was very tired. His muscles were sore, and he was slowly running out of mana.

Chunks of his lava armor were destroyed as Anhur was attacked. He didn't give up, he was so close to reaching level 150, he was sure that something special was going to happen.

Using magic, Anhur repaired his armor and made a lava spear. He pushed through the monsters, leaving burning corpses behind him. Blood dripped from his wounds, but he didn't care. Using fire, he stopped the bleeding and continued on his way.

Anhur took a deep breath and looked behind him, seeing the trail of corpses behind him. He turned back around as he felt the ground shake and a loud roar in front of him. A monster looked at him. It was covered in red scales and had a pair of wings.

It looked down at Anhur, puffs of smoke coming out of its nose. Opening its mouth, it roared as fire came out of its mouth, threatening to burn him. Anhur rolled away from the fire breath. While he had pretty good resistance to fire, he could feel that he would definitely be burnt if that hit him.

As the monster was breathing fire, he charged at it with his spear. Holding the spear with two hands, he stabbed it into the creature's stomach. The monster roared as it felt the pain from the lava spear. Its body was covered in hard scales, but its insides weren't.
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Looking at Anhur, it raised its wings and swung it at him. Surprisingly, it came down fast, considering its large and heavy body. He knew that he wouldn't have enough time to dodge the attack, so he created a lava dome around him, hoping it was enough to stop the attack.

Its wings came down, hitting the lava dome. It only slowed it down as the lava dome broke. Anhur placed his arms in front of him as the wing impacted him and sent him flying. He coughed as he rolled on the ground. Slowly standing up, he coughed and made a prayer, "God Hoemis, give me the power to defeat this beast."

Anhur bent his knees and watched the monster. It was bigger than him and was covered in hard scales, but he had a plan. He was going to use the monster's size to his advantage. The monster charged at him and he charged back, but as the monster opened its mouth, he threw the spear inside of it. It tried to roar, but it couldn't with the spear stuck in its throat.

The spear was burning the inside of its mouth, making it scream. While it was distracted, Anhur jumped with tremendous force and landed on its head. The monster tried shaking him off, but he wouldn't budge. Creating another spear, he held it in his hand, and in a quick motion, he stabbed through the monster's head, piercing through the other side.

The monster fell as it died and Anhur jumped off of its head, landing on the ground gracefully. He breathed a sigh of relief as he saw the monster's corpse.

[You defeated a level 142 Wyvern. You have absorbed its essence.]

[You leveled up! You are now level 148. 10 stat points gained.]

[You leveled up! You are now level 149. 10 stat points gained.]

[You leveled up! You are now level 150. 10 stat points gained.]

[Congratulations! You have reached level 150. You can evolve one last time and make your people enlightened, or keep evolving by yourself. Choosing the second option will lock your people from becoming enlightened.]

[You leveled up! You are now level 151. 10 stat points gained.]

Anhur's eyes widened as he read the options. "What does becoming enlightened mean?"

[Becoming enlightened will let your people choose classes, but will lose the option to evolve. Becoming enlightened naturally, your people will gain a bonus.]

Anhur considered his options. "If they can't evolve, will they stay as lions?"

[No, you will evolve one last time to a tier 4 species. All of your people will change to this new species.]

Hearing that, the choice wasn't hard. This would benefit his people as they would become stronger. "I choose the first option."

[Affirmative. You are now evolving.]

Anhur was covered in bright light. His appearance changed as he evolved. He became taller, his mane grew longer, his claws and teeth became sharper and longer. The light disappeared as it revealed his new form. It didn't change much, but he knew he was stronger than before.

[You have evolved and are now a Lloleon]

[Please choose a class.]

[Hunter] [Dragon Knight] [Pyro Spearmage]

Anhur looked over the list. He didn't exactly know what a class was, but he knew this would help him. Hunter sounded boring and he wasn't exactly a knight. In the end, he chose Pyro Spearmage, as he used fire and the spear.

[You have become a Pyro Spearmage.]

[You have learned Flame Affinity V.]

Wanting to test his new form, Anhur made a lava spear and found out it didn't take a lot of mana to make. It was also a lot stronger than before. He swung the spear a few times, becoming used to his new strength.

After Anhur was done, he spent his points and continued walking forward, trying to find the next crystal. He was very tired and would probably leave the dungeon and head back to the den to rest. His body wasn't tired, but he was tired mentally. A lot happened today and there is always tomorrow.

As he was walking, he experimented and found out he could turn parts of his body into lava. This was never possible before, but this would be very useful in a fight.

After much walking, Anhur finally found the crystal and left the dungeon. He was transported outside of the dungeon, his territory. Taking his time, he made his way back to the den.

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    《I Became a God》