I Became a God
19 Lolleon
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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19 Lolleon

As Anhur arrived at the den, a familiar face greeted him. It was the person who informed him of the dungeon.

The person approached Anhur, bowing down. "My king, I have something to tell you."

Anhur motioned for him to raise his head. "Raise your head, tell me while we walk." He started walking, looking up at the night sky.

"Yes, yes." The person followed Anhur, walking beside him. "Just a while ago, everyone's species changed, even the children who were less than a year old. The system told us that we have been enlightened and that we are now Lolleons. We have lost the ability to evolve, but apparently we have access to something called... What was it again? That's right! Classes!"

Anhur nodded, hearing him. He looked around and confirmed what he said. Everyone now walked on two legs. Some of the people who were once four-legged had a hard time getting used to their new bipedal body, but they were fine with it. They knew that only the strong walked on two legs.

"It really did change everyone. It's alright, you don't have to worry. I was in the dungeon and I managed to reach level 150. Instead of evolving normally, the system gave me the choice to enlighten my people. As the king, I chose the one that would benefit the pride. We cannot evolve anymore, but the system made us stronger and better than before."

"Level 150? Who would expect less of a king?" The person bowed down again. "I will inform everyone of your achievements."

Anhur turned towards the person. "Don't bother. Gather everyone, I will tell them myself."

"As you wish, my king." The person quickly left and started to gather everyone. "Everyone! Gather around, the king has an announcement!"

Anhur watched as his people began to gather around. There were already quite a bit of people as they came outside of their homes to look at him. He looked over them. As the king, he had to at least look strong. Opening his mouth, he let out a loud roar, catching everyone's attention and turning to look at him. They looked at their ruler with admiration, quiet as can be.

"As you might have noticed, your species have changed. Previously, it was only the strong that could walk on two legs, but now, everyone walks on two legs. You have been enlightened, and it was because of the dungeon." Anhur looked around, looking at their faces. Some wondered what a dungeon was. "A dungeon is a place given to us by the system."

They still didn't know what Anhur was talking about, but they listened closely.

"It's a place where you can train and improve yourself. It's because of the dungeon that I am now level 150. It's filled with monsters and places I have never seen before. I have reached the 13th level and there are many more. I don't even think I'm halfway through the dungeon and the monsters could already harm me."

A few people let out a gasp, hearing something could hurt their king. To them, he was the strongest, no one except the gods was stronger.

"Even if you're not interested in getting stronger, you should still go in the dungeon, especially our craftsmen. While I was traversing through the dungeon, I saw materials that would be beneficial to the pride." Anhur looked around once more, before finishing up his announcement. "That's all and I hope the future generations will take advantage of what I've done."

The crowd roared for their king. The warriors were very happy, hearing the dungeon would give them a challenge. The scientists, smiths, and other craftsmen raised their eyebrows as they heard about materials in the dungeon.

Anhur smiled at the roaring crowd. He made his way home, tired from the events in the dungeon. It wasn't that far away and he arrived at his front door, shortly after the announcement. Opening the door, he went to his room, changed out of his clothes and laid down on the bed.

Anhur's mate, Reiko, came inside the room. She laid down beside him, caressing his muscled chest. "What did you do this time? My species has changed."

Anhur placed his arm under Reiko's head, letting her use it as a pillow. "I'm very tired, why don't I tell you tomorrow?"

Reiko pouted, punching Anhur playfully. "Tired? You're always tired."

Anhur laughed. "No, I'm not."
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"Well, there's another way to give you energy."

"Reiko, not now. I really am tired." He gave her a kiss on the head as he closed her eyes.

"Aww, you're no fun," Reiko pouted. "I'll let you off... For now."

The couple closed their eyes and slowly fell asleep as the night passed.

Meanwhile, with Karl, the group were still walking on the floating island. Some monsters had tried attacking them, but they were way weaker than the giant bird so they made quick work of them. Dilya was still practicing her new ability, generating a gust of wind here and there. She had gotten to the point where she could levitate a few feet off the ground.

Karl sighed as they walked. It was slowly becoming night in the dungeon as it became darker and darker. "Maybe we should set up camp? It's becoming darker and I think we all deserve some good rest."

Heath nodded. He was the heaviest out of all of them and all this walking made him quite tired, with his heavy iron armor. "Yes please."

Kerym looked at the group. He was also tired. "Alright, we'll set up camp here. Luckily for us, I brought two tents."

Heath raised his hands in relief. "Yeah! Thank you."

"No problem." Kerym unpacked his backpack and set up the two tents. "Now, who sleeps with who?"

"I'm sleeping with Kigai!" Dilya blurted out. Her face turned a bright red as she realized what she said.

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    《I Became a God》