I Became a God
21 Dwarves
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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21 Dwarves

In another universe, a group of gods was having a meeting. They were in a white marble room with a golden table in the middle, where ten gods sat.

One of them was a small, brown humanoid, wearing simple, white clothes. "Hello everyone! Thanks for coming to the meeting."

A gigantic green-skinned humanoid, resembling that of an ogre, slammed his fist down on the table. "Get on with it. You say this every time we come here."

"Kazug, calm down," a male human said. He was wearing a white robe, embroidered with golden lines.

"Calm down? My people are having a war and I'm missing it right now. Gison, you know how exciting wars can get."

Gison slapped his forehead, hearing how dumb Kazug was. "You know you can pause your universe, right?"

Kazug's jaw dropped. "You can do that? How come no one has ever told me this?"

Gison sighed. He knew that Kazug was dumb, but how could he be that dumb? "We have! Last time, we told you, and the one before that, and the one before that one."

Kazug was confused. "You did?"

The small humanoid stood on the table and walked to the center of it. "We did, now, who would like to start?"

A female human child raised her hand and waved it at him. "Crel, Crel, can I go first?"
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Crel looked at her and smiled. "Emily will go first."

Emily raised her hands, smiling. "Yay! Well, I found out that there's a new god."

Crel raised his eyebrow. "There is? Good job, what was his id?"

Emily looked up, trying to remember what it was. "Hmmmm, I... I think it's somewhere around 99,000."

"We're already so close to reaching 100,000 gods. Anyways, is there anything special with this new god?"

"Uhhh, he made two things in the marketplace. I bought one that adds dungeons to your world, but I changed it a bit because there weren't enough cute monsters."

"Anything else?"

"No, should I send him a message?"

"Not now, we don't even know if he's a good god. Anyone else?"

"My people are having a war," Kazug said with a proud face.

"You already told us that."

"But I wanted to say it again. It's not a normal war, it's with another god."

"Another god? Who is it?" Gison asked.

"A random who's apparently ranked 43 on the leaderboard."

"I hate to break it to you, but that's not a random. Anyone who is in the top 100 is in there for a reason."

"Random or not, I'll still crush them."

"Yeah, I don't doubt that. I almost lost a world to you once."

"Ok, anyone else?" Crel asked.

A male cyborg raised his hand. Every part of his body was mechanical, except his head. His mechanical body pulsated a blue color from its power source.

"Yes, Axel?"

"Can I leave now? The people in my world are close to inventing a way to use black holes, and I want to see it."

"Ughh, fine."

A beam of light surrounded Axel, disappearing and taking him with it.

Crel sighed, "Anyone else?"

The room was silent. Crel was tapping his foot, looking around at everybody else.

"Well, since there's nothing else, we'll end the meeting. Goodbye and don't die."

Everybody said their goodbyes and left to their consoles. Crel sighed as they saw them leave.

Meanwhile, Karl was transported to his console and a notification popped up in front of him.

[The Lionfolk has become enlightened, becoming the Lolleons. You have been granted 100 points.]

[The Ancient Ones have discovered a way to use metals, granting you 100 points.]

"Lolleons? What's that?" Karl muttered.


[Cities:] 1

[Population:] 437

[Average Level:] 52

[Highest Level:] 151

Karl read the information about the Lolleons. He concluded that this was the species of Anhur. Sitting down on his bed, he closed the window.

He stared at the ceiling. "System, I want to create a new species."

[Confirmed, think of the species in your head and the system will create it.]

Karl thought about the species he wanted. He always thought that dwarves were cool, so that was what he wanted. Great blacksmiths who could create weapons of unimaginable strength. Weapons that could even rival the gods. Of course, like a typical dwarf, they had to be small and love alcohol.

[The system is creating your species.]

[Species:] Dwarves

Lifespan: 350

[Strength:] 10

[Constitution:] 9

[Intelligence:] 9

[Dexterity:] 12


[Racial Traits:]

-Enhanced Crafting V

-Enhanced Endurance V

-Enhanced Strength V

-Thermal Resistance III

-Cave Adaptation III

-Alcohol Empowerment III

[Due to the enhanced starting stats and racial traits, this will cost 300 points.]

Karl looked over the sheet. It was exactly what he wanted and he had more than enough to buy it. "Buy it."

[Confirmed, as a completely new species, where would you like to place your first dwarves?]

Karl opened up an overhead view of the world and looked around for a good place. If they were going to be smiths, they needed to be in a place with a lot of materials and maybe a dungeon nearby. After a few minutes of looking around, he found a long mountain range and a dungeon not too far away.

"Place them here." He pointed at the base of the mountain range.


Karl watched as ten dwarves appeared. five males, five females. They were naked and had no clothes. The dwarves looked at each other with a curious expression. They were all level 20.

"They're only level 20, not to mention there are only 10 of them, what happens if they go extinct?"

[Do not worry. As a completely new species, the system has given them a tutorial.]

"A tutorial? That sounds good."

One of the dwarves looked at the others. "Ello!"

"Ello! What be ye?" one of the males replied.

"I think yer like me."

"What do you mean like ye? There's only one me."

"Aye, but you look like me." He turned to one of the females. "Doesn't he?"

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    《I Became a God》