I Became a God
22 NPC
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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22 NPC

Looking at the dwarves one last time, Karl closed the screen. He sat down on the bed and took a bird's eye view of his world. It was fun being in a mortal body and all, but he felt like fast-forwarding time of about a thousand years. The only problem was his avatar, Kigai. If he fast-forwarded time, his avatar would just lay there and eventually die.

Karl thought long and hard about a solution for this. Eventually, after brainstorming a few ideas, he came up with the perfect idea. Games have NPCs, so what if he created a system just for himself, to turn his avatar into an NPC?

"System, I'd like to create a system for myself."

[Confirmed, think of the system and the system will do its best to make it.]

Karl closed his eyes, imagining the system in his mind. The avatar would only have memories it experienced, so it wouldn't know that it was just a shell for him. It could do anything a normal person could. If he ever wanted to take control of the avatar, the avatar's memories and everything it experienced would be given to him.

Karl opened his eyes, satisfied with what he came up with.

[NPC System:] An artificial soul, infused with the avatar's memories and personality will take control of the chosen avatar. Everything the avatar does is with its own will, and will not grant you points, unless you are controlling it directly. If you choose to control the avatar, its memories and everything it has ever done will be given to you. The system is limited to you. This will cost 100 points.

Karl looked over what the system made and nodded. This was exactly what he wanted, and it was pretty cheap. "I'll buy it."

[Confirmed. NPC System has been bought and ready to use.]

Karl took one last look at Kigai. Although he wanted to live as Kigai for a while, he was a god. He can't just get attached so easily, especially when he's technically immortal.

"System, make Kigai an NPC."

[Confirmed, Kigai is now an NPC.]

Karl watched Kigai startle awake, waking up Dilya.

"What is it?" Dilya asked Kigai.

Kigai turned to Dilya. "Nothing, just a bad dream."

"If you say so."

The two went back to sleep, closing their eyes. Karl watched them through the screen before closing it.

"Alright, I'm ready. System, how much will it cost to fast-forward a thousand years?"

[Fast-forwarding 1000 years will cost 1000 points. Would you like to do this?]


[Confirmed, please wait a moment.]

[You have fast-forwarded 1000 years.]

As soon as Karl read that, he was bombarded with notifications.

[The Ancient One's population increased from 215 to 2976.]

[The Lolleon's population increased from 437 to 4326.]

[The Dwarves population increased from 10 to 1546.]

[The Apelings has become enlightened, becoming the Samian. You have been granted 100 points.]

[The Dwarves has discovered a way to use metals, granting you 100 points.]

[The Dwarves have made a city inside a mountain, granting you 10 points.]

There were other notifications, but these were the ones that caught Karl's eye, but there were four other notifications that were really important.

[The Ancient One's belief in the Goddess of Magic Aphy, has grown so much, you can make her for free. Would you like to make Aphy?]

[The Lolleon's belief in the God of Destruction Hoemis, has grown so much, you can make him for free. Would you like to make Hoemis?]
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[The Dwarves' belief in the God of Crafting Mutyx, has grown so much, you can make him for free. Would you like to make Mutyx.]

[The God of Death Adum bred with a mortal, creating a demigod.]

Karl looked at the gods that the different species believed in. They weren't real, but he wouldn't mind making them real, as they didn't cost anything. "Create all the gods."

[Confirmed, please wait.]

Karl watched as three bright lights appeared. They became bigger, taking the form of three humanoids. The light slowly died out, the three new gods in its place.

"Master! What can we do for you?" each of them said.

Karl looked at the three gods. One of them was a female Ancient One wearing a white robe, embroidered with gold lines, this must be Aphy. The other was a shirtless male Lolleon, only wearing baggy, gold pants, this must be Hoemis. Last but not least, there was a shirtless male Dwarf, wearing brown pants and a leather apron.

Karl sighed, looking at them. "I am the Supreme God, Karl. I made you to look over your species, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of other species either. Don't get involved unless you really have to, understand?"




Karl made the console bigger, adding a living room. "Alright, you can chill here, or go down in the world. Off you go!"

The three gods nodded and left Karl's room. All of them decided to head down to the world and experience it for themselves.

Karl went to the newly built living room and laid down on the couch. While laying down on the couch, he remembered that Adum apparently bred with a mortal, creating a demigod.

"Bring Adum here."

After a bright light, Adum appeared in front of him. He quickly kneeled down as he saw Karl. "Master, what have you called me here for?"

"What is this about you breeding with a mortal?" Karl asked Adum.

"After spending a couple of hundred years in the afterlife, I went out to experience the mortal world. Don't worry, I made sure that everything was fine in the afterlife. When I left, I fell in love with a mortal. She unfortunately died, but she did bear me a child," Adum explained.

Karl nodded, understanding his reasoning. "I understand, and I won't punish you, but please, tell me if you are planning to have a child. Your child is a demigod, and too many of those running around could cause chaos."

"Thank you for understanding. I also realize how reckless I was, but I have learned from it."

"You're dismissed, go back to managing the dead."

Adum disappeared in a flash of light, returning to the afterlife.

'Hmm, I wonder what Kigai is doing? Is he still alive? He should be, considering he can live up to a thousand years.'

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    《I Became a God》