I Became a God
23 Hoemis
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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23 Hoemis

A lot has happened to the world of Tua in the last thousand years. For Karl, it only felt like a few seconds, but the inhabitants of the world lived those thousand years. In the last thousand years, the four main species met each other. The Ancient Ones, Lolleons, Samians, and Dwarves. At first, none of the races liked each other, but they eventually came together.

It wasn't rare to see a Lolleon sorcerer in the city of the Ancient Ones to practice magic. Most people were ok with the other races, but inevitably, other people thought they were better, superior.

The most reclusive race was the Samians. Not much is known about them, except that they were generally strong. Their king was a Samian called Sheridan. Sheridan could control the light, bending it to his own will. Through the use of mana, he lived a very long time, still alive even today.

The Samians weren't the only ones that had someone powerful. The Ancient Ones had the great four, Kigai, Kerym, Heath, and Dilya. These four are the strongest Ancient Ones.

Kerym is one of the strongest Ancient Ones, is the king and is still alive, but he is preparing to pass down his crown to his eldest son.

Kigai is mysterious, but everyone knows one thing about him. He founded the Assassination Guild and is ranked first on the leaderboard.

Heath is the commander of the king's army. He trains them in the case of war and is the strongest in the army, second only to Kerym.

Dilya is the wife of Kigai, but is also the strongest sorcerer of the Ancient Ones. Over the course of a thousand years, she dedicated her life to only two things, her family, and magic.

These four were the first group of people to reach the end of the dungeon. Reaching the end of a dungeon, they were each granted something they desired.

The dungeon was rich with exotic and valuable materials, making it a priority of all the races to secure their own.

One such material was something called Magnonite. It was a blue crystal that was slightly transparent and absorbed the mana around it. The mana it absorbed wasn't significant enough to be dangerous, but if enough mana was absorbed, it would start floating.

The Ancient Ones discovered that more mana equals more power. They have attached large pieces of Magnonite to their cities and are constantly giving it mana, making the city float.

None of the species used the resources of the dungeons better than the Dwarves. They were the world's best craftsmen. If one wanted a powerful sword, they would go to the dwarves, if one wanted to learn how to craft, they would go to the dwarves.

They built an iron fortress in the mountain, making their defense nearly impenetrable. Dwarves were also the first people to realize they could carve symbols into items, enchanting it with magic.

While the dwarves weren't that strong, their weapons made up for it.

But the most dangerous out of the four races was the Lolleons. They were the strongest physically and used the dungeons to train themselves. Most Lolleons didn't care much about magic, but they still used it, knowing it was still useful.

Anhur, their first king, is still king. He was the second person to beat the dungeon, but he did it with no help. Like Kerym, he's planning to pass down his crown to his son and retire.

It wasn't only them that grew stronger, some monsters were also feared by the four races. Myrdinth, Champion Of Dragons was a dragon that instead of enlightening, chose to evolve. He kept evolving, becoming stronger. Currently, he resides in a dormant volcano, only leaving when he gets hungry.

There are many other things that happened, but these are the most important.

Meanwhile, Hoemis, the god of destruction, was in the city of the Lolleons. He walked through the streets, looking around. A divine aura was coming off of his body, indicating he wasn't normal.

Hoemis was looking for someone to fight, but everyone he saw was weak. Even the people who were supposed to be strong didn't look strong. He approached a woman to ask her a question. "Excuse me, but who is the strongest around here?"

The woman turned her head to look at Hoemis. She couldn't help but stare at his strong muscles. "Are you not from around here? Well, it should be obvious, but it's the king."
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Hoemis rubbed his chin. "The king? Where can I find him?"

The woman pointed to her right. "Keep going this way, then you'll see a big building. That's where the king lives."

"Thank you." Hoemis followed her instructions and eventually came upon a large building.

There were two guards holding a spear on both sides of the front door.

Hoemis approached the guards. "Can I see the king?"

The guards tightened their grips on their spear. "What business do you have with the king?"

"I heard he was the strongest, so I wanted to have a spar with him."

"The king doesn't have time to spar with someone as weak as you."

"Weak?" Hoemis extended his arms, grabbing the guards and lifting them up in the air. "I'll have you know that I am not weak."

The guards struggled in the air, flailing around. "Put us down, or you'll be arrested!"

The commotion attracted the nearby citizens, forming a crowd around Hoemis and the guards.

One of the guards tried to stab Hoemis, but the spear bounced off of his skin and fell on the ground. In retaliation, Hoemis smashed the two together, knocking them out, but not killing them. He let go of them, making them fall to the ground unconscious.

The door opened and a Lolleon came out. As soon as everyone saw who it was, they kneeled down, except some people from a different race. "What is all this commotion! I'm trying to sleep!"

"I'm sorry, but I'm looking for the king," Hoemis explained.

The Lolleon raised an eyebrow. "Oh? Why are you looking for the king?"

"I heard he was the strongest around here, so I wanted to have a spar with him."

"A spar? It's been a long time since I sparred with someone, but you look strong enough. I'll let you spar with me."

"You're the king? You look so old."

Anhur let out a laugh, hearing Hoemis. "Age is just a number. I let my strength speak for myself."

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    《I Became a God》