I Became a God
24 Hoemis vs. Anhur
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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24 Hoemis vs. Anhur

"As long as you're strong." Hoemis inspected Anhur, looking him up and down. Anhur had a lot of white hair and looked old, but he also exuded an aura of strength.

"Let's not spar here. Follow me, if you can." Anhur bent down and used his overwhelming speed to disappear.

To normal people, Anhur disappeared in the blink of an eye, but Hoemis had no trouble seeing where he went. Hoemis followed behind Anhur, catching up next to him.

After a few seconds, Anhur stopped in an empty field and Hoemis stopped beside him.

"You're pretty fast, maybe even faster than me," Anhur said.

"You're also pretty fast. I'll let you make the first move since you're the oldest among us," Hoemis said.

"That's a mistake." Anhur charged at him, leaving shockwaves with every step. He raised his arm and swung his fist at Hoemis's face.

Hoemis watched him swing his fist. He knew that Anhur wasn't trying his best, so he would also bring down his strength. Instinctually tilting his head to the right, as Anhur's fist passed by his ear, making a whoosh sound.

"Is that all you got?"

Retaliating, Hoemis leaned closer to Anhur's body. With great speed and force, he kneed him on his stomach.

Anhur coughed as he was sent back, rolling on the ground. His legs quivered as he stood up, struggling to hold himself up. "I underestimated you alright."

Channeling mana, he made the symbol of a star. The symbol turned a bright yellow, before disappearing. Suddenly, a yellow pillar of fire came down on Anhur.

"Just for you, I'll use this form."

Anhur absorbed the pillar of fire, making him stronger. His eyes turned a bright yellow and he was shrouded in a yellow fire. Holding his hand out, a fire spear appeared.

Hoemis stared at Anhur's new form. It was strong, he could feel the heat even from where he was.

Anhur approached Hoemis, taking his time. With every step, he left a trail of fire. Tightening his grip on his spear, he lifted it above his head and threw it at Hoemis so fast, it looked like it disappeared.
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The spear was faster, faster than Hoemis had expected, but he would be lying if it didn't look weak. As a god, he was strong, very strong. He caught the spear with its handle and threw it back at Anhur, but it disappeared before it made contact with him.

Anhur's eyes widened. This was the first time he saw someone catch his fire spear, let alone one empowered by the stars. It didn't even look like it damaged him either.

"Who are you? No, what are you? There's no way you can hold my fire spear without even getting damaged."

"Who I am, or what I am is none of your business, but I'll give you a hint. Every one of you knows who I am. Now, less talking, more fighting."

Taking the initiative, Hoemis charged at Anhur, leaving cracks where he stepped.

Anhur thought about what Hoemis meant, but he had to react quickly as Hoemis charged at him.

Anhur generated another fire spear and swung it at Hoemis as he charged at him.

Hoemis ignored the fire spear and let it hit him. Clenching his hand to make a fist, he swung upwards, uppercutting Anhur's head and lifting him off the ground.

Anhur let out a groan, blood coming out of his mouth as Hoemis's fist impacted him.

Grabbing Anhur by the neck, Hoemis slammed him down to the ground, creating a loud shockwave and shattering the ground. Hoemis was about to punch him in the face when he remembered that this was only a spar.

Hoemis let go of Anhur's neck and stood above him, looking down on him. "I won."

Anhur coughed as blood came out of his mouth. He had never been so utterly defeated before, he had to know who Hoemis was. "Yeah, you did. Now that you won, can you tell me who you are?"

Anhur's transformation began to fade away. The flames around him disappeared, his eyes became its normal brown color.

Hoemis cocked his head to the right. "I guess I can tell you."

Anhur tried to sit up, but his body wouldn't let him. Using the transformation that he used drained his stamina to the max, but increased his power in return.

"I already said that you all know me. My name is Hoemis," Hoemis revealed.

Anhur's eyes widened as he began to realize who Hoemis was. "H-Hoemis? God of Destruction Hoemis?"

Hoemis gave him a toothy smile. "That's me."

"It's an honor to fight with you. To be honest, I didn't even know if you were real. I'd kneel, but I can't really do that right now," Anhur chuckled. "If I may ask, what are you doing here?"

"It's simple. I wanted to explore the world and fight along the way, but it seems I'm too strong," Hoemis chuckled.

"Indeed you are. I expect nothing less of the God of Destruction. How was it fighting me?"

"Please, stop being so formal, just call me Hoemis." Hoemis thought for a moment. "I wouldn't really call it a fight, but it was alright. You're strong and I think you can get stronger, but I don't think you have long until your age stops you."

Anhur nodded, agreeing with him. "You're right. I'm over a thousand years old. Some of my closest friends and even my mate have already left me. If you're looking to fight strong people, go to the city of the Ancient Ones. They have a group called 'The Great Four' and they're supposedly the best of their species."

"Don't worry, I'll put in a good word when you die to the God of Death. I'll look into this, 'Great Four'."

"Thank you." Anhur sat up, finally regaining part of his strength. "There's a God of Death?"

"Yeah, there is. I've never met him, but I know that he's there." Hoemis looked at Anhur. "Need any help?"

Anhur waved his hand in front of him. "No, it's fine. The view looks nice here, I want to see the sunset."

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    《I Became a God》