I Became a God
26 The Great Mug
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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26 The Great Mug

The guard called some guards over to take care of the thugs. After that was all done, he walked up to Mutyx.

"Thanks again." The guard held his hand out for a handshake. "Me name be Koleas."

Mutyx shook Koleas's hand. "Thank me by buying me a beer. Me name's Mutyx."

"Aye aye. Follow me, I know tha best place for beer."

Koleas led the way to the tavern, following beside him was Mutyx.

As they were walking, Koleas turned to Mutyx. "Your name be Mutyx? So yer named after tha God o' Crafting?"

Mutyx let out a laugh. Obviously, Koleas didn't know that he was the God of Crafting. "Aye, ye cou' say that."

"Be ye a smith by any chance?"

"Aye, I be, but I'm nae just a smith. I work with other stuff too."

"Alright, we're almost there."

After a few minutes of walking, they arrived at their destination.

"This place has tha best beer, it never fails ta get me drunk," Koleas told Mutyx.

Mutyx looked at the sign. It showed the name of the tavern, 'The Great Mug.'

"This be where I had me first drink an' it'll be where I have me last," Koleas said.

The two walked into the bar and sat by the counter.

"A nice an' big glass o' beer for both o' us," Koleas told the bartender.

The bartender nodded and grabbed two glasses. He filled them all the way up to the brim, a layer of foam at the top. With the glasses full of beer, he gave one of them to Koleas and the other, to Mutyx.

"Place it on my tab, I'll pay for it later," Koleas said.

Dwarves were always alcoholic creatures and slowly developed a resistance to alcohol. So over time, alcohol became stronger and stronger, until dwarves were also known for their alcohol. It was often said that if a normal person drank beer made by dwarves, they would pass out immediately.

Mutyx brought the glass to his lips and took a big drink of the beer. He let out a sigh, tasting the familiar flavor of the beer. As a god, he had a very high resistance to alcohol, but he could still appreciate it.

"Nothing be better than beer if yer thirsty," Mutyx said, taking another drink.

"Aye, indeed." Koleas took another drink of beer.

Mutyx laughed, a layer of foam on his mouth and beard. "Koleas, was it? Ye weren't lying when this place had good beer."

As they were drinking, Koleas looked at the golden hammer on Mutyx's back. "Did ye make that hammer? It looks very valuable."

"Aye, I did." Mutyx chugged the rest of the beer, finishing it and letting out a burp. "It be valuable, might be tha most valuable thing in tha world right now."

"Most valuable? I know gold be valuable, but there be tons o' other metals that be stronger an' better than it." Koleas turned to the bartender. "Another glass for him."

The bartender nodded and got to making another glass of beer.

"This isn't gold. This be made out o' Divine Mana, tha mana o' tha gods." Mutyx grabbed the glass of beer the bartender made and took a sip of it.

"Divine mana? I'm sorry but I've never heard o' that. Even if it was a thing, how do ye have access ta it?"

Mutyx chuckled. "Tha'ss'a me secret. If yer smart, ye'll figure it out sooner or later." Mutyx wiped his mouth. "By tha way, who be tha best crafter in this city?"

Koleas thought about what Mutyx said, but he couldn't make anything out of it. "I'm nae a craftsman, but I do know someone that everyone calls tha best crafter. His name be Kimmer, why do ye ask?"

"I just want ta see if tha best crafter be any good." Mutyx said, drinking his beer.

Koleas nodded. He was on his third cup and he was feeling drunk. Unlike Mutyx, he wasn't a god, so he just had a dwarves' natural resistance to alcohol.

The two drank the night away. The shop was about to close and Koleas was very drunk, he couldn't even form proper sentences. Mutyx, on the other hand, was only beginning to feel the beer.

"What shou' we do aboot him?" Mutyx asked the bartender while pointing at Koleas, who was laying his head down on the counter.

"Dinna worry aboot him. He's a regular an' we have rooms at tha top, ye shou' be worrying aboot yourself, do ye have a place ta go?" the bartender asked.

"Aye, i do. Well, I'll let ye close tha shop." Mutyx left the shop and went inside an alley.

A beam of light enveloped Mutyx and it disappeared, taking him with it. He was transported to the living room in the console.

In the living room was Karl, laying down on the couch and watching anime on the tv.

"Master, what be ye doing?" Mutyx asked Karl.

Karl turned towards Mutyx, realizing he was there. "Mutyx, you're here? Nothing, just watching shows."

Karl had recently found out that as long as it was in his memory, he could recreate it in the console, so he recreated one of his favorite anime.
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Mutyx sat down on the couch opposite Karl. "Aye, I just recently arrived. What be this show ye be watching an' what be they doing?"

Karl laughed at Mutyx's stereotypical accent. That's a dwarf alright. "This is called an anime and they also have magic, only it's different from the magic in this world. They use something called a chakra, I might add it."

Mutyx watched the anime, seeing their fight and weird way to use magic. "They're so fast, an' what's that weird hand sign they do?"

"They're called ninjas, and the weird hand sign is how they use their magic."

Mutyx watched as a ninja perform a hand sign and the ninja breathed out fire.

"Do you want to watch? You can if you like," Karl told Mutyx.

"Aye, I wou' like ta."

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    《I Became a God》