I Became a God
28 Aphy
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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28 Aphy

As the fight continued, someone else was watching from the sidelines. It was a female Ancient One, wearing a white and golden robe. She was adorned with gold jewelry. This woman was Aphy, the Goddess of Magic.

Her robe wrapped around her body, showing off her curves. The gold jewelry that she wore matched her golden eyes.

Aphy didn't know what Hoemis was doing. Their master specifically told them not to get involved too much and fighting the king of an entire race was definitely too much. She definitely had to stop this.

Hoemis was about to uppercut Kerym when he suddenly disappeared without a trace. Kerym looked around with a confused face, wondering where he went. Karl and the guards also looked around, but they couldn't find Hoemis anywhere.

Hoemis looked around and found himself in a completely white room. "What the? Where am I?"

Aphy appeared in the completely white room soon after. "What do you think you're doing?"

Hoemis turned to look at Aphy. "Fighting. Why'd you bring me here?"

Aphy sighed, shaking her head. "Don't you remember what master told us? He said, 'Don't get involved unless we have to.'"

Hoemis looked to the corner of his eyes and rubbed his chin. "Hmm, come to think of it, I do remember him saying that. What's the big deal? I'm just fighting."

"Fighting a random person or thing would be ok, but you're fighting the king of an entire species. Do you think our master would want you to do that?"

"That does make sense, but I just wanted to fight someone strong and also test the strength of the world right now."

"What's the point of fighting? You're the God of Destruction, no one except another god could beat you. It's better to learn and teach. Right now, I'm a teacher at a school. Why don't you become a teacher, but teach people how to fight?"

"But teaching sounds like such a hassle," Hoemis sighed.

"Well you won't know until you try it out."

"Ughh, fine. Take me out of whatever this is. I'll teach, but if I don't like it, I'm quitting."

"This is my own pocket dimension. I made it with magic." With a wave of her hand, Hoemis started disappearing. Aphy waved goodbye at Hoemis, smiling. "Good luck! I know you'll like teaching."

Hoemis was transported back to the place where he and Kerym fought. Kerym saw him appear and transformed again, growing his extra arms.

The guards also took out their weapons, the archers drawing their bows.

"Calm down. I'm not here to fight anymore. Someone told me that I should become a teacher." Hoemis said, looking around.

"Yeah, like I'd believe that, and what do you mean by becoming a teacher?" Kerym asked, getting into his battle stance.

"Listen, I'm becoming a teacher and start teaching people how to fight. Put down your weapons and let's stop the fight."

"Put down our weapons? Then what? You backstab us from behind. Yeah, it's not happening."

Hoemis stared at Kerym with a serious face. "I don't have to surprise you, if I wanted to, you would all be dead right now."

Kerym was about to say something when Kigai came over to tell him something.

"I think we should believe him. Look at him, there's absolutely no damage to his body, but look at you, you're covered in bruises," Kigai told Kerym.

Kerym was mad, but he could see Kigai's points. If he, one of the strongest people in the world, couldn't even make Hoemis bleed, then what could he do to Hoemis?

"I see your point, but what if he's an enemy?" Kerym argued.

"Do you really think he's the enemy? You couldn't even scratch him. If he was the enemy, you would be long dead," Kigai explained.
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"Ughh, fine."

"Think about this, he said he wanted to teach people how to fight. That's good for us. Having someone as strong as him on our side is also very good."

Convinced by Kigai, Kerym turned to Hoemis and ordered the guards to stand down, reverting back to his normal form. "Fine, you can be a teacher, but there's one condition. If we need your help, you will help us."

Hoemis looked at Kerym. "I don't think you're in any position to make demands, but I'm ok with your condition. I won't help in any wars though unless I feel like it, or my master tells me to."

Kerym was shocked when he heard Hoemis had a master. That meant there was someone stronger than him. "Alright, we have to fix this part of the city first, but after we're done, we will get you a place where you can have your dojo."

"Don't worry about fixing this, I have someone who can fix it like it was never destroyed."

"And who is that?" Kerym asked in a curious tone.

"Wait, let me find her." Hoemis closed his eyes, trying to sense Aphy's divine aura. Eventually, he sensed her aura. He disappeared, heading to where Aphy was and sitting beside her.

"What are you doing here?" Aphy asked, sipping her cup of tea.

Aphy was in a restaurant when Hoemis went to her, eating some food.

"Oooh, you have food." Hoemis reached over to grab a piece of meat, but Aphy slapped his hand away.

"Hey, this is my food. I paid for it with my own money. Now, tell me why you are here?"

"Remember when I destroyed part of the city? Could you fix that?"

Aphy grabbed a piece of meat with her fork, placing it into her mouth. "Yeah, give me a second. I'll meet you there."

Hoemis nodded and went back. "She's eating right now, but she said she'll meet me here."

"Ok..." Kerym said, wondering if Hoemis is lying.

After a few minutes of waiting, Kerym became impatient. "When is she coming here?"

"I don't know. Don't worry, she'll come," Hoemis reassured Kerym.

Just then, the streets started fixing themselves. The shattered road went back to how it used to be. It was as if someone was rewinding time. The broken lamp posts went back to how they used to be and it didn't take long before everything was fixed.

Hoemis looked around at the now fixed streets. "See, I told you."

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    《I Became a God》