I Became a God
29 Dojo
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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29 Dojo

Aphy went back to the restaurant. She had been waiting for the dessert and decided to fix the streets while she was waiting. It wasn't hard for Aphy, but for a normal mage, a feat like this would be impossible.

Aphy used one of the highest tiers of magic, time magic. She rewound the time on the broken streets to the time when they were fine.

Kerym was shocked. This was the first time he saw something like this. He knew it was magic, as he could sense the enormous mana in the air, but he didn't know how this was possible.

"How did you do that?" Kerym asked Hoemis.

"I didn't do that, my colleague did this," Hoemis clarified.

"Who is this colleague of yours? If I may ask."

"She probably wants to keep her identity hidden. Unlike me, she doesn't like attention. Anyways, where can I have my dojo?"

Kerym nodded and turned to Kigai. "Can I have a personal request?" he whispered.

"As long as it's reasonable," Kigai replied.

"As the best assassin, can you keep an eye on what Hoemis does? See who he talks to and where he goes."

"You know, I would, but Dilya just gave birth. I want to spend time with my family. Don't worry though, I'll send a request to the assassin ranked second on the leaderboard."

Kerym nodded. "Hmm, that's ok. Spend time with your family, we're already so old anyway."

Hoemis coughed. "Hello? Can you answer my question?"

Kerym turned to Hoemis. "Oh, yeah. I believe we have a few spots at the edge of the city. I can have someone show you them if you'd like."

"Yeah, that would be good."

Kerym nodded and ordered one of the guards to get him a lot manager. The guard nodded and went to find a property manager.

After a few minutes of waiting, the guard came back with a lot manager beside him.

"My king, what did you need me for?" the lot manager said, bowing.

"I need you to find a place where this man." Kerym pointed to Hoemis. "Can build a dojo. Don't worry about the payment, I'll pay."

The lot manager nodded and walked over to Hoemis. "Hello, my name is John and I'll be showing you around properties for your dojo."

Kerym watched as John took Hoemis around the city, showing him possible places for his dojo.

Kigai watched Hoemis from afar, making sure he didn't do anything he shouldn't.
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John showed Hoemis the lots he could buy. There were lots of different shapes and sizes of lots. Some were big and some were small. Hoemis didn't want one that was too big, but he also didn't want one that was too small. He wanted one that was just right.

After going through a lot of lots, Hoemis finally found one that was perfect. It wasn't too big, and it wasn't too small either. Another plus was that it was in the same street as the magic school, which was where Aphy taught.

After filling out a few paperwork, Hoemis finally owned the lot. It was empty right now, but it will soon be his dojo. The only problem was, he didn't know how to build a dojo.

Hoemis felt Aphy's presence and approached her, asking her for help, "Aphy, I have a lot, but it's completely empty and I don't know how to build, or construct anything. So how do I get my dojo built?"

"Don't call me Aphy, call me Leena instead. Anyways, congratulations on getting your lot. I personally just applied as a teacher, but I guess starting your own school works too." Aphy looked to the corner of her eyes, thinking. "Oooh, I got it. Ask Mutyx to build your dojo, he's the best craftsmen."

Hoemis nodded. "You're right, why didn't I think of that? Well, thanks, I'm going to go find Mutyx."

"No problem. See ya!"

As Hoemis left to find Mutyx, Kigai watched them from afar. He couldn't hear what they were talking about, but he made sure to make a note about Aphy.

Deciding that he did enough, Kigai sent a letter to the assassin ranked second on the leaderboard, giving him the assignment to watch Hoemis.

Hoemis tried to detect the presence of Mutyx, but he couldn't. He decided to ask his master for help, as he would probably know where he was, so he went back to the console.

Hoemis appeared in the console and found Mutyx and Karl watching an anime on the television.

Karl looked at Hoemis, who had just appeared. "Hoemis, what are you doing here?"

"Master, I came here to ask you to find Mutyx, but it seems I don't need your help as he's already here."

Karl nodded and went back to watching the show. "Take a seat, you can watch with us if you'd like."

"So what'd ye need me for?" Mutyx asked Hoemis.

Hoemis sat down on the couch, facing Mutyx. "You're the God of Crafting, so I was wondering if you could build me a dojo? I've decided to teach people how to fight."

"You're going to teach people how to fight?" Karl asked, overhearing Hoemis.

Hoemis nodded. "Yes, Aphy suggested it after she said that I shouldn't fight the king of an entire species."

"Wait, you fought the king of an entire species?" Karl asked, turning to look at Hoemis.

"Yes, I'm very sorry, but I promise it won't happen again." Hoemis bowed to Karl.

"We all make mistakes, but you should think something through before you do it. I'll let you off this time, but if something like this happens again without a reason, you will be punished." Karl said with a serious tone.

"Yes, I understand. I won't let you down."

Karl nodded and went back to watching the fight in the anime.

"I dinna mind building ye a dojo. When did ye want me ta build it?" Mutyx asked Hoemis.

"Well, I want it to be built as soon as possible, but I also wanted to watch the show that you and master are watching. What is it anyway?"

"It's something called an anime," Mutyx replied.

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    《I Became a God》