I Became a God
31 Zeno
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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31 Zeno

A lot of people were curious about this new energy called, chakra. Most people couldn't sense it, but people of a higher level could sense it.

Kigai tried to experiment with chakra but found himself unable to use it. People all around the world tried experimenting with chakra but found that they couldn't.

Some people gave up, deciding to leave it to other people that would find a way to use it, but some people didn't.

Jiro is a male lolleon, and he's one of the people that didn't give up and continued experimenting with chakra.

As a little kid, Jiro always dreamed to be strong. Unfortunately, he was born with a rare condition that made it impossible for him to use mana. He still had mana inside him, but it was impossible for him to access that.

Jiro had heard about the dungeons and how it would grant him anything he desired, so he thought that maybe he could beat a dungeon to cure his condition, but without mana, he was stuck on the tenth level. He tried his hardest, but his physical strength wasn't enough.

So when Jiro heard of a new energy that could make him stronger, he immediately tried using it. It took him a couple of hours, but he managed to channel the chakra inside his body and use it to strengthen himself.
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Jiro was overjoyed. Finally, he had been given another chance to be strong. He still needed more practice, but he knew that if he kept training, he could be as strong, if not stronger than mana users.

Jiro continued training his chakra control for the rest of the night, not caring about the time.

Back in the console, Hoemis was talking to Mutyx about his dojo.

"So, what did ye want your dojo ta look like?" Mutyx asked Hoemis.

"Hmm, I don't really know. I just want a place where I can teach people and a place for people to spar."

Mutyx asked him a few more questions like how big Hoemis wanted it, or if he wanted anything special. Hoemis didn't want anything special, but he did want the dojo to be indestructible as a lot of fighting will happen there.

After asking a few more questions, the two went down to the lot where the dojo would be built.

"How long do you think it'll take you to build the dojo?" Hoemis asked.

Mutyx stroked his beard. "Soon."

After saying that, Mutyx quickly got to work on building Hoemis's dojo. Hoemis watched as Mutyx spent the next couple of hours building his dojo.

All the materials that Mutyx needed were made using divine mana, making it the most expensive thing in the world.

Eventually, after a few more hours, the dojo was built.

"There ye go. It's all done," Mutyx said.

Hoemis looked at the dojo with amazement. It was majestic and looked very good. Even if one was not a craftsman, they would see the quality of the dojo and praise the person who built it.

The dojo was made out of wood and looked like a traditional Japanese dojo house. Made with durability in mind, the wood it was built with wasn't normal wood. It was enchanted to be almost unbreakable, but in the chance, it does break, it will slowly repair itself by using the ambient mana in the air.

Above the entrance of the dojo was a sign that read, 'Hoemis's Dojo' in gold letters.

Going inside the dojo, the interior was lit up with mana lightbulbs, also enchanted to be almost unbreakable. The floor was made of softwood. On the left side of the dojo was a row of training dummies that were enchanted to repair themselves when enough damage was dealt to it.

On the right side, there was a room filled with any weapon one could think of. There were spears, swords, staves, etc. The students could use the middle of the dojo to spar, or Hoemis could use it for teaching.

"Wow, this is amazing. Thank you," Hoemis thanked Mutyx.

"Dinna worry aboot it," Mutyx said. "If ye need anything else, just ask me. Now if ye'll let me, I'll be going now."

"I will, and goodbye." Hoemis waved goodbye as Mutyx disappeared into the console.

Hoemis took another look around the dojo and found another room with a bed for him to sleep in. There was also a bathroom in case someone had to use it.

Hoemis finally had a dojo. Now all he needed was students to teach. He made a paper sign and hung it in front of his dojo to attract potential students.

'Do you want to be strong? Do you want to be taught by the strongest? If so, come over to Hoemis's Dojo. Here, I will train your body and train you in the way of martial arts,' the sign read.

As Hoemis waited for students, he decided to experiment with chakra. It was similar to mana in a way, but very different.

As a god, Hoemis's chakra wasn't normal. It was something called Divine Chakra, something that only gods or people comparable to gods were worthy of.

Using Chakra felt like second nature to Hoemis. He used it flawlessly, already mastered it in a short amount of time.

Hoemis channeled his divine chakra and used it to strengthen his body, a purple aura surrounding him.

Testing out his strength, Hoemis punched a couple of times and found he was way faster and stronger than before. He was strong enough to scratch the almost indestructible wood the dojo was made of, but it repaired itself shortly after.

As Hoemis was experimenting with his chakra, someone knocked on the door. Hoemis went to the door and opened it, finding a small child. "Hello, little one. What are you doing here? Are you lost?"

"I'm not lost, I'm here to get stronger like what the ad said." The child pointed to the ad.

"Really? Well, come on in then." Hoemis opened the door all the way, letting the child inside. "So why do you want to be strong?"

"My dad died because he wasn't strong enough, so now it's only me and my mom. I want to be strong so I can protect her."

"That is a good reason. Well, since you're going to be my student, what's your name?"

"Zeno, my name is Zeno."

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    《I Became a God》