I Became a God
32 Fantasia
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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32 Fantasia

"Nice to meet you, Zeno. My name's Hoemis." Hoemis extended his hand for a handshake.

Zeno shook Hoemis's hand. "Nice to meet you too."

Zeno was a pretty small child. He is an Ancient One with short white hair. His body was very skinny, and he looked like he hadn't eaten for days.

Zeno's family was very poor. His dad had died from a local gang, forcing his mom to work for the family. She was working three jobs, but every day, the gang that killed Zeno's dad, stole most of the money that his mother earned.

That was why Zeno wanted to get stronger, much stronger than his dad. He tried to venture into the dungeon to get stronger, but he was told that he had to be at least level 10, and even then, it was still very dangerous.

Hoemis inspected Zeno's condition. He was a child and looked severely undernourished, but he would make it work. The first thing he had to do was feed him.
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"The first thing you need for your training is food. Let's go, we're going out to eat," Hoemis told Zeno.

"Why? Food won't make me stronger, leveling up will," Zeno said.

"There's a lot more to being strong than just levels. Plus, look at how skinny you are. You need food to build muscle."

"I don't have money for food though." Zeno looked down at the floor.

"I don't either." Hoemis laughed. "I'm friends with the king, so don't worry about it."

Zeno looked up at Hoemis. "Really?! You are?! What is he like?!"

"Follow me, I'll tell you while we walk."

Zeno followed beside Hoemis as they walked to a restaurant. "So, what's the king like?! I heard he's super strong."

Hoemis looked at Zeno, chuckling at how excited he was. "Well, he's strong, but if you ask me. I'm way stronger," he said, flexing his arm and showing off his big biceps.

"I don't believe you. Everyone knows the king is the strongest."

"I'm not lying. I even fought the king."

"Really?! Who won?"

"Me of course," Hoemis said, smiling at Zeno.

"Sure you did," Zeno said in a sarcastic tone.

"Fine, don't believe me." Hoemis crossed his arms, looking away from Zeno.

After a few minutes of walking, the two arrived at their destination. It was a restaurant called 'Fantasia', the restaurant that Aphy was eating at.

The restaurant looked fancy and was expensive. Only the rich ate at this restaurant because of its ridiculously high price.

"Whoah, this place looks expensive," Zeno said, looking at the fancy restaurant.

"It does? I don't know, I just saw my friend eating here and the food looked good," Hoemis said.

The two walked inside the restaurant and were met by a man in a black suit. "Good morning, welcome to Fantasia. My name is Ron, and I will be your waiter today."

"Good morning, Ron. Me and my student are here to eat breakfast," Hoemis told Ron.

Ron looked at Zeno with disgust. Eating at Fantasia was very expensive, so most people who looked poor were kicked out unless they showed money. The two would've been kicked out if it weren't for Hoemis, who was wearing white and gold pants that looked expensive.

"Alright, please follow me to your table," Ron said, finding an empty table for the two.

The two followed behind Ron, sitting down at the empty table Ron led them to. At the table was a napkin, spoon, fork, knife, and a menu.

"In front of you is a menu. I'll give you a few minutes to look over it and then I'll come back to take your order." Ron left the table, letting the two look at the menu.

"Order whatever you want," Hoemis told Zeno.

"Are you sure?" Zeno asked. "They're so expensive."


The two looked over the menu and after a few minutes, Ron came back. "Are you both ready to order?"

"Yes, I would like the Basted Moon Cougar and a glass of water," Hoemis ordered.

Ron wrote down Hoemis's order on a piece of paper. "And you?" he asked Zeno.

"Ummmm, I'd like the Cooked Ethereal Tiger and also a glass of water," Zeno replied.

Ron wrote down Zeno's order and read them, making sure he didn't miss anything. "So one Basted Moon Cougar, one Cooked Ethereal Tiger, and two glasses of water? Will that be all?"

"Yes, that'll be all," Hoemis said.

Ron nodded and went to the kitchen, giving the order to the chef.

"I've never eaten a tiger before, I'm so excited." Zeno drooled at the thought of meat. Growing up, Zeno didn't have the luxury to eat meat. The only time he had eaten meat was when his dad was still alive.

"I am too." Hoemis could smell the food in the kitchen, making him drool.

After about 30 minutes, the food was finally done. Ron came back with the food in his hands.

"Basted Moon Cougar, and Cooked Ethereal Tiger." Ron placed the food in front of the two. "If you need any help, or when you are done eating, please call me."

Ron left, leaving the two to eat their food. Hoemis and Zeno drooled looking at their food, Zeno especially as he's been eating bread his whole life.

Zeno's stomach grumbled as he grabbed a fork and knife, cutting a piece of his Cooked Ethereal Tiger and placing it into his mouth. He moaned with delight as he ate the food. "Mmmm, this is so good! How's yours?"

Hoemis also grabbed a piece of his food and placed it into his mouth. He let out a moan, closing his eyes as he ate the cougar. "Really good."

They both took another bite, enjoying their food. Bite after bite, their food slowly disappeared, and before they knew it, they had eaten the whole thing and they were full.

Zeno sighed, patting his stomach as he finished his food. "I've never been so full before. Thinking about it, I don't think I've ever been full."

Hoemis chuckled, patting his stomach. "Yeah, now I understand why my friend was eating here."

Ron saw that the two were finished eating and went over to them. "Would you two like dessert?"

"I'm ok, but what about you, Zeno?" Hoemis asked Zeno.

"I would love dessert! If it's allowed," Zeno said.

"Here's the menu for dessert." Ron handed Zeno the menu.

Zeno looked over the menu for a few seconds before making up his mind. "I want the Unicorn Ice Cream."

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    《I Became a God》