I Became a God
34 Crippled Monster
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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34 Crippled Monster

A lot of things are happening in the world, but there was one really important thing, the addition of humans. Just like when the first dwarves were placed in the world, they were also given a tutorial.

The humans have been following the tutorial quite nicely. The humans have started building houses for themselves, and some have even claimed a mate.

Some humans became farmers, and some became hunters. These humans were in charge of gathering food.

Overall, the humans are pretty safe and are not in any danger, but the same can't be said for the Ancient Ones.

In a mountain not too far away from the floating city of the Ancient Ones, three monsters were having a meeting.

"Why did you call me here? You know I hate being on land," a female humanoid reptilian said. She has gills on the side of her neck with fins along her body.

"I've called you here to ask for your help in attacking the Ancient One's floating city," a male humanoid reptilian said. His body was covered in scales and there were two wings on his back.

"No thanks, unlike you, I have no quarrels with the Ancient Ones." The female reptilian crossed her arms. "Now, if that's all, I'd like to take my leave."

"I also don't have any quarrels with the Ancient Ones," a male humanoid that resembled a tiger said. "On the contrary, they have helped me and are staying out of my territory."

The three monsters were the strongest. They stood at the top. One ruled the beasts of the sea, one ruled the beasts of the land, and one ruled the beasts of the skies. These three monsters were called the Beast Lords.

The male reptilian stomped his foot, shaking the ground and cracking it. "You call yourselves monsters? Fine, leave, but just know that if you ever ask for my help, you won't get it."

"We don't need your help." The tiger humanoid and the female reptilian left, heading back to their territories.

In the city of the Lolleons, a person was practicing in the way of chakra, it was Jiro. Jiro had progressed with his chakra control and could now use it to strengthen his body.

To test his new strength, Jiro went into the nearby dungeon. As he fought the monsters in the dungeon, he noticed that he was stronger than before. The monsters that used to threaten his life were getting massacred.

Jiro left a trail of corpses behind him and he was covered in blood. The people in the dungeon that saw what he did gave him a nickname, 'The Crippled Monster'.

This nickname made him popular as it was rare for anyone to get past the tenth level without mana.

By the end of the day, Jiro managed to reach the 13th level of the dungeon. This was very good as he was only level 100, and the 13th level had level 130 monsters.

Jiro was exhausted, but when he was experimenting with chakra, he found that meditating and circulating chakra all around your body will increase your body's recovery rate with the bonus of strengthening your body.

It only strengthened it a little bit, but every little bit counts. Jiro meditated and the small cuts that were on his body started healing slowly. He got so caught up in meditating, he lost track of time.

When Jiro opened his eyes, he saw the sunrise which meant that he had meditated for the whole night without any sleep. Despite not getting any sleep, he didn't feel tired and was ready for more action.

Jiro walked to the entrance of the dungeon and noticed that a lot of people were looking at him. This was weird as no one paid him no mind, but now, he was the center of attention.

The people were whispering about him, "That's the Crippled Monster?"

"It's probably exaggerated."
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"He doesn't look strong."

Jiro paid it no mind. He was used to people making fun of him because he couldn't control mana, so that was what he thought everyone was whispering about.

Walking to the entrance of the dungeon, Jiro was confronted by a man. "So you're the Crippled Monster?"

Jiro looked at the man. The man was a male Lolleon that was noticeably bigger than Jiro. "Crippled Monster? What are you talking about?" he asked, confused.

"You know what I'm talking about. Everybody's been talking about you."

"I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're talking about."

"Don't try to play dumb. You think you can just suddenly show up and say you're the strongest?"

"I never said I was the strongest. Now, can you let me pass?"

"Not before I beat you up and show everyone that I'm the strongest." The man raised his arm and swung his fist at Jiro, aiming for his head.

Seeing the man's fist coming his way, Jiro channeled his chakra throughout his body, enhancing his physical abilities. On instinct, he tilted his head to the side, watching the man's fist go by in slow motion.

"So you're not all talk." The man moved his hand, grabbing ahold of Jiro's shoulder. Using his overwhelming strength, which was amplified with mana, he held him in place.

Jiro tried to escape from the man's grasp, but he couldn't and before he knew it, a fist came and punched him in the stomach. He groaned in pain as he was sent flying to the ground, coughing out blood from his mouth.

'It won't end like this, I'm tired of people looking down on me.' Jiro thought to himself.

Jiro's legs shook as he stood up. Doing whatever he could, he began channeling all the chakra inside his body to empower himself, a red aura forming around him. He could feel that his strength must've multiplied by five.

Jiro felt like he could defeat anything, but such power came at a cost. Blood dripped from his mouth and nose, his eyes going bloodshot. He was in great pain and if he stayed in this form, he could die.

Jiro knew that staying in this weird form longer than he needed to could kill him, so he had to finish this fast.

"What's that? It doesn't feel like mana," the man said. "Whatever, I'll still beat you."

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    《I Became a God》