I Became a God
36 Basics
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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36 Basics

"Level 9? You should be able to get a class soon then. Come over here in the middle at the mat. I'll teach you the basics of what I know in chakra," Hoemis said.

Zeno did as Hoemis said, going to the mat and sitting down cross-legged.

Hoemis sat down across from him cross-legged. "Close your eyes and focus on yourself. You should be able to feel two energies."

Zeno took a deep breath and closed his eyes, focusing on himself. At first, he couldn't feel anything, but then he felt two energies just like what Hoemis said. "I feel them."

"That's good. The two energies inside you are chakra and mana. Chakra is the one that feels warm and kind of looks orange. Mana is the one that feels cold and kind of looks blue."
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Zeno inspected the two energies and it was just like his teacher said. The chakra was warm and orangish, while the mana was cold and bluish. "Whoah, they are."

"The first thing I want you to do is to completely forget about mana. Disregard everything about it. You're solely focusing on chakra."

Zeno nodded and disregarded mana. He was focusing on chakra and only chakra.

"I want you to feel the chakra inside you. Try to channel it throughout your body. Do whatever you can to get used to chakra."

Zeno felt the chakra circulating inside his body. It felt small, but it would soon grow over time. It was weak, but it would soon become stronger over time. He tried to channel the chakra, but it refused to follow his commands.

"I can't channel it," Zeno said.

"That's fine. It's perfectly normal. You can't control it right now, but with practice, you will be able to. For now, I just want you to get familiar with chakra."

Zeno experimented with his chakra, his control over the energy growing. He still couldn't use it to strengthen himself, but he was slowly gaining control.

"Be calm. Relax your mind and forget about everything, focusing only on your chakra."

Zeno followed the instructions his teacher said. He took a deep breath and relaxed his mind, forgetting about everything. Nothing was on his mind except chakra. The gangs, his mom, his dad, his teacher, and food were all out of his mind.

Hoemis smiled as he looked at his student. "This is called meditating. I want you to meditate until you feel like you should stop."

Zeno heard his teacher, but he didn't reply. He just kept on meditating.

Hoemis stood up and left his student alone. He knew from meditating that the first time would take a while, so he went to the console to let Zeno meditate by himself.

Hoemis looked around and saw Karl sitting down on the couch, watching the world. "Master, what are you doing?"

Karl turned to look at Hoemis. "Nothing much, just looking and seeing what's going on in the world. Want to see?"

Hoemis nodded and sat down beside Karl. "So what has happened in the world?"

"Not much, but something big is happening soon. The Lord of the Skies, which is the strongest dragon, is planning an attack on the floating city of the Ancient Ones."

"What?! I need to inform them."

"No, you will not," Karl said in a serious tone. "The Ancient Ones have lived for over a thousand years. They have suffered many casualties through the years and will find a way to get through this as they always have."

Hoemis nodded. He wanted to help the Ancient Ones, or at least tell them what is happening, but he understood what his master said. "When is the Lord of the Skies attacking?"

"That I do not know. He plans to gather an army of dragons and when he has enough, he will attack."

"How strong are these dragons?"

"Let me check." Karl brought up a screen showing the details of dragons and read it. "They have an average level of 150, but their numbers aren't as numerous as the other races."

"I hope everything will be alright."

Karl chuckled. "You know, for a God of Destruction, you sure aren't happy about destruction."

"I still enjoy destruction, but I enjoyed my time in the floating city, even if it was only for a few days."

"Don't worry, I don't want the Ancient Ones going extinct, so if their numbers go below a certain number, I'll let you help them."

Hoemis nodded. "I understand. Is there anything else that has happened in the world?"

"Yeah. Remember chakra? A lot of people around the world are experimenting with this new energy, even humans."

"Yes, that's what I would expect most people to do."

"I know, but do you know that most shocking part? It isn't the Samians, Ancient Ones, Dwarves, Humans, or Lolleons that are having the most success with chakra, it's monsters."

"That is interesting. Surely it must be intelligent monsters like dragons?"

"Well, surprisingly, it's monsters that are not as intelligent. You see, they rely more on their instincts, so chakra comes naturally to them, but intelligent beings will always be better."

"I see. That does make sense. Master, did you know that Senior Adum has his own religion?"

Karl nodded. "I have heard of that, I believe they're called the Cult of Adum."

"I kind of want my own religion," Hoemis said, slightly jealous of Adum. "Thinking about it, I already do. Maybe I should teach my followers Destruction Magic?"

"Go for it, just make sure you choose someone good."

"Yeah, I will, but it probably won't happen in a while. I have a student you see, and I need to make him strong."

Karl already knew that Hoemis had a student from watching the kid training. "Why don't you teach your student Destruction Magic?"

"Why didn't I think of that? Master, you are truly a genius."

Karl slapped his forehead. "I'm not a genius, I was just thinking logically. Now, shouldn't you head back down to your student?"

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    《I Became a God》