I Became a God
37 Immortality
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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37 Immortality

Hoemis waved his hand in front of him. "Don't worry about it. It's his first time meditating and he'll probably meditate for a couple of hours, so I don't have to worry about him for now."

Karl nodded. "Since you're gonna be here for a while, do you want to watch an anime?"

"Yes, I've been wanting to continue the anime that we were watching." Hoemis looked around. "Where's Mutyx? Is he not watching with us?"

"Nope, he said he had to do something." Karl pointed at the other couch. "Go over there, I want to lay down."

Hoemis nodded and laid down on the other couch. "So what are we watching?"

"It's a different one about pirates," Karl replied.

"Pirates? What are those?" Hoemis asked, wondering what pirates were.

"They're criminals at sea. It's better if I let the show explain it." Karl turned on the T.V. and the first episode of the anime started.

As the two watched the anime, Mutyx was in the iron fortress of the dwarves. He had gotten inspiration from Hoemis and decided that he would also teach people about crafting.

Mutyx didn't have any money, so he made his own. Using magic, he made a bar of gold. Usually, anything created by magic would usually disappear, unless it was made by Divine Mana.
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Using the bar of gold, Mutyx bought a plot of land near the middle of the city where it would gain a lot of exposure. There, he built himself a workshop where he can sell the weapons he made and teach any apprentices.

Mutyx named the workshop, 'The Eternal Flame'. It's named that because there's only one flame in the workshop. The flame is the hottest thing in the world, even surpassing the fire of a dragon.

It's a bright white and the only way for it to go out is if its creator wishes for it to.

Overall, the workshop looked luxurious and attracted quite a bit of customers. Due to this, Mutyx had been very busy. The average price he sold the swords he made was 1 gold and 10 silver.

Of course, it was just a plain iron sword. There wasn't anything special about it, except that it was good quality.

Some more wealthy customers asked him for a custom sword. These custom swords were either enchanted, made with better materials, or were just for looks. On average, these custom swords were sold for 10 gold.

Word spread around about Mutyx's workshop, 'The Eternal Flame'. It had good swords for a low price, at least compared to other workshops. Mutyx's business was booming and he had accumulated a lot of money.

Mutyx's main focus wasn't money, but he didn't mind it. What he really wanted was a student, but there was no one that wanted to be his student. It wasn't because they didn't want to be his student, but that they just assumed his requirements would be tough.

Other businesses didn't like The Eternal Flame. Day by day, they lost more and more customers. The king didn't commission weapons from them and has started exclusively buying from Mutyx.

As Mutyx was cleaning up and preparing to close the workshop, a mysterious man with a cloak came in. Mutyx turned to him and motioned for him to leave. "Go, I'm closing, ye can order whatever ye want tomorrow."

"Please, it's very urgent. I'll pay whatever you want," the cloaked man said with a scratchy voice.

Mutyx sighed. "Fine, be quick."

"I'm not asking for a weapon. I want an item that will let me live forever."

Mutyx laughed, slapping his knee. "Listen here, ye dinna have enough money ta afford that."

"But you can make it, right?"

"Aye, I can, but as I said, ye kinna afford it."

The cloaked man coughed. "Please, how much will it cost. Tell me."

Mutyx stroked his beard, thinking up a price. "Probably aboot four thousand gold."

The man's eyes went wide when he heard the price. "I can't afford it as you said, but is there anything I can do? I'll do anything."

Mutyx chuckled. "Ye really want ta live forever, huh. How do ye feel aboot this? I'll make ye an item that will make ye live forever, an' even make ye young again, but ye have ta serve me until tha end o' time."

The man had to consider his choices. Don't be a slave, but die, or be a slave, but live forever. In the end, he wanted to live forever and he would do whatever it takes to not die. "I'll do it. I'll serve you."

"Perfect. Follow me." Mutyx went to the forge, the man close behind him. He turned up the heat and took out his golden hammer.

"What will you create it out of?"

"Life." Mutyx started hammering at something invisible.

"What do you mean?"

Mutyx didn't reply and kept hammering. After a while, a green ring started to form. He hammered it a couple more times, making sure it was perfect. Once he was satisfied, he channeled his divine mana and started enchanting the ring.

The enchanting didn't take long and Mutyx was soon finished. "All done."

"That fast? Are you sure it works?" The man was skeptical.

"O' course it works. This thing be made o' life, tha concept o' life. As long as ye wear this ring, ye will never die. It'll also turn ye back ta your prime. Try it."

The man grabbed the ring, being careful not to drop it. Slowly, he placed it on his right index finger. As soon as he did that, the ring started glowing a bright green.

The man's wrinkly old skin changed, becoming younger and smoother. His scratchy voice changed to a soothing and melodic voice. The man's weak and frail body became younger and became invigorated with energy.

"Wow! It really worked!" the man exclaimed. He took off his cloak, revealing a male Ancient One. "Thank you! I will serve you forever. My name is Garrik."

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    《I Became a God》