I Became a God
38 Garrik
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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38 Garrik

Garrik kneeled before his new master. "How is this possible? I've been scammed numerous times and expected to be scammed again, but it worked."

Mutyx laughed. "Since yer going ta serve me until tha end o' time, I guess I can let ye in on a secret. I'm a god, tha God o' Crafting."

Discovering Mutyx's identity, Garrik now knew how making an item like this was so easy for him. He didn't even question if Mutyx was telling the truth as he was his savior. "It's an honor. I will do whatever you need me of."

"Dinna be so formal." Mutyx motioned for Garrik to stand up. "I need ye ta help me around tha shop. Dinna worry, ye can do whatever ye want on tha weekends, any questions?"

Garrik stood up. "I understand. Master Mutyx, I do have one question. I've been around for a long time and heard of the different gods here and there. You of course, Aphy, the God of Magic, and Hoemis, the God of Destruction. Are they also real?"

Mutyx nodded. "Aye, they be. I know Hoemis be in tha floating city, but I have nae idea where Aphy be."

Mutyx cleaned up the shop, turning off the lights, closing the doors and modifying the enchantment so Garrik could lock the doors and open it freely. He walked up to Garrik, who was admiring the green ring on his finger.

"Do whatever ye want for now. I've made it so ye can lock tha door. There's an empty room upstairs, ye can sleep there if ye want."

Garrik nodded and Mutyx disappeared, leaving him alone. Being alone, he wanted to test out something. He grabbed one of the swords that were hanging on the wall and held it above his arm.

Garrik wanted to test if he was really unkillable. He switched arms, realizing that the arm he was about to cut was the one that had the ring. With a swift motion, he brought the sword down on his arm, cutting it clean off.

Garrik screamed at the top of his lungs as his severed arm dropped to the floor, spraying blood everywhere. It hurt, he didn't expect to hurt that much, but the pain soon disappeared.

Suddenly, the bleeding stopped and Garrik's arm started to regenerate. Bones appeared, then muscles, and then his skin. His arm was back and there was no trace of it being cut, except for the blood on the floor and the severed arm.

"It worked!" Garrik was thankful. Having his arm cut off was painful. If it wasn't for the ring, he would've probably passed out. He touched the new arm all around, seeing if there was anything wrong.

Everything was alright, but Garrik made a big mess. On the floor was a pool of blood, and a severed arm, he had to clean it up or his master would be mad.

When Garrik was young, he was a pretty successful mage, so now that he was back in his prime, all he had to do was cast a water spell that would clean the whole shop.
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It was pretty easy and it didn't take Garrik long to clean all the blood on the floor and burn the arm. After he was done, he went upstairs to the empty room to rest, but there was a problem.

The empty room was just that, empty. There wasn't even anything in it. Since the room was empty, Garrik decided that he would just sleep at an inn. He left the shop and made sure to lock the door behind him.

Meanwhile, in the console, Karl, Hoemis, and Mutyx were all watching the anime. Mutyx had come not too long ago and joined Karl and Hoemis.

Hoemis and Karl have been watching the anime for a couple of hours before Mutyx joined in.

"That's right, beat them up," Hoemis called out as he watched the fight scene.

"You like the anime, don't you?" Karl asked Hoemis.

Hoemis nodded. "It's very interesting and the fighting is good."

As they were watching, Hoemis realized that he spent far too long watching anime and completely forgot about Zeno. "Oh no! How long have we been watching?"

"I don't know. A while," Karl replied.

"Sorry, I'm going to have to go. I forgot about my student," Hoemis said, disappearing shortly after.

Hoemis appeared in his dojo at the perfect time. Zeno had finally finished his first meditation and was getting up and stretching his limbs.

Zeno saw his teacher and made a quick bow. "Teacher, how long have I been meditating?"

Hoemis didn't know how long his student was meditating, so he looked outside and saw that it was morning, which meant that Zeno had meditated for a whole day. "It seems that you've meditated for a whole day."

"A whole day?!" Zeno asked, surprised. "I don't even feel tired."

Hoemis chuckled. "That's normal. You see, meditating is a way to charge your chakra and improve it. It also increases your recovery rate, so make sure to meditate if possible when you're injured."

"I understand." Zeno's stomach grumbled, reminding him of his mom. "Ah, I forgot. My mom must be worried sick. Teacher, can I please visit my mom and have a quick breakfast?"

"I don't mind, just make sure you come right back for training."

Zeno nodded and left the dojo, making his way home.

Hoemis was about to sit down and meditate, but he was interrupted by a knock on the door. He went to the door, opening it.

"Hello? The ad at the front said I could be strong?" a man said, looking up at Hoemis because of the difference in height.

Hoemis looked at the man. He appeared to be an ancient one that was an adult, but Hoemis knew that the man wasn't what he looked like. The man was using magic to disguise what he really looked like.

Hoemis didn't really care that the man was hiding his identity, as he was just happy that someone was interested in becoming his student.

Hoemis smiled at the man. "Yes, are you interested by any chance?"

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    《I Became a God》