I Became a God
40 Even More Training
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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40 Even More Training

Hoemis explained to Lionell that even though he doesn't fight with a weapon, there's one thing that ties them together.

"Just like fighting barehanded, you have to be efficient with your movements. Don't waste energy." Hoemis punched the air a couple of times, demonstrating completely efficient punches.

"All those punches wasted no energy. Now, I want you to try to hit me with your staff. If you somehow manage to hit me, which you won't, I'll reward you with something valuable," Hoemis ordered.

Lionell was a bit angry that Hoemis looked down on him, so he would try to prove him wrong. He held his staff with a firm grip and without hesitation, he brought it up and swung it down at Hoemis.

Hoemis moved to the side, dodging the staff with no effort. "Go up and put all your strength into it when you go down, don't add anything else."

Lionell twirled the staff, the other end of the staff heading for Hoemis's chest.

"Good effort, but that isn't going to cut it." Hoemis ducked, the staff missed him and went past his head. "Remember what I said, make the minimal amount of movement with the most strength."

Lionell started to become angrier. Hoemis was just toying with him and didn't even take him seriously. He tightened his grip around the staff and thrust the other end at him multiple times.

Hoemis sighed as he dodged the staff. "Don't let anger affect your judgment. Use it to make you stronger and listen to what I'm saying."

Lionell placed the other end of the staff on the ground and used it to propel himself towards Hoemis, trying to kick him. "I am listening."

"No, you're not." Hoemis moved to the side, dodging Lionell's kick. "That was very creative using the staff to push you forward, but you need to be more efficient."

For the next hour or so, it continued like this. Eventually, Lionell did listen to Hoemis's instruction and he did get better, but no matter how hard he tried, Hoemis would just dodge and instruct him on how to get better.
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"Good, but stop spinning your staff like that, you're not even trying to hit anyone," Hoemis instructed.

Lionell tried to hit Hoemis, but just like always, Hoemis dodged his attack without even breaking a sweat.

"Alright, that's enough for today. Continue practicing on the dummy," Hoemis ordered.

Lionell nodded and went over to the dummies. He was sweating buckets, but Hoemis didn't even sweat, not one little drop.

"Zeno! Come over here," Hoemis yelled from across the room.

"Huh?" Zeno was startled by his name being called.

"I said come over here."

"Ahh." Zeno wiped the sweat off his forehead and went over to his teacher. "Yes?"

"I'm gonna teach you some more moves, but as you do them, I want you to use chakra to enhance yourself, alright?"

Zeno nodded before saying something, "I don't know if I can do that. I still don't have a lot of control over my chakra."

"That's alright. I'm not expecting you to master chakra in a day. Just try your best."

Hoemis showed Zeno the moves, telling him what he should do and not do and when these moves should be used. "Alright, try them and make sure you try and use your chakra."

Zeno nodded and bent his knees, replicating the moves that his teacher showed him and trying to circulate his chakra in his body. It wasn't perfect, it was nowhere near perfect, but he was getting there. "Is that good?"

"It's ok, not good. Remember to be efficient. Every movement must have a purpose. You're staying here until you can go from ok to good. Do it again."

Nodding, Zeno tried the move, listening closely and doing what his teacher instructs him. He blanked his mind and focused solely on copying the move.

"Alright, here's the next move." Hoemis performed the next move and just like last time, he told Zeno what he should do and not do. "Move with your fist as you punch, increasing its power. Alright, try it."

Zeno took a deep breath and replicated the move. This went on for the entire day. Once Zeno was good at a move, Hoemis went to the next move and taught him it.

As Zeno was being instructed by Hoemis, Lionell was hitting the training dummy with his staff and doing what Hoemis told him. Be efficient, everything must have a purpose, your moves must be simple, but still unpredictable.

Hoemis looked outside and saw the moon high in the sky. He clapped his hands, making a loud sound and attracting the attention of Zeno and Lionell. "That's enough training for today. Zeno, you can head home now, make sure you meditate before going to sleep. Lionell, you can keep the staff and head home now."

Zeno bowed and made his way out of the dojo, heading home. "Goodbye teacher!" he said, waving.

Hoemis waved goodbye. "Make sure you come early tomorrow!"

Lionell walked up to Hoemis, a bit embarrassed. "I... Uh... I don't have a place to sleep, and I also don't have any money."

Hoemis rubbed his chin. "I figured that. You can sleep on the mat, are you fine with that?"

Lionell nodded. "Yes, I am ok with that. We Samians don't like sleeping on really soft surfaces, so the mat is perfect."

"You Samians are weird. You look like Humans, but you have more hair."

Lionell cocked his head to the side. All his life, he had never heard of a species called Humans. "Humans? I don't think I've heard of them, which is weird if they look like us."

"Don't worry about it. You'll probably meet them in the future, but right now, get some rest."

Lionell was still curious, but he dropped it as he was really tired. "Thank you."

Lionell closed his eyes, yawning and when he opened them, he found that Hoemis had disappeared, nowhere to be seen.

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    《I Became a God》