I Became a God
42 City in the Afterlife
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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42 City in the Afterlife

"Aye, it definitely will be, but where shou' i hide it?" Mutyx asked.

"Well, why don't you hide it close to the humans? They're quite far from everyone, so a big floating ship would help them out," Karl suggested.

"Great idea, master. I shall also put me name on tha ship so that they will know me name."

"Sounds good."

Mutyx waved goodbye as he descended into the world and got to work on building the floating ship.

Left alone, Karl decided to do a checkup on the afterlife. Instead of watching it from the console, he felt it would be best to descend as an immortal.

With a snap of his fingers and a simple request to the system, he appeared in the afterlife. To make sure that races don't think they're superior, Karl descended as a golden figure.

Karl was a bright and golden humanoid figure who exuded an aura of divinity. He looked around in the afterlife and saw how dark it was.

The afterlife was a perpetual night. There was a bright moon in the night sky, but it did little to nothing in brightening the afterlife.

Souls of dead beings roamed the afterlife, waiting for their time to reincarnate. To Karl's surprise, there was a city in the afterlife. Everything in the afterlife is made by something called Spiritual Mana.

Spiritual Mana is something that can only be accessed by spiritual beings, or beings that have suffered a near-death experience. Spiritual Mana is essential to spiritual beings, as it's directly related to how long they'll live.

The Kaitera, reapers of the world and responsible for bringing the wandering souls in the mortal plane to the afterlife, rely on Spiritual Mana.

The strongest Kaitera is also the oldest. For rational beings in the afterlife, they don't have to worry about their spiritual mana, as the afterlife will supply them with the minimum spiritual mana to live until they reincarnate.

Spiritual Mana is also different in a way that it can be used to shape the afterlife. Using this, the residents of the afterlife have built the only city in the afterlife. Of course, there are laws. Changing the afterlife on something that isn't their land will have their waiting time for reincarnation lengthened.

Karl walked through the city in the afterlife, trying to find Adum. He was a walking beacon, attracting attention wherever he went. The residents of the afterlife had never seen anything like him before, and the closest thing is the Kaitera with their black, smoky bodies.

Just like all cities, this one had guards. The guards were Kaiteras, who was assigned to guard the city and punish anyone breaking the law. Karl has attracted so much attention that the guards were confronting him.

Three guards approached Karl. With each step, they left a trail of black smoke behind them that slowly disappeared.

The guard at the front looked at Karl with its glowing red eyes. "Who are you? Sorry, let me rephrase that. What are you?"

Karl smiled at the guard, his golden eyes staring into the guard. "You do not need to know what I am. I'm here to talk to Adum."
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"Why do you need to talk to our master?" the guard asked.

"Do I need a reason? I'm his master. I'm just going to ask him how things are going," Karl replied.

Although it seemed absurd that their master, the God of Death, had another master, for some reason, it sounded believable.

Karl gave off the aura of a god, just like Adum, only way stronger.

"I don't know if we can believe that. Our master is a god, and there's nothing else above a god."

"It doesn't matter. I will meet with Adum either way. I assume he lives in that big building?" Karl let out an aura of dominance, making the residents that were watching the whole commotion go down on their knees.

The three guards somehow managed to keep their ground and manifested their weapons. A sword appeared for the guard at the front, a spear for the guard at the side, and a bow for the guard at the back.

"What did you do?" the guard asked.

It was indeed a sight. People were down on their knees, kneeling to Karl as a force pushed them down. The guards' legs were shaking as they tried to resist the power and stay standing up.

Karl didn't reply and started walking towards the big building that he suspected was Adum's home.

Seeing that Karl ignored them, one of the guards charged at him, its sword headed for his head. The other guard was right beside him, thrusting his spear at Karl's stomach. An arrow flew through the air, shot by the other guard, aiming for Karl's foot.

Karl didn't even care and kept on walking. Before the situation could escalate further, the guards' weapons disappeared, reduced to dust. The sword, spear, and the bow and arrow became dust.

"Stand down!" a Kaitera with glowing bright eyes said. This wasn't a normal Kaitera. This was Adum, the God of Death. He had detected his master's presence and went to check it, finding him attacked by the three guards. Immediately, he 'killed' the guards' weapons, turning them into dust.

Karl turned to see Adum. "Adum, thank god you found me. That big building looks far away, and I don't know if I could walk that far."

"Master, what are you doing here?" Adum looked at the big building. "Did you think I lived there? That's a school."

"School? What's taught there?" Karl asked.

"It's for the new Kaitera. The teachers teach them the dos and don'ts of transferring a soul to the afterlife. There's also a few more, but that's the main thing. Now, can you tell me why you're here?"

"Hmm, interesting. Instead of calling you to the console, I decided to come here and meet with you to see what has been happening in the afterlife."

"I appreciate that you came here, but next time you do this, please inform me before you come. I'll tell you about what's been happening in my office."

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    《I Became a God》